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Kazoo user guides

> Windows
> iPhone/iPad
> Android

IR Handsets

REM 018
Basic Linn DS operation using the Linn REM 019 remote control handset
Using the Linn REM 020 remote control handset
Using the Linn REM 022 remote control handset with PINS


Requirement: Davaar64 on Linn DS/DSM and minimum Kazoo 4.13

What is a PIN A PIN is a shortcut on the Linn DS to allow to quickly select inputs, Radio stations, Albums etc. This from subscribed services such as Tidal, Qobuz Calm Radio and UPnP Media servers, (currently only Kazoo Server). Pin support for more UPnP Media Servers will be added in the near future.

Creating PINS You create the PINS actions from Kazoo for

PC or MAC,
iPod/iPhone &
Android devices.

Note: Windows7 Kazoo and MAC OSX 10.10 does not have the PIN function.

Selekt DSM The six buttons on the front panel of the Selekt DSM are PIN buttons. Press one of those to get your selected Pin.

Series3 - 301 The six numbered buttons on the top plate of the Series 3 are PIN buttons. Press one of those to get your selected Pin.

Majik DSM (2020 variant) The six buttons on the front panel of the Majik DSM are PIN buttons. Press one of those to get your selected Pin.

IR Remote control PIN use

The REM 022 IR handset has six direct selection PIN buttons

The Linn IR handsets allow to select a defined PIN on your Linn DS/DSM using the number (1-6) keypad.

Press AND HOLD number 1 for a couple of seconds will select PIN1,
Press AND HOLD number 2 for a couple of seconds will select PIN2, etc

If you have any difficulty after creating new PIN's in Kazoo:

  1. Power cycle the Linn DS/DSM and this should fix the issue.
  2. Check the batteries in the REMOTE, when you press any button then the STANDBY light should be on for as long as the button is pressed.


  • We currently support pinning from Kazoo Server (V4.9.8 onwards) , Tidal, Qobuz, TuneIn, CalmRadio, DS radio presets, and Linn DSM external inputs
  • This is only applicable with Linn DS/DSM players with Davaar 64 or higher firmware
  • This currently does NOT support Pins to external pre-amplifier inputs, such as Akurate Kontrol, Kisto etc.
  • PINs use discrete IR codes and are not used with any other Linn Product control.
  • PINS for Radio stations are wrongly created with Kazoo V4.13.21, this has been fixed with next version 4.13.22. If you have created a Radio station PIN and it doesn't work, check you have a later version of Kazoo and re-assign this PIN to the correct radio station.


The Series3 can also be setup as Bluetooth speaker for Alexa and get the best sound from your Music

Linn Smart Homes

Instructions on how to setup Linn Smart Home

There are a limited number of commands available using Alexa mainly volume, basic source switching, PIN selection and Sleep state. Here are some sample commands, some are self explanatory):

"Alexa, set the volume of Kitchen to 50"
"Alexa, turn the volume down on Lounge" - turn volume down by 1 step in Lounge
"Alexa, turn the volume down on Bedroom by 20" - turn volume down by 20 steps in Bedroom
"Alexa, turn the volume up on Lounge" - turn volume up by 1 step in Lounge
"Alexa, turn the volume up on Bedroom by 10" - turn volume up by 10 steps in Bedroom
"Alexa, mute Living Room" - Mute audio in Living room
"Alexa, unmute Morning Room" - Ummute audio in Morning Room
"Alexa, turn on Kitchen" - Wake up Kitchen
"Alexa, turn off Dining Room" - put Dining room to Sleep
"Alexa, next on Kids Room" - Skip forward track/radio station in Kids room
"Alexa, go forward on Guest Room" - Skip forward track/radio station in Guest room
"Alexa, go back on Kitchen" - Skip back track/radio station in Kitchen
"Alexa, pause Lounge" - Pause Lounge
"Alexa, resume Lounge" - Play Lounge
"Alexa, switch input to Blu-Ray on Living Room" - Select Blu-Ray DSM input in Living Room
"Alexa, change channel to 3 on Lounge" - Select Pin3 in Lounge DS/DSM
"Alexa, change channel to 1 on Bedroom" - Select Pin1 in Bedroom DS/DSM

Currently only supporting the English language, but more can be added to the Wishlist on request.

