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Exakt Prerequisites

Exakt system power sequence

The Exakt controller (DSM) identifies the Exakt connected products when the Exakt controller comes out of Standby. Make sure that ALL Exakt devices have power cords fitted and power switches turned ON. The Exakt speakers and Crossovers will ONLY power on when the Exakt controller is brought out of Standby. This will send a power trigger to the attached Exakt products and the Exakt controller will identify what is there and communicate with these devices.
If the Exakt speaker/Crossover is connected when the Exakt controller(DSM) is already out of standby this may cause confusion in the Exakt system and may not allow full operation or setup. The solution is to put the Exakt controller(DSM) into Standby, wait 10seconds and take out of Standby. This will power on the Exakt products and identify themselves to the Exakt Controller(DSM) for full operation.

If the Exakt speaker/ExaktBox does not power up

If the Exakt DSM is on but the Exaktspeakers/Exaktbox is not powering on, 1. check the Exakt link is wired correctly:-

Image:Exakt Link.jpg

2. Check there is Mains power to the Exakt speakers/ExaktBox

Exakt Link Wiring

The Exakt system uses twisted cables Category 5 CAT5/5e & Category 6 CAT6/6a.
These cables must comply with Ethernet termination pairing. All 4-pairs are used.

If you have any connection difficulties on the cable, we suggest having them checked with LAN compliance testers.

Check Network cable type to check what you can use

Konfig distances

The distance from the speaker to the wall are from the Front corner of the speaker cabinet, NOT the stand or any other part of the speaker.

We suggest that you generate a drawing with the Room layout and the speaker/listener locations within that room. similar to the diagram on this page

If you contact Linn Products regarding the operation of these Exakt products, please supply a copy of this dimensions/diagram.

Internal volume control

To enable Exakt options on the Exakt socketed DS/DSM ensure that the internal volume control is turn ON in Konfig.

Programming issues

Cannot find Urika II in konfig Exakt tab

The Radikal must be power on and driving the turntable platter before any power is supplied to the Urika II. If the LP12 base is not yet fitted check that the Exakt lights are on and flashing to show that the Urika II is powered on and operational/

Issues programming an Exakt speaker/Exaktbox

If the device fails to programme check that you are using a wired network connection from your PC/MAC to the LAN then:
1 - Make sure that the Linn DS/DSM and Exakt speakers are ON
2 - press fallback on each speaker
3 - run Konfig, go into the Linn DS/DSM > Exakt page and select <RESTORE> to programme each speaker.

When a failure is reported, DO NOT press FALLBACK at any time:
  • - Quit Konfig
  • - Power cycle (Mains power OFF then ON), the Linn DS/DSM
  • - Bring the Linn DS/DSM out of Sleep/Standby
  • - Run Konfig, in Linn DS/DSM > Exakt page and each speaker should be showing the <RESTORE> button. Click <RESTORE> to restore these speakers

4 - device should now be reprogrammed correctly

5 - If you are still having diffculties please report to Linn giving details of the original software on the Linn DS (Davaar 32, Davaar50 etc...) and the serial numbers of the Exakt products you are trying to programme.

Operational issues

"Exakt Disabled" reported in Konfig

To enable Exakt options on the Linn DS/DSM ensure that the internal volume control is turn ON in Konfig.

Mono Sound from the speakers

If the audio from both speakers is identical we suspect that both speakers are defined as being the same channel. That is, both Left hand channel or both Right hand channel.
Make sure that the Left and Right speakers are defined Here

No Sound from the speakers

If the DSM is playing but no audio from the speaker, check the LED's on the back of the Exakt Tunbok or Exakt 350 Speakers/Akudorik/Dorik stand

You MUST have at least:
LED_0 (Master port)- Flashing and
LED_1 (Audio Clock) - ON
LED_2 (Slave port) - OFF unless another 350 Exakt connected to this speakers Slave socket, then should be flashing
LED_3 (Software Status) - ON

  • If these LEDs (LED_0-3) are all OFF and only the FALLBACK (RED) LED is ON: then the speaker is still in Standby.
That is, Check that the Mains power is connected to the Exakt speaker/Tunbox is switched on and the product power switch is ON


LED_0(Master Port)

Permanently OFF: There are no communications from the Exakt DSM: Solution: try a different Exakt Link cable from the Exakt DSM or Exakt Speaker Slave socket
Permanently ON: Found by DSM, but no communications yet.

