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Linn Klimax Solo 800

Mono power amplifier

Klimax Solo 800 Silver 3D.png

Product Name:


Date of Introduction: January 2024

Type: Mono Power Amplifier


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Product information

Product Name:


Date of Introduction: January 2024

Type: Mono Power Amplifier


With Klimax Solo 800, Linn has created a superior-performance mono amplifier which can drive any given speaker optimally – under any conditions.
To achieve this, their electronic engineers returned to first principles with their crosshairs trained on ‘consistency’ and ‘accuracy’ – because consistency and accuracy are key to pure, unadulterated, power amp performance.
Klimax Solo 800 features novel and original Linn technologies which combine to produce staggeringly low distortion measurements, with superb signal-to-noise ratio and incredible efficiency.
In a normal setup, one hears the accumulation of interactions between speaker and amp – a combination of non-ideal characteristics which result in artefacts heard in the music. Linn’s focus on relentless minimisation of distortion within the amp, and unilaterally consistent output, means that Klimax Solo 800 introduces negligible harmonics or background noise to the music signal.
Klimax Solo 800 as a whole is the epitome of efficient, consistent, and accurate circuitry design.
Linn’s unique combination of digital and analogue expertise has allowed them to optimise and linearise every internal stage of the amplifier to consistently produce exceedingly high performance.


Safety Information

Warranty Terms & Conditions

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We recommend that your Klimax Solo 800 power amplifiers are unpacked, installed and adjusted by an authorised Linn retailer.

To get the best from your Solo 800 Amplifiers, it is important that they be positioned and wired correctly.



The Klimax Solo 800 amplifier speakers are heavy; and ships with a pair of attachable handles to facilitate safe lifting of the amp.
The amplifier should always be lifted by two people; there are four knurled grips on the included handles.
  • We recommend that you retain the packaging in case you need to transport your power amplifiers at a later date.
  • Take care when unpacking to avoid damage to the case.

1. With a colleague, take a handle each and line up the black hooks as shown in the images. There are concealed apertures in the gaps between the second-from-last heat sink fins which the tips of these hooks locate into (see image). The apertures also contain medium-strength magnets. Although be aware that these magnets are not strong enough to hold the handles in place should you let go.
KSolo Handling1.png

2. Ensure that the hook tips are correctly located and attached by gently tilting the handle towards you; you should feel resistance. When moving the amp for the first time, we recommend removing and reattaching the handles a few times to get a good feel for what the handles feel like when they are correctly attached.

KSolo Handling2.png

3. Keep the handles upright above the heat sink fins and lift with two hands per person. Observe usual health and safety guidelines for lifting heavy objects.

4. Handles are easily removed by lowering the bar until the black hooks disengage from between the heat sink fins.

KSolo Handling3.png

Connections & Operation

In normal operation, not using the 12V trigger, the power amplifier will go into low-power-state after 20 minutes of no audio. Any signal on the XLR or RCA will quickly bring the power amplifier out of low-power-state and start playing.

Front panel

KSolo800 FP ID 350px.png

1. POWER SWITCH - Switches the power ON/OFF

2. Linn Roundel - To show the current status of the Solo 800 power amplifier

Linn Roundel

KSolo800 Dial.Full-OFF.png

Mains power OFF

Breathing Dial 150px.gif

Initial power on or programming state


Full power ON and operational

KSolo800 Dial.Full-05.png

Low Power state
(Waiting for audio signal or 12V trigger)

KSolo800 PowerOn 150px.gif

Waking up from low-power
Going into low-power-state is the reverse of this display

KSolo800 Dial.Full-Error.png

Fault/Error state

KSolo800 BP5B.png

Back panel

  1. INPUT SELECT - To connect XLR or RCA inputs.
  2. .BALANCED INPUT/OUTPUT 1'(XLR-Line level)
  3. RCA INPUT/OUTPUT 1 RCA-Line level
  4. Removable plate 2 - Covering Exakt & USB sockets (These are ONLY used for Service options.)
  5. 12V trigger3,- To remotely bring the amplifier in/out of lower power state using a 12V control signal.
  6. Brightness, - Switched brightness levels for the front panel status roundel
  7. MAINS INPUT - To connect to the mains electricity supply.
  8. POWER OUTPUT - 4 mm terminals for connecting to the loudspeaker.
  9. EARTH TERMINAL -for use in countries without mains earth in power cable.