PC/MAC/Android/IOS Control software
PC, MAC, iPad.... software control options & configuration software


The first Savant.png approved IP control driver has designed for the Linn Selekt DSM

This is included in the Savant System Library and allows you to to use with all configurations of Linn Selekt cartridges.

Selekt DSM profile

V1.1 released April 2022 (downloadable from HERE )
You can configured the Savant profile to match the cartidge configuration of the Linn Selekt DSM (IP):
This includes addition of
  • Selekt HDMI Switch card
  • Slot 1, 2 and 3 configuration.
> All 3 slots allow you to select 2Ch LINE OUT, POWER OUT and SUB + SPEAKER OUT modules.
> Slot 1 is the only slot you can group all 3 slots to make it surround sound. Use SURROUND LINE OUT or SURROUND POWER OUT module to group 3 slots together and form it as surround sound..
This device will generate an AM Radio service for the internal Network Radio service and provide seek functionality

Savant Home-Page.png       Savant Media Inputs.png       Savant Audio inputs.png       Savant HDMI Inputs.png

Recommend that the Linn Selekt DSM has a MAC Address reservation on the DHCP server to maintain the same IP address for this installation.

Racepoint-Blueprint Selekt.png

3rd Party controllers (Crestron/Control4)

Released in Feb 2017 for use with 'Kazoo Server (4.7 or later)' :

CTRL4.png Control4 with Kazoo Server

"Linn DS Series" & "Linn DS Network (32 Players)"

The Control4 module provides the following features,
  • Simple integration and installation via a Linn provided Control4 certified module
  • Support for cloud and local music through Control4 virtual sources for browsing and searching Tidal, Qobuz, TuneIn, Kazoo Server and Minim Server
  • Support for AV installations, such as Kaleidescape, through volume and source switching modules
  • Support for Control4 zone grouping
  • OS 2.10 & OS 3 compatible
  • OS 3 and Kustom DSM support use V145 or later
Linn Control4 setup guide document

Control4 Driver FAQ's


December 23rd 2021
Control4 driver V167 Beta with libraries updated

{UPDATE: Previous versions, before V156, will NOT work with Control4 OS 3.20)

CrestronIcon.png Crestron with Kazoo Server


***Downloadable from Crestron Application Market under Linn DS SmartMedia***

The Crestron module provides the following features,
  • Simple integration and installation via a Linn provided Crestron IPP module
  • Seamless integration between Crestron and Linn (OpenHome) allowing the use of a Crestron UI, Linn Kazoo, BubbleDS, or other OpenHome control points.
  • Support for AV installations, such as Kaleidescape, through volume and source switching modules
  • Support for cloud and local music through modules for browsing and searching Tidal, Qobuz, TuneIn, Kazoo Server and Minim Server
  • Multi-room audio; support for both dynamic and static grouping of rooms
  • Presets to quickly access favourite music libraries
  • Smart Graphics GUI, in landscape orientation, with Linn Kazoo look and feel, but also re-skinable in an installer specific Look & Feel.
  • Support for resolution of TMPC-4SMD
  • Available for Crestron 3-series and 4-series processors and Core 3 GUIs
  • for Kustom DSM support use Crestron driver V67 or later

Crestron Driver FAQ's


September 2021
Beta release currently available for testing.
September 2020
Crestron driver V69 is complant with Database 200+

Other modules:


Crestron DS/DSM control module
3rd party control solutions
Kazoo integration on IOS

RAKO Wallplate - click to enlarge

This control has been developed by Rako using their bridge product – for further information please contact Rako directly on +44 (0) 1634 226666.

Control4-ExtraVegetables - click to enlarge

Control4 system
(Note ExtraVegetable Linn DS driver will NOT work in OS3)


Spotify Connect can now be used on Linn products using firmware Davaar59 (Aug 2017) or later firmware. (That is, if your Linn DS/DS/HUB has had a software update after Aug 2017 then you can use Spotify connect)
This allows you to select and Play your Spotify music on your Linn DS/DSM players and use the internal volume control on the Linn DS/DSM.

