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Exakt speakers, Exakt Tunebox, Exakt Technoogy...
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Exakt technology has enabled Linn to completely revolutionise the design and manufacture of music systems. Extending the lossless digital signal path further than ever before, Exakt eliminates sources of noise and distortion that exist in the traditional analogue hi-fi chain.....

Exakt turns the loudspeaker into an intelligent, connected, software-upgradeable product. This enables a wide range of performance- and personalisation-enhancing capabilities, guaranteeing a performance that eliminates distortion, corrects for variation and is personalised for your home.

Exakt-links connects the Linn DS/DSM to the Exakt speaker/Tunbox via a single CAT5 cable. This single cable will transport 8 channels of audio and sync information to ensure that all channel playback is in perfect timing.

The inbuilt software within the Linn DS/DSM products and how to upgrade them...
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Firmware is the internal software running within the Linn DS/DSM. This, like any software, periodically can be updated to add more features, (and fix some bugs).

How to add your CD's to the Linn DS playback library
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Ripping is the term used for extracting the audio files from a CD linked with the way that the Linn DS/DSM processes this information. This with how these music files can be store locally.
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A summary of some of the Linn DS/DSM technologies used
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This is some of the ideas and Technology that is used within the Linn DS/DSM players.
The Katalyst Digital to Analogue Converter , Space Optimisation calcuation of room profiles, Exakt technology.. the list goes on....


A brief overview of the Etherent connections on the Linn DS/DSM
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This section will cover the basic network requirements of the Linn DS/DSM players.
With suggestions on how to setup networks different levels of complexity, although we do suggest getting an IT Specialist if you have any difficulties.


Remaining points not covered above
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As with any information, questions etc on Linn products you can also contact the Linn Support team