Linn DS/DSM Network requirements

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ALL Linn DS/DSM products support 100Base-T excluding the Klimax DSM/3 that supports 1GBase-T connections and used on standard Networks

Supported networks
Private - standard non-public IPs (192.168 / 10/0, NATd to internet if required
Domestic - single household setup (no VLANs etc)
Ethernet - IEEE802.3 compliant (No jumbo frames.)
Services, ports, protocols
The Services, ports and protocols are used by the Linn app and players in the network
UPnP & SSDP (Linn DS/DSM discovery and control)
Port 1900 (UDP)
Port 2869 (TCP),
Ports 49152-65535 (both TCP & UDP)
LPEC (Linn Products Event Control)
Port 23 (TCP)
mDNS (Bonjour)
IPV4 port 5353 (UDP)
Ports 67, 68 (UDP)
ODP (OpenHome Device Protocol)
TCP on an ephemeral port

Managed Switches
Make sure they are programmed to work in Layer-2 mode

Routers/DHCP Servers
Recommend a weekly scheduled reboot of these devices.

Jumbo packet/frames networking
This is not an official standard and is not supported by the Linn DS/DSM.

Multicast or Unicast

If you are using more than six Linn DS/DSM products on the same network and want to share/Songcast the music to other rooms, then make sure the LAN can support multicasting.

If you have issues with your Routers, check:

  • QoS is turned OFF (some Routers do not implement this consistently and this may block Linn DS discovery).
  • "IGMP Snooping" is turned OFF
  • On BTHomeHubs turn "Extended UPnP security" - OFF
  • On DLINK, within "Advanced", Multicast Streams - ENABLE
  • "Privacy Separator" is turned OFF
  • "WMM" is turned OFF
  • "Spanning Tree" is turned OFF
  • "Flow Control" is turned OFF
  • Block multicast / broadcast MAC address is turned OFF

  • Speak to a networking specialist who understands the necessary equipment and setup to ensure proper handling of multicast traffic and enable multicast Songcasting
IGMP/IGMP Snooping

If your devices support this service, then make sure this is DISABLED. (This should only be enabled and setup by a “suitably qualified network expert”)