To connect up your Spotify account to the Linn DS/DS/HUB:
  1. On your control device, iPad/Android/PC/MAC etc, connect to the same computer network as you Linn DS/DSM
  2. Start your Spotify app, (if it is already open then close the App, wait a few seconds, and open the App)
  3. Now check the Spotify Speakers icon to find your Linn DS. (In some cases you may have to power cycle your Linn DS/DS/HUB before this is seen)
  4. Select you Linn product and you can now play to the Linn DS/DS/HUB from the Spotify account and control the Linn DS/DS/HUB volume.

This is web controlled and if your Linn DS/DS/HUB has already been paired with your Spotify account you will be able to control even if you are not on the same ethernet network.(So be careful that if you accidentally select the Linn DS/DS/HUB as a Spotify speaker and put the volume up high and you are not at home)

Check FAQ SpotifyConnect for more information.




The Linn DS/DSM requires Davaar63 (May 2018) or later firmware to work with Roon V1.5 and above.(That is, if your Linn DS/DS/HUB has had a software update after May 2018 then you can use Roon)

The Linn DS/DSM is a "Roon Tested network player"
This allows full hi-res audio, (192k/24bit) playback controlled by the Roon system

Songcast is used to share audio between Linn Products when using Roon. It does not use RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport) for sharing Music so cannot be setup as a Roon-Ready sharer.

On Linn DS proxy setups, Linn DS with Linn Kontrol preamplifer connected with RS232, the Roon volume control will not control the Linn Kontrol volume. This will only work with Linn DSM or Linn DS with internal volume control disabled.
A Roon HUB is required in your network system to allow Roon to control your Linn DS/DSM.
ENABLE the Linn DS/DSM player in the Roon - Settings - Audio - NETWORKED section.
In the Settings > Setup make sure that the Subnet of Linn Streaming is the same as the network that the Linn DS is on. Otherwise they will not show in the Audio

Primary control is through Roon.
:Transport IR is disabled on the Linn DS/DSM when the Roon input is selected from Linn DS firmware release Davaar80 (Nov 2020)

Roon uses the Linn DS/DSM as a media player, the control interface IS Roon.

• I cannot see any Linn DS in the Audio list...
If you cannot see any Linn DS product in the Audio list then check that with the setup the correct Linn Streaming subnet (network address range).
E.g. if you Linn DS has IP address then its subnet is
Roon-Subnet for Linn.png
• I am only getting Airplay quality audio from the Linn DS using Roon
In Roon Audio setup, you will have a similar setup with Roon tested devices with the ENABLE button:
The Linn DS/DSM products have to be declared as "Roon Tested", Networked devices in the Roon Core settings. (The "AIRPLAY" option for the Linn DS/DSM must be disabled within the Roon Core).
Click on the Roon Ready - Enable and give a name to the Linn DS/DSM. (In the example below this has been named Merlin Lounge)
• I press STOP and the Roon starts playing again...
Transport (play / pause / stop) and Volume can be controlled using Kazoo or Ir handset. Although later versions of Roon will counteract these commands. Only use the Roon controller software to control what is playing.
Linn DS Firware Davaar80 onwards will disable transport controls whilst on the Roon input of the LInn DS/DSM
• If I select an external source whilst playing Roon, I need to reselect the source to get it Playing.
This can be due to a confusion as the Roon will send a Stop command to the Linn DSM as you exit the Roon source. However, as the Linn DSM will probably have changed to this new source, then this new source is stopped by Roon. On external sources this can only be recovered by selecting another source and going back to originally selected source.
The solution is to Stop or Pause the Roon source BEFORE you change to the a different input on the Selekt DSM.


BASIK-3-RCU These can only be used with the Sneaky Music DS, Sekrit DS, Sekrit DS-I and Sekrit DSM Accessory RC5 socket. This must be wired with Knekt CAT-5 wiring

These wall mounted control units will give push button control of Sleep state and Volume +/-. Ensure that "Auto Play" is enabled in Konfig

The tear-drop shaped BASIK-3-IR also has an IR receiver to allow IR handset control of the Linn DS/DSM

Jumper link should be removed for Sneaky/Sekrit DS/DSM operation. (On Basik-3-IR, IR link can be in state required).