How to Upgrade DS Software

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This procedure is not difficult. The first step is finding out which software/firmware you are using to minimise the steps required.

From Software version Davaar 99, Konfig has retired from providing software update AFTER this software/Davaar version.
Up to > Davaar 98, then use Konfig to update the Linn DS/DSM to the latest software…
From Davaar99+ then you will need to use the Linn App or IR handset (See point1 below)

To check what version of Software you are running on your Linn DSM, you can either:
1. Use the IR Handset
On the REM 022 use the SHUFFLE key, Press and HOLD this key for 2 seconds
On the REM 020 use the # key, Press and HOLD for 2 seconds,
On older products: early Majik, Akurate, early Klimax and Kiko:
* If this action states, "Your Software is up-to-date" or "Software update available...." then you are running Davaar99 or higher.
* If there is an update available, you will be able to authorise the Linn DS/DSM by pressing the the joystick UP then joystick RIGHT buttons.
* If this states anything else, then you are on Davaar 97 or lower
On newer products: New Majik, Any Selekt DSM & new Klimax DSM:
This will show "Device" on the front panel display. Hit the RIGHT cursor button and this will show you the product information including the software version. (Check point 2, below, on how to decode this version.)
If there is an update available, you will be able to perform this update by following the instructions on the Linn DS/DSM screen.

2: Use Konfig and select your Linn DS/DSM. The Software version is structured as a Software family(4=Davaar) :
Major Release version, (this is the key number to use) : Minor version of software (Ignore this just now)

4:99.491 relates to 4=Davaar, 99=Major software version, 491=Minor version. Therefore, is Davaar-99

Note: Konfig can still be used for these actions, it must still be used as a stepping stone to the latest Linn DS/DSM software.

3. Open Manage Systems and the Firmware is listed on the product configuration page (top right). The Firmware version is decoded in the same manner as the Konfig setup.

Up to Davaar 97

To update, using Konfig and your current Linn DS/DSM firmware is Davaar 97 or lower

1.Start Konfig (after ensuring you have latest version)

a) Go into KONFIG Settings and check that Konfig is set to the same network as your Linn DS/DSM.

2. Click on the UPDATES tab. If there is a software update for your Linn DS/DSM it will be listed after clicking UPDATES. If there is no firmware update available for the Linn DS/DSM then it will not be listed under this tab.

Note: on the Selekt DSM & new Majik DSM they will need to be power cycled and wait appox 30minutes before checking the Konfig UPDATES tab

3.Select the UPDATE button against the Linn DS/DSM you want to update.

a) A message will appear on the Konfig screen stating the major changes that this software update may incur. (This will be dependant on your present version of software loaded into the Linn DS/DSM)
b) If you want to continue with this update then scroll down to the bottom of the message and select UPDATE.
c) For your Privacy we ask if you agree to collecting Anonymous data on usage of the Linn DS. This will aid any fault reporting and also any activity to help Linn enhance the software and product operation.
d) Select I AGREE or more options to change what information Linn Products Ltd can receive.

4. Konfig will download the firmware update and proceed to updating the selected Linn DS/DSM player.
5.Once complete you will see an Update Completed Successfully message and your DS player will be re-started
6. Update complete

If you encounter any problems, please contact your Linn Specialist or Contact Linn.

From Davaar 99 onwards

To update, using Linn App, and your current Linn DS/DSM is Davaar 99 or higher

Linn Ds/DSM software updates using Linn App

Linn App-Update only.png

1.Click on the LinnAppMoreButton.png icon and if there are any updates for your Linn DS/DSM you will see:

Linn App-Kustom DSM Update.png

2.Press the > and this will open the product list.
As an update is available, STOP ANY MUSIC PLAYING ON YOUR LINN DS/DSM BEFORE pressing the UPDATE button
Tap the Update All to initiate the update of all Linn DS/DSM products shown in the list.
Please be patient as this can typically take between 5–40 minutes to update depending on the complexity of the update.


System Recovery

This is only valid for Linn DS/DSM that have already been loaded with Davaar 99, or higher, firmware (from approx April 2023). Otherwise, use the Konfig procedure.

If, for any reason, the update process has failed, (for example, you have left this UPDATE running for 2 hours and the Linn DS appears to be stuck), we would suggest doing the following:
1. Power OFF the Linn DS/DSM
2. Power ON the Linn DS/DSM and press the FALLBACK recessed button on the back of the Linn DS/DSM.
(This sometime has the FB label beside a recessed button near the Linn DS/DSM Ethernet socket.)
This should bring a lightening flash symbol on the Linn DS/DSM display.

Linn App-Update and Recovery.png

3 Now open Linn App, click on the LinnAppMoreButton.png icon, and you should now see the System Recovery option

4:Press the > and this will open the product list of products awaiting a RECOVERY.
if no product is listed, then either the Linn App is on the wrong network or the Linn DS/DSM is NOT running Davaar99 or higher firmware. Use Konfig software to recover this Linn DS/DSM.

Linn App-System Recover.png

5: Press the RECOVER button to start the recovery process of this Linn DS/DSM
The button should now state "Recovering" and this may take several minutes to complete.

6.After a few minutes go back to the HOME page, (ignore the recovering button message as this may not have refreshed itself)
Your Linn DS/DSM has been recovered and reset back to factory default setting. I.e. It will be called "Main Room"
Note: Kustom DSM's will not show as a room(s), but are available to be added to your Linn Account in the next step...
7. Within the Linn App, go into the Settings
a) Click on the Linn Account.
b) click on the Add/Remove products.
c) Scroll down the list of products and search for "Main Room" or Kustom DSM. Double check that the serial number listed matches your Linn DS/DSM serial number and hit the + to add it to your Linn account.
8. Proceed to Manage_Systems to rename and set up your Linn DS/DSM

To update, using an IR handset, and your current Linn DS/DSM is Davaar 99 or higher

Use the IR Handset
On older products, early Majik, Akurate, early Klimax and Kiko,
On the REM 022 use the SHUFFLE key, Press and HOLD this key for 2 seconds
On the REM 020 use the # key, Press and HOLD for 2 seconds,
With older products, early Majik, Akurate, early Klimax and Kiko, If there is a software update it will tell you to press the IR handset UP arrow followed by the RIGHT arrow. The update will now start.
On newer products: New Majik, Any Selekt DSM & new Klimax DSM:
On the IR Handset, or Dial, press the UP joystick key. This will open the setup menu
On the IR Handser, or Dial, press the DOWN joystick key a few times and press the RIGHT joystick key. If there are any software updates on this page it will then give you instructions on how to update the product.