1 The IN/OUT sockets are hard wired together to allow amplifier daisy-chaining.
2 Exakt sockets ONLY for Software update, configuration setup.
3 Check #12V Trigger section below

12V Trigger

The 12V Trigger input trigger interface, which can be linked with other devices to switch into / out of a low power state.
  • When low, the power amplifier goes into a low-power-state.
  • When 12V is applied to this input, this brings the power amplifier out of low-power-state and ready to play within 1second.
  • However, if 12V has been applied, but there has not been an audio signal for an extended period of time, this will put the power amplifier into low-power-state.


What is Adaptive Bias Control

Adaptive Bias Control technology is the control of the ideal bias current for all the amplifier output transistors. This is established dynamically and in real-time by measuring, sampling and digitising the current measurement, then using a closed loop to set the output bias voltage through a DAC and novel analogue floating bias circuit.
A digital control loop then implements and persistently adjusts this optimum bias current for the transistors; negating crossover distortion at any temperature – regardless of volume or demanding dynamic changes in music – for the entirety of the amp’s life.

Utopik for Klimax Solo 800

Linn’s all-new, Utopik switch-mode power supply topology for Klimax Solo 800 boasts precision-regulated power rails. It provides the best of both worlds, generating 2kW maximum power output whilst retaining speed, responsiveness and consummate efficiency. It maintains extremely steady output voltage; the rails perform consistently in the face of dramatic loading changes. What’s more, if the mains input varies, the output won’t – remaining stable and ultrapure at all times.

With Utopik, Linn minimise switching noise and improve efficiency by utilising a technique called ‘soft-switching’; a resonant tank circuit ensures that voltage across the switch falls to zero before the switch is thrown. Thanks to soft-switching, Utopik is cleaner, more efficient, and remains whisper-quiet over the full range of operating conditions.

Cool running

Klimax Solo 800 features superb heat management; driving the most difficult of loads without compromising linearity or resorting to an internal fan.
Excellent heat coupling is achieved by mounting the amplifier and power supply circuitry directly to the critically efficient, large surface area heatsinks. This cool-running design is key to delivering exceptional clarity right up to 800W into , and 1.2kW into


Temperature is minimised within the amp, ensuring that the properties of its internal components remain consistent during even the loudest and most demanding passages of music. It maintains consistency, efficiency and longevity at all times.

Is the Solo 800 Suitable for Any Speakers?

The Klimax Solo 800 is capable of delivering a lot of power on demand. It will deliver up to 800W into a 4 Ohm load, and up to 1.2kW into loads of 2 Ohms or less. Like any standalone mono-block power amplifier, it can only protect itself from overload. It has no knowledge of the speaker load connected to it, so it is not able to protect the speaker from currents that may damage it.
To prevent damage to the speaker, the volume should be suitably limited unless the loudspeaker itself includes suitable protection circuitry. If there is any doubt then seek advice from the speaker manufacturer.

Technical Specifications

Linn Klimax Solo 800 Mono Power Amplifier

Product Name:


Date of Introduction: January 2024

Type: Mono Power Amplifier


(H) 268 mm x (W) 350 mm x (D) 412 mm
(H) 10.6 inches x (W) 13.8 inches x (D) 16.3 inches

Weight 27 kg / 59.6 lb
Mains supply voltage (auto-ranging)
100–120 V AC (±10%) 50–60 Hz
200–240 V AC (±10%) 50–60 Hz
Power Supply 2kW Utopik
Power consumption Sleep 11W-38 W

100W idling
2kW Maximum

Power Control protocol
  • Music sensing trigger - go into low-power state if no audio for 20 minutes. Music will wake up the amplifier and start playing


  • 12V trigger to put into/out of low-power state
EXAKT For Service communication. ONLY
inputs 1off RCA socket (Gain 28.6dB)
1off Balanced XLR (Gain 22.6dB)
1off RCA socket,
1off Balanced XLR
Speaker Outputs

1Pr Banana/Binding posts

Output Impedance 0.01Ω at 1kHz
Output power

400W into 8Ω
800W into 4Ω
1.2kW into 2Ω


8 Ω - 0.0004% | 1kHz | 400 W
4 Ω - 0.0005% | 1kHz | 800 W
2 Ω - 0.0006% | 1kHz | 1.2 kW