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Controlling your Linn DS/DSM using and infrared handset

To control your Linn DS/DSM you can you the infra-red handset supplied with product as well as the Linn App, Kazoo. This can be downloaded & installed

The infra-red handset supplied has;-


  * Volume control, Mute
  * Input control with PIN selection
  * Radio station selection using the handset joystick,
  * Playlist navigation using the handset joystick,
  * Transport control (Play, Stop, Pause, Skip & Search) &
  * Music information.

The Technical Specifications of the IR handset can be found HERE

Control of the Linn DS/DSM using a PC/MAC/Tablets & Phones

Initial installation

Linn App
Linn App Searc.png

The Linn DS/DSM can be done from many control points at the same time.

The name of this control App/software is Linn App

Linn App control App is available for
  • Apple iPhone/iPads.(IOS10 and above)
You can download the Apps from Apple iStore

Kazoo Playlist iPad.jpg

The Linn DS/DSM can be done from many control points at the same time.

The name of this control App/software is KAZOO..

Kazoo control App/software is available for
  • Windows PC's,
  • MAC computers,
  • Android phones/tablets and
  • Apple iPhone/iPads.
You can download the Apps from: > Menu > The Linn control App - Kazoo

Using the Linn DS/DSM control software

For full operation of Kustom DSM you will need to use Linn App and/or Kazoo 4.13.64 >

As you can see from the above section there are multiple software/Apps for different control devices. Although Kazoo has the same style of control in each device, there are minor differences depending on what your control device is. This is why we have different Manuals.
These manuals should only be used as a basic guide for what the buttons can do. We would recommend just using the App/Software and only using the guide if you are having difficulty or want to see what more features are available.

These guides may show some features that are not available, or not have not be configured to work in your system. If you required more information then please contact your Retailer or Linn Support Site

iPad/iPhone Linn App
Windows Kazoo
Windows 8 & Windows 10

MAC/MACBook Kazoo
up to Yosemite (OSX 10.10)]
El Capitan (10.11 >)

iPad/iPhone Kazoo

Android Kazoo