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Linn Setup Guide:
How to set up the Linn KIKO

Linn Series 3-600h.png

Product info

  • Product Name: KIKO
  • Date of Introduction: July 2012
  • Type: Integrated digital music player, pre-amplifier and power amplifier
  • Versions: None

Initial Setup

If you have just received this Linn product then you will be eager to listen to the Music. This section will show you how to unpack it, wire it up, position it and get Music playing...


Remove the Kiko & speakers from the packing and check you have all of the accessories. Now place the product you want it to be. Make sure that you have:

  • A mains power socket
  • A ethernet/LAN connection to your broadband Router. (The Kiko does not have any inbuilt Wiki capabilty, you need to connect it to a wired network connection first. Then you can use thw Wifi capabilities of your network to control and stream music to the Kiko)


Connecting the speakers to the Linn Kiko

To insert connect up the speakers into the speaker:

  1. The cable plug and speaker socket are keyed to prevent plugging incorrectly. Please view the speaker plug and socket to find the correct orientation.
  2. . Insert plug into socket and twist clockwise until they lock together.
  3. Repeat the action for connecting the speaker cable to the Linn Kiko. Find the plug key and socket key and insert then twist until it locks.
Kiko Speaker cable connect.jpg

Disconnecting the speakers from the Linn Kiko

To disconnect the speakers:

  1. On the plugs you will find a lock slide.
  2. Pull this slide back and twist the plug anti-lockwise whilst gently pulling the plug out of the socket.
Kiko Speaker cable disconnect.jpg

Kiko back panel sockets

Kiko DSM rear 1-1.jpg

Connecting to Ethernet

Plug your Ethernet cable from you Broadband router into Kiko socket number 3, shown above.

Connecting TV, Satellite receivers, DVD players etc

Connect your TV to the HDMI OUT, Socket 4 above.
Connect your Blu-Ray, Satellite reciever, camera etc to the remaining HDMI IN sockets, socket group 5 above.
If you have any audio only sources such a MP3 player, CD players etc they can connect to the respectibe sockets 6,7 or 8 shown above.
For more details on these rear panel sockets then check  this page for more information


Review the advised Positioning guide to ensure safe and cool operation of the Kiko
The speaker cables supplied 2M long, your Linn Retailer can make longer/shorter one on request.

Download App

Kazoo Playlist iPad.jpg

The Linn DS/DSM can be done from many control points at the same time.

The name of this control App/software is KAZOO..

Kazoo control App/software is available for
  • Windows PC's,
  • MAC computers,
  • Android phones/tablets and
  • Apple iPhone/iPads.
You can download the Apps from: > Menu > The Linn control App - Kazoo

Setup and changes

There are two ways to configure, (if required), your Linn DS/DSM player/Speakers etc:

1. Windows 10 PC or MAC OSX app called Konfig:

This Konfig App can be downloaded from KONFIG App

This will allow to change the Room name, Kiko name, input name and other settings. This can be changes by yourself and/or your Linn Retailer.

Details of most of the options are listed in the Konfig Manual, this covers a lot of options

2. Web-browser App called Manage systems that can also be used on your Tablet:
Product page.jpg

This does not have as many features as the Konfig App, above, but will allow you to do most of your changes.
Before you do anything you will need to have a Linn Account. This is a simple process and can only be performed using the Kazoo App.
Details on how to create your Linn Account and how to use Manage systems can be found in the Manage Systems page.

Space Optimisation

for ALL Linn DS/DSM products
Linn Account Space Optimisation
Linn Account Space Optimisation
from Davaar64 =>
Konfig Space.png
Linn Konfig Space Optimisation
& Space Optimisation+

Linn Space Optimisation is currently configurable using either the Konfig app or the Linn Account Manage systems.

Click the above picture/icon for more information of that version of Space Optimisation.

More details of what Space Optimisation is can be found at

What is the difference between Space Optimisation & Space Optimisation+?

Space Optimisation is for NON-Exakt systems. This uses the direct analogue outputs of the Linn DS/DSM
Space Optimisation+ is for Exakt speaker. This is used for loudspeakers fed via the Exakt-link AND used with as a digital crossover. The "plus" is to signify the more detail that is capable within the Exakt system and Space Optimisation.

Is the Linn Account Manage systems only available for the new Linn DSM's

Both Applications can be used for ALL Linn Products.
The only limitation is that the Linn DS/DSM must have Davaar64 to run Linn Account Manage systems]

Why don't you use a Microphone in Space Optimisation?

Check this link for more detail.

Can I use "Linn Account Space Optimisation" with my Exakt system?

From November 2019 you can now use Linn Account Space Optimisation with Stereo and Surround Exakt systems.

What are the differences between the Konfig Space Optimisation and Linn Account Space Optimisation?

The differences are explained HERE

Using your system

The Kiko has no front panel buttons, only a mains power switch on its side.

Kiko DSM Front 1-1.jpg
  1. HEADPHONE OUTPUT - To connect to stereo headphones with a 3.5mm input
  2. AUX SOURCE INPUT - To connect to a stereo audio source with a 3.5mm output
  3. IR SENSOR - Recieves IR commands
  6. POWER SWITCH- Switches the power on/off

Controlling your Linn DS/DSM

To control you Kiko you can you the infra-red handset supplied with product as well as the Linn App, Kazoo that was previously downloaded & installed

Controling your Kiko using an infrared handset

The infra-red handset supplied has;-


  * Volume control, Mute
  * Input control with PIN selection
  * Radio station selection using the handset joystick,
  * Playlist navigation using the handset joystick,
  * Transport control (Play, Stop, Pause, Skip & Search) &
  * Music information.

Controling your Kiko using a PC/MAC or Tablet

Control of the Linn DS/DSM using a PC/MAC/Tablets & Phones

Initial installation

Linn App
Linn App Searc.png

The Linn DS/DSM can be done from many control points at the same time.

The name of this control App/software is Linn App

Linn App control App is available for
  • Apple iPhone/iPads.(IOS10 and above)
You can download the Apps from Apple iStore

Kazoo Playlist iPad.jpg

The Linn DS/DSM can be done from many control points at the same time.

The name of this control App/software is KAZOO..

Kazoo control App/software is available for
  • Windows PC's,
  • MAC computers,
  • Android phones/tablets and
  • Apple iPhone/iPads.
You can download the Apps from: > Menu > The Linn control App - Kazoo

Using the Linn DS/DSM control software

For full operation of Kustom DSM you will need to use Linn App and/or Kazoo 4.13.64 >

As you can see from the above section there are multiple software/Apps for different control devices. Although Kazoo has the same style of control in each device, there are minor differences depending on what your control device is. This is why we have different Manuals.
These manuals should only be used as a basic guide for what the buttons can do. We would recommend just using the App/Software and only using the guide if you are having difficulty or want to see what more features are available.

These guides may show some features that are not available, or not have not be configured to work in your system. If you required more information then please contact your Retailer or Linn Support Site

iPad/iPhone Linn App
Windows Kazoo
MAC/MACBook Kazoo
up to Yosemite (OSX 10.10)]
El Capitan (10.11 >)

iPad/iPhone Kazoo

Android Kazoo

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