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  • Your product should be placed on a flat, stable and rigid surface.
  • Do not position the unit where sunlight can shine on its display as this can adversely affect remote control operation.
  • For best performance do not stack with other products.
  • The product should not be situated above, or directly adjacent to, sources of heat such as radiators.
  • Allow a little space to the sides, rear and above the unit for air circulation.

Ventilation Requirements For Products With Chakra Power Amplifiers

Despite the efficiency of the design, your amplifier still requires to dissipate considerable power in the form of heat. It should therefore be sited in a position that does not restrict the airflow around it.

For best results:

  • Allow at least 10 cm / 4” free space above and to each side of the unit for air circulation which will allow this heat to dissipate.
  • If the unit is sited a cabinet, air must be able to flow through from front-to-back. An enclosed cabinet will severely restrict heat dissipation.
  • Ensure that nothing is placed above or below the amplifier that might block or restrict the vents.

If the amplifier has inadequate ventilation and/or is played very enthusiastically for a period of time, its temperature may rise above the designated operating level and the amplifier will shut down until it has cooled sufficiently.

Proximity To Other Devices

Ideally, integrated amplifiers or power amplifiers should not be located directly above or adjacent to other heat-producing products such as radiators, other power amplifiers, etc. If multiple amplifiers are being used and space is restricted, placing
them side by side is preferable to stacking.

It is advisable to site your product away from (and if possible connected to a power socket on a different circuit from) powerful electrical or electronic products such as TV sets, computers, cookers, fridges etc. This will prevent the possibility of the strong electrical and electromagnetic emissions or interference given off by such devices adversely affecting the performance of your amplifier.