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ALL FOUR pairs of the cables are used in the Exakt Link cable.

We recommend using the 100Base-T4 / 568B ethernet cable pairing

Exakt Link uses readily available network cables:


Note: There is no change in the audio performance of the Exakt Link between Cat 5 or Cat 6 Cables.

CAT 7 cable will make a poorer signal and limit the Exakt cable length that can be used

Typical Ethernet 100Base-T length restrictions guide:

Patch cable < 30M
Solid core cable < 100M

  • Do NOT use any ethernet isolators, or any ethernet conditioners on Exakt link cables.

EXAKT LINK terminations

  • The cables are paired up using OUT > IN style connections.
  • Any Linn product with these sockets can be linked together. This means you can link a Klimax DS/2 to a Majik ExaktBox-I and have a fully working Exakt system


  • Each Exakt-Link can supply data for multiple full range speakers. This allows Exakt link products, such as Exakt speakers and the Exaktbox, to be daisy chained or star wired

Examples of each configuration is shown below.

Note: All Exakt products use the same wiring scheme, this is not limited to Klimax Exakt products.

Klimax Exakt 350 Star Configuration

Klimax Exakt 350 Daisy Chain Configuration

Klimax Exakt 350 Star wiring and Urika II with Daisy chain wiring

Klimax ExaktBox Star Configuration

Klimax ExaktBox Daisy Chain Configuration

Akurate AkuBarik Star Configuration

Star Configuration

Akurate AkuBarik Daisy Chain Configuration

Daisy Chain Configuration