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Purpose of FALLBACK button

On the Linn DS/DSM the FALLBACK button is used as part of the recovery procedure.

Operation of FALLBACK button

This FALLBACK button should ONLY be pressed briefly when the Linn DS/DSM is powered on. This action will start-up the Linn DS/DSM into Software Upload mode with a lightening flash on the front panel display. That is, it is waiting for the Konfig software to transfer the software into it.

To bring the Linn DS/DSM out of the "Software Upload" mode, with lightening flash, all you need to do is power cycle the Linn DS/DSM. That is, switch mains OFF for 10seconds and switch Mains back on.

How to Update the Linn DS Firmware
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Your Linn DS player will be offline for a few minutes while it updates. If you encounter any problems, please contact your Linn Specialist or Linn

Upgrade Linn DS player(s)

1.Start Konfig (after ensuring you have latest version)

a) Go into KONFIG Settings and check that Konfig is set to the same network as your Linn DS/DSM.

2. Click on the UPDATES tab. If there is a software update for your Linn DS/DSM it will be listed after clicking UPDATES. If there is no firmware update available for the Linn DS/DSM then it will not be listed under this tab.


3.Select the UPDATE button against the Linn DS/DSM you want to update.

a) A message will appear on the Konfig screen stating the major changes that this software update may incur. (This will be dependant on your present version of software loaded into the Linn DS/DSM)
b) If you want to continue with this update then scroll down to the bottom of the message and select UPDATE.
c) For your Privacy we ask if you agree to collecting Anonymous data on usage of the Linn DS. This will aid any fault reporting and also any activity to help Linn enhance the software and product operation.
d) Select I AGREE or more options to change what information Linn Products Ltd can receive.

4. Konfig will download the firmware update and proceed to updating the selected Linn DS/DSM player.
5.Once complete you will see an Update Completed Successfully message and your DS player will be re-started
6. Update complete

If you encounter any problems, please contact your Linn Specialist or Contact Linn.