LED_1(Audio clock)

Permanently OFF: No audio clock detected on the cable, Solution: try a different Exakt Link cable from the Exakt DSM
Permanently ON: WORKING
FLASHING: No audio clock is not locking, suspect poor cable connection, Solution: try a different Exakt Link cable from the Exakt DSM

LED_2(Slave Port)

Permanently OFF: WORKING If Exakt speaker/Tunbox is NOT connected to the Slave socket
Permanently ON: Slave Exakt Speaker/Tunbox found by this Exakt Speaker/TuneBox, but no communications yet
FLASHING: WORKING If Slave Exakt Speaker/Tunbox is connected to this Exakt Speaker/Tunbox

LED_3(Software status)

Permanently OFF: not configured (default settings)
Permanently ON: WORKING
FLASHING: Hardware fault detected within this product

No Sound after software update?

The Exakt system may be a little confused about what devices it is connected to, so go through the following stages:

  1. Power cycle, (switch OFF, wait 10 seconds, switch ON the mains power), to the Linn DSM.
  2. Bring the Linn DSM out of standby and wait until the Exakt woken up (approx 6 seconds)
  3. Now try playing some Music
  4. if there is still no Music, then check the indicator lights on the back of each speaker/ExaktBox as above

If everything now works, then ignore the rest of these stages and listen to your Music

The Exakt system may need to be set up again, you will need to run Konfig to go into the Exakt system to check/change the settings

  1. Run Konfig and select your Linn DS/DSM with Exakt
  2. There should three tabs on the setup page, DS Setup, Exakt,Space Optimisation+
a) Select the Exakt Setup
Note: If there are no tabs, you have either selected the wrong Linn DS/DSM or the internal settings on the DSM are corrupt. Go into Konfig>Advanced tab and select the <RESTORE> button against your Linn DS
b) For Exakt speakers: check that your speakers have been assigned serial number and LEFT or RIGHT channel.
c) For ExaktBox: check that that a Speaker, Variant, Serial number and channel has been assigned.
If any of point b) or c) are blank, then no audio will be passed through to the speakers.
With ExaktBox check the power amplifiers etc are switched On.
3 Do a sound test with the Exakt system, if problems Continue to occur with no audio, then go to the next stage

The Exakt system may have got confused as to what is connected. The solution is to clear all setting and start afresh.

  1. In Konfig, go into the ADVANCED tab and select the Exakt DS/DSM. Press the <RESTORE> button
  2. After the Linn Exakt DSM has reset, bring the Exakt DSM out of Sleep mode and wait until the Exakt speakers/Exakt box/ Akudorik stands has started, now press the FALLBACK button on both speakers or ExaktBox(es)
  3. In Konfig, this will show either UPDATES in the Konfig <UPDATE> tab or the RESTORE in the DSM EXAKT Setup tab. Update/Restore the devices required.
  4. After the update/restore has occurred, power cycle the Exakt DSM for 10 seconds (Mains off, Wait 10s, Mains ON). Leave the system to power up for approx 1minute.
  5. Use Konfig to set up the speakers/Exaktbox as per stage 2
  6. Now do a sound test

If problems continue to occur, then please contact the Linn Helpline/Service Dept with full details

The rear panel LED's status, (what is On, what is flashing and what is Off)
All product serial numbers and
All Software versions loaded into the products involved

Poor sound

  • Try new Exakt-Link cable to eliminate a poor connection within the cable.
(It may work OK in a LAN but the usage of all 4pairs of cable in the CAT5/5e EXAKT-LINK may highlight any cable issues)
Exakt-LAN cable definition
  • Re-set the Exakt system
KONFIG > select the Advanced tab > select the RESTORE button against the DSM product in the Exakt system. Re-set up Left and Right speaker/Tuneboxs
  • Try different Music recording just in case this is a bad recording

Only one speaker is giving audio

As Poor Sound above

Exakt Device Not Working/Update Failed

If your Exakt device is not working and it does not appear in Konfig, you will need to follow the instructions to perform a device recovery from Konfig.

Exakt system does not work properly after software update

We suspect that there has been a corruption in system settings of the Exakt system. (This will be very apparent if you have jumped back a software version from Beta back to official release or jumped back to an earlier version of Official software) follow the instructions to perform a device recovery from Konfig.