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What is a Linn Account?

This is a user account that will allow the user access to Linn Services.

Within your Linn account you can edit your account details or manage your music systems; your Linn account is accessible from any device, allowing you to manage your music systems from your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

These services include:

Where can I find the Linn Account information?

Your Linn Account can be created and accessed from > Full Menu

How can I attach Linn Products to my Linn Account?

  1. Make sure that you are on the same ethernet network are your Linn products. (In other words make sure that you can see your Linn Products in the Kazoo App)
  2. Go into the Kazoo App1 > "Settings" > "Linn Account" and sign in to your Linn Account.
    1. This will show all of the Products that are either on the local network or previously attached to your Linn Account.
      • You can ADD new products to your Account
      • You can REMOVE products from your Account and allow them to be added to another Linn Account
      • And shows Linn Products on the local network that area attached to other Accounts. (To release these you must either go the Linn Account to remove them or do a RESTORE via the Konfig app.

Kazoo App1: Only applies to Kazoo 4.10M onwards (Kazoo 4.8. does not have this function)


How can I take a Linn DS/DSM off my Linn Account

There are THREE ways to do this:
1. If you are on the same network as the Linn DS/DSM then:

a) go into Kazoo Settings > Linn Account and log in to the Linn Account that currently has the Linn DS/DSM
b) This will give a list of Linn DS/DSM on this network and REMOVE the required Linn DS/DSM.
c) Complete

2. If you do not have access the Linn Account that the Linn DS/DSM is linked to:

a) Open Konfig
b) Goto the ADVANCED tab
c) Select the Linn DS/DSM to be unlinked from the Linn Account and hit the <RESTORE>. This will do a factory reset on the Linn DS/DSM and remove this from the Linn Account.

3. If the Linn DS powered off and is on your Linn Account and you want unlink it from your Account:

a) Open Manage account
b) Select the Linn DS/DSM you want to remove. If the room is OFF (that is, no mains power), the web-page will state that the Room is offline. This page will also give you the option to REMOVE MUSIC ROOM. Select this option to unlink this Linn DS/DSM from your Linn Account.