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Davaar 106 Build 537 (4.106.537) Released on 29 February 2024

  • Fixed crash/reboot loop handling long metadata with Roon Ready
  • Fixed gapless playback for DSD tracks
  • Fixed #8582: crash on some systems with Exakt devices attached which can put DS into a reboot loop.

Davaar 106 Build 535 (4.106.535) Released on 22 February 2024

  • Added Roon Ready support for the following products:
    • All Klimax DS and DSM Organik variants
    • All Selekt DSM variants
    • Majik DSM/4
    • Series 3
    • Kustom DSM
  • Pins: Tracks from TIDAL & Qobuz pins now offer a 'Go to Artist' and 'Go to Album' option within Linn for iOS & Android