Klimax DSM /2 (2016-2018 Variant)

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(KATALYST & 4K compatible variant)

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Product info

  • Product Name: Klimax DSM/2 (2016 / 2018 Variant)
Other variants of this product can be found at Klimax DSM Variants
  • Date of Introduction: Sept 2016 - Mar 2021
Replaced by Klimax DSM/3 in 2021

Hardware Upgrades

Linn Surround Module for bitstream Surround sound decoding

Note: It should be noted that this upgrade information may at times be out of date and should not be used as a current list of what upgrades are available.


Linn Support Site

Latest software

Latest software releases

Details of latest Product release software


Quickstart Guide

Using the Linn DS/DSM/HUB with IR handset, PC, MAC, Android tablet, iPad/iPhone...

Remote Control manual

Product setup:Konfig user manual

Space Optimisation (Advanced)

Surround Sound with Exakt systems

Safety Information

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Third Party Software Copyright

Network Setup

Back Panel Connections

Image:Kli DSM 1 rear.jpg

  1. MAINS INPUT - To connect to the mains electricity supply.
  2. TOSLINK IN- To connect sources with Toslink (optical) digital outputs.
  3. ETHERNET - To connect to a network (100Base-T)
  4. SPDIF IN or SPDIF OUT - Configured in Konfig as either an digital input or digital output. (Default: Input)
  5. EXAKT LINK - To connect to Exakt compatible devices (Exaktbox, Exakt Speakers, Urika II etc)
  6. EARTH GROUND - For connecting the unit to an earthing terminal if no mains earth is available or for joining the earths of other products in the system to improve perfromance in areas of poor/noisy electrical earth conditions.
  7. BALANCED IN RIGHT, LEFT - To connect sources with balanced (XLR) outputs. 1 2 (input transformer can be by-passed using Konfig)
  8. BALANCED OUT RIGHT, LEFT - To connect to a preamplifier (or power amplifier when internal volume control is enabled) with balanced (XLR) analogue inputs.2
  9. UNBALANCED OUT RIGHT, LEFT - To connect to a preamplifier (or power amplifier when internal volume control is enabled) with unbalanced (RCA) analogue inputs.2
  10. HDMI OUTPUT - To connect to a display device with 1.4 & 2.03 HDMI/HDMI ARC inputs.
  11. HDMI INPUTS - To connect sources with 1.4 & 2.03 HDMI outputs.
  12. FALLBACK - To put the device into Fallback mode (used when reprogramming)

1 XLR to RCA adaptors are supplied for connecting sources with unbalanced outputs.
Input transformer can be enabled or disabled in Konfig setup
Note: Configuring to RCA will add a ground link to the audio tranformer causing an imbalance in the HOT and COLD XLR connections

2 Only use the XLR(8) output OR the RCA(9) output, never use both outputs as the RCA will degrade the XLR(8) output audio.

3 HDMI 2.0 Supports HDCP 2.2 up to and including 60Hz UHD. We recommend using Certifiied HDMI cables to ensure all HDMI capabilities

EXAKT LINK connection

Check HERE for information of Exakt link connection

Front Panel




Please read the following carefully before installing the unit in your system – your unit may need to be reconfigured by your Linn retailer.

For further assistance, try our customer support page

Exakt Options

Exakt usage the the Exakt Klimax speakers can be found at Klimax Exakt System

Check Exakt trouble shooting if you have any issues with the Exakt system.



For further assistance, try our customer support pages