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Quick start

Linn App Apple Quick Start.png
Linn App settings include:
  • System updates
  • System Recovery
  • Access to Manage Systems
  • Adding removing Linn Products from your Linn Account.

Songcast Grouping
Songcast Grouping.png

To UNGROUP, repeat the above procedure and press the UNGROUP button

Group Volume
Songcast Volume Grouping.png


Apple iPad/iPhone requires IOS 12.0 or later. Android Phone/Tablet requires Android5 (Lollipop) or higher

Linn quick and easy control of your Linn system

Linn is the quickest, easiest and most enjoyable way to control a Linn Music System, whether you have one or multiple systems throughout your home.

  • Access to everything at your fingertips
  • Global Search
  • Easy access to lossless streaming services
  • Access your playlists from anywhere
  • Update your system from the app
  • Take control of every room


Linn App Searc.png

Only available from Apple App store & Google Play

Linn App - iPhone/iPad Apple App store - Linn App for iPhone / iPad


Linn App - Google Play for Phone/Tablet Google Play - Linn App for Android Phone/Tablet

Release history

>Linn App History< shows changes in the Linn App software

Linn Ds/DSM software updates using Linn App

Linn App-Update only.png

1.Click on the LinnAppMoreButton.png icon and if there are any updates for your Linn DS/DSM you will see:

Linn App-Kustom DSM Update.png

2.Press the > and this will open the product list.
As an update is available, STOP ANY MUSIC PLAYING ON YOUR LINN DS/DSM BEFORE pressing the UPDATE button
Tap the Update All to initiate the update of all Linn DS/DSM products shown in the list.
Please be patient as this can typically take between 5–40 minutes to update depending on the complexity of the update.


System Recovery

This is only valid for Linn DS/DSM that have already been loaded with Davaar 99, or higher, firmware (from approx April 2023). Otherwise, use the Konfig procedure.

If, for any reason, the update process has failed, (for example, you have left this UPDATE running for 2 hours and the Linn DS appears to be stuck), we would suggest doing the following:
1. Power OFF the Linn DS/DSM
2. Power ON the Linn DS/DSM and press the FALLBACK recessed button on the back of the Linn DS/DSM.
(This sometime has the FB label beside a recessed button near the Linn DS/DSM Ethernet socket.)
This should bring a lightening flash symbol on the Linn DS/DSM display.

Linn App-Update and Recovery.png

3 Now open Linn App, click on the LinnAppMoreButton.png icon, and you should now see the System Recovery option

4:Press the > and this will open the product list of products awaiting a RECOVERY.
if no product is listed, then either the Linn App is on the wrong network or the Linn DS/DSM is NOT running Davaar99 or higher firmware. Use Konfig software to recover this Linn DS/DSM.

Linn App-System Recover.png

5: Press the RECOVER button to start the recovery process of this Linn DS/DSM
The button should now state "Recovering" and this may take several minutes to complete.

6.After a few minutes go back to the HOME page, (ignore the recovering button message as this may not have refreshed itself)
Your Linn DS/DSM has been recovered and reset back to factory default setting. I.e. It will be called "Main Room"
Note: Kustom DSM's will not show as a room(s), but are available to be added to your Linn Account in the next step...
7. Within the Linn App, go into the Settings
a) Click on the Linn Account.
b) click on the Add/Remove products.
c) Scroll down the list of products and search for "Main Room" or Kustom DSM. Double check that the serial number listed matches your Linn DS/DSM serial number and hit the + to add it to your Linn account.
8. Proceed to Manage_Systems to rename and set up your Linn DS/DSM

Add/remove products from your Linn Account

To change the products in you Linn Account check the instructions HERE


I have installed the Linn App on my iPhone and I cannot see any Rooms.. or states, "Waiting for Rooms"

1. The first thing to do is QUIT the Linn App, that is, fully close the Linn App and restart it.
This will force a fresh connection and rediscover your Linn DS/DSM products.

2.iPhone/iPad IOS 14.5 firmware and Linn App versions up to Linn App V 4.2.26 has Linn DS/DSM discovery issues. This has been fixed in Linn App 4.2.27 onwards.

IOS14 has added security settings that may not have been updated to allow the Linn App to see what is on your local network.
This setting for enabling / disabling local access is under your iPhone/iPad
Settings > Privacy & Security > Local Network and the user can toggle OFF>ON the Linn access to the local network.

Linn App Local Network.jpg

How to add a music source in the Linn app

1. Tap the settings icon, tap ‘Add Music Sources’
2. Tap the source you would like to add
3. Follow any on-screen instructions to add the source

How to remove a music source in the Linn app

1. Tap the settings icon, tap ‘Add Music Sources’
2.Tap the source you would like to remove


1. From the Browse tab, Tap ‘Edit’
2.Swipe or tap the delete icon on the source you would like to remove

How to group rooms in the Linn app

Grouping two or more systems together allows the systems to play the same music in perfect synchronisation.

How to group rooms

1. Tap the house icon
2. Tap ‘Group With’ and select the systems you want to add and tap ‘Group’
How to ungroup rooms
1. Tap the house icon
2. Tap ‘Configure Group’ and tap ‘Ungroup’ to remove the group
How to update a group
1.Tap the house icon
2.Tap ‘Configure Group’ and tap on the systems you want to add or remove and tap ‘Update’
How to update your Linn system
1. Tap the house icon
2. Tap ‘Update Systems’, if there are any updates available, tap ‘Update All’

How to copy/move Playlists created in Kazoo into Linn App

if you want to move Kazoo My Playlists to Linn App My Playlists then

1. Go into Kazoo My Playlist and load a playlist into your Linn DS/DSM
2. Within Linn App, press the Queue button/tab, this should show the tracks you have just loaded into the Linn DS/DSM from Kazoo My Playlists..
3. On the top right, select Edit
3a: On the top left click on the Select All text/button
3b: Now press the Add To Playlist icon.png
3c: This will being up a new page and allows you to either "Create a New Playlist" or append to an exsting playlist
If you are creating a new Playlist then enter the new name and hit the Create New
4. Now hit the Remove.png button to clear the existing Linn DS/DSM playlist.
5: Repeat actions 1-3 until you hvae got all Playlists copied to Linn App
  • You can check the Playlists you have created by looking into Browse - My Playlists list
  • Make sure that you are logged into your Linn Account on the Linn App, Go into Linn App settings to validate this.