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Control 4 Linn DS Driver

Linn DS Series V129 Certified February 2019

  • OS 2 & OS 3 compatible
  • This driver is not compatible with Kustom DSM but can be used with all other Linn DS players.

Linn DS Series V146 Awaiting Certification December 2019

  • Can be downloaded from
  • OS 2 & OS 3 compatible
  • This is compatible with Kustom DSM
  • If you wish to update your Control4 from an earlier "Linn DS Series" driver then we would recommend a fresh Project is created with V146.


I cannot get any of the Linn DS/Streamer services to appear in Navigator

The Service will only appear if you have the Linn DS connected to an Audio End-Point.
If you are using this with a Matrix Switch then the Linn DS MUST be connected to Audio End-Point 2

Sometimes my Control4 system operation slows down for a few minutes then works OK

This will be due to Control4 processor checking that all expected LInn DS players are alive. If one or more have been powered down or disconnected from the Network the Control4 will periodically interrogate the network for this/these missing Linn DS products.