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Utopik describes the all-new generation of exceptionally efficient and highly responsive Linn switch-mode power supplies.
Multiple feedback loops measure output versus input at each stage of the power supply, and persistently filter out mains-borne noise and eliminate 50Hz hum, even at extreme volumes.
Featuring intelligent Valley Switching, with Power Factor Correction, and with precision-regulated and isolated power rails – these power supplies are our cleanest and best yet.


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This is the new power supply module that can be used to upgrade the existing power supply in the following products:


Q: Can I swap the same Utopik power supply between our Linn DS and Linn power amplifier?
A: No, the Linn DS and Linn Amplifiers have different power supplies. (The Linn DS power supply has different voltage and current ratings compared to the Linn Power Amplifiers)


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Description:Utopik is our all-new generation of exceptionally efficient and highly responsive switch-mode power supplies for Linn products/
Fitted as standard on the Selekt Classic Hub and the Selekt Edition Hub
Available as an upgrade to the Linn Selekt DSM/0


Linn’s all-new, Utopik switch-mode power supply topology for Klimax Solo 800 boasts precision-regulated power rails. It provides the best of both worlds, generating 2kW maximum power output whilst retaining speed, responsiveness and consummate efficiency. It maintains extremely steady output voltage; the rails perform consistently in the face of dramatic loading changes. What’s more, if the mains input varies, the output won’t – remaining stable and ultrapure at all times.

With Utopik, Linn minimise switching noise and improve efficiency by utilising a technique called ‘soft-switching’; a resonant tank circuit ensures that voltage across the switch falls to zero before the switch is thrown. Thanks to soft-switching, Utopik is cleaner, more efficient, and remains whisper-quiet over the full range of operating conditions.