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Crestron with Kazoo Server

***Downloadable from Crestron Application Market under Linn DS SmartMedia***

The Crestron module provides the following features,
  • Simple integration and installation via a Linn provided Crestron IPP module
  • Seamless integration between Crestron and Linn (OpenHome) allowing the use of a Crestron UI, Linn Kazoo, BubbleDS, or other OpenHome control points.
  • Support for AV installations, such as Kaleidescape, through volume and source switching modules
  • Support for cloud and local music through modules for browsing and searching Tidal, Qobuz, TuneIn, Kazoo Server and Minim Server
  • Multi-room audio; support for both dynamic and static grouping of rooms
  • Presets to quickly access favourite music libraries
  • Smart Graphics GUI, in landscape orientation, with Linn Kazoo look and feel, but also re-skinable in an installer specific Look & Feel.
  • Support for resolution of TMPC-4SMD
  • Available for Crestron 3-series processors and Core 3 GUIs
  • for Kustom DSM support use Crestron driver V67 or later

Crestron Driver FAQ's

This uses the Kazoo Server with API Gateway enabled.


When I select Music in Kazoo it does not play and there is no coverart shown. Also Control/Creston has no control

Go into Kazoo Server settings and check the Network settings.
If Kazoo Server is setup for a different network then the Music and coverart link are for this different network. Double check that Kazoo Server network settings are same the Linn DS/DSM network

The Gateway API will also be trying to communicate with the wrong network addresses.

Original Crestron module

Crestron DS/DSM control Module

LPEC (telnet) control options

3rd party control systems