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Rev 2.0 March 1st 2014

Structural Home wiring guidance for Linn Entertainment system

If you are building or refitting a new home it would be better to plan and pre-wire this before the building interior wall are sealed. Structured wiring plans to future proof your home. This can be Ethernet, phone, security systems, and TV & Radio antennas.

Central location

A good wiring plan has a central core location that all services (internal and external) will run to. This location will then share services to your other rooms. This can also share local services such as IOT, Media Servers, Security sensors, Music sources, door entry systems etc. External services can be; phone line, broadband, aerial/antenna connections, internet Radio, cable TV…. This core location can be in a basement, under the stairs etc in a dry environment with ventilation. This will allow media servers, (that can be noisy) to operate without annoying any of the family. Broadband connections that are brought in by phone line and can easily be separated within this core location and then share the internal Telephone connections and Internet connections separately. The structured wired option will reduce/eliminate any poor communications that can be experienced with wireless communications. Decide each rooms purpose – future proofing In each room have a thought on how that room will be used now and in the future? (A bedroom for the kids may eventually become a Study, a games room or Cinema etc) The pre-wiring and adding additional communications outlets for power, phone, PC etc just now will make improvements/additions easier. You will not have to cut channels in the wall for fresh cables and redecorate etc. It is better to have too much wiring than too little wiring.

Key points to consider:

  • Mains Power points
  • Reduce/eliminate the requirement for extension blocks and reduce the fire risk due to overloaded extension strips.
  • Some Linn speakers require a Mains power point at the speaker location.

  • Telephone & Ethernet (PC) points:
  • Cable options FTP CAT-5e / CAT-6a
  • Ensure that solid core cable is ONLY used for structural cabling and not PATCH cabling.
  • Don’t expect Wireless communications (Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n) to cover your home.
  • Wireless connection interference from electrical devices (Microwaves, etc), neighbours using the same Wifi channels, thick walls etc can interrupt this communication and/or reduce the data capacity.
  • Audio video playback devices using media steams require a consistent communications stream, Wifi cannot accomplish this.
  • IOT devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home devices, Smart lighting, Smart locks etc options are rapidly expanding. Controlling from your iPhone what lights to put on, your heating before you get home from work are becoming the norm. Most devices are Wifi controlled but typically have low powered Wifi. Having structured wiring will allow you to have internet access on local room Wireless Access Points.
  • The Linn DS Entertainment system only requires your Ethernet TCP/IP network for control/sharing audio and audio feeds.
  • Use CAT-5e for Linn DS/DSM LAN and Exakt link cable are only 100M bandwidth.
  • We would not recommend using CAT-7 or CAT-8 due to their specifications.
  • Specification of Exakt-link wiring can be found HERE
  • You may be able to use spare CAT-5 cabling for telephone connection.
  • Add extra Ethernet points in different areas of the room for flexibility.

  • Tv broadcasts/Netflix are now on online you can watch from you PC. Again have local Ethernet points for direct PC connection. These are high bandwidth and may struggle when you have weak Wifi, locally wired Wireless Access Points will give clear uninterrupted watching.
  • Internet streaming such as Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, etc are other sources of internet Music.

  • Loudspeaker options: Rooms can have floor stand speakers, desktop speakers or in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. Wiring is set by the audio performance of the speaker.
  • Linn cable options: Linn K10, Linn K20, Linn K40 & Linn K400 or XLR cables. (Generally K20 will cover most scenarios)
  • The latest speaker design from Linn Products is the Exakt system, this uses CAT-5 to link from the Exakt Pre-amp to the Exakt Speakers. This must be a cable connection, it can go via patch panels but cannot be routed through any network/Lan devices such as a Network switch or Router)
  • Speaker Wall-plates is the advised way to connect the Amplifiers to the loud speakers. This will hide the speaker cable within the wall and allow flexibility in speaker positioning. (K20 cable is a good cable for wall running)
  • Floor standing/desktop speakers. There are three main types of floor standing speakers from Linn Products: Passive/Aktiv or Integrated Aktiv, this define the performance levels
  • Passive speakers can operate with one cable per speaker or up to six cables per speaker. This is defined by the performance level you wish from the speaker. (Linn K10/K20/K40 or K400 cable)
  • Aktiv speakers MUST have the correct number of cables (up to six per speaker); this requires to be discussed with your Linn Retailer/Installer to discuss options. (Linn K20 or K400 cable)
  • Integrated Aktiv (presently Klimax 350A or Akurate AkuBarik speakers) only require one XLR connection per speaker.

  • In-wall / in-ceiling speakers should be used with wall plates at the power amplifier end. This allows wires can be run between wall plates and/or to agreed locations in the wall/ceiling. (Typically use Linn K10 cable)
  • For in-ceiling situations spread the music around the room using many small speakers. This will share the music well without having to turn up the volume.
  • Hidden cable and/or conduits can allow fitment of in-wall/in-ceiling speaker to match the rooms need in the future

  • TV antenna/aerial points: For TV’s placed on Tables, on-wall….

  • Satellite dish points

Conduits can be run in the wall to allow cable to be run at a later date without the requirement to open up walls.

Discuss with Architect & Linn Retailer

Discussions with your Architect and Linn Retailer will give you ideas for what you can have and what can be done to maximise your homes potentials.