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Product control

The Linn DS/DSM can be controlled in many ways. This can be from front panel buttons, IR handset, PC, Tablet...
The music media it can play does not have to be from within your home. The internet has opened up many many source for Music "streams", some are free and some are paid for..

Product control packages and FAQ'a
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General usage information

For information on: troubleshooting, Surround options, "Ripping" Cd's , Exakt system then this next section will provide the information that you need.

General Media and Apps
Media applications
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Surround Sounds
Surround options available from different Linn DS/DSM firmware to Surround hardware
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Product installation

Typically product installation should be left to Linn Retailers but as a background guide

Product installation
Pointers/guides to information you may need during setup
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As with any information, questions etc on Linn products you can also contact the Linn Support team