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The Linn DS/DSM can be controlled in many ways, (check the Knowledge base for more details about this). In this section we show you what software is required to do this control...View more +/-

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Ways to control the LInn products

  • Kazoo User Guide - This software can be installed on a Windows PC, MAC PC, Apple iPhone/iPad and Android phones & tablets. This allows you to control the Linn DS/DSM and select what Music you wish to play on it.
  • Spotify Connect Manual - How to play Spotify on a Linn DS/DSM
  • Roon - "The music player for music lovers" control interface
  • Kinsky Manual - one of the original, now unsupported control interfaces for the Linn DS/DSM
  • Alexa control of the Linn DS/DSM - Voice control of the Linn DS/DSM (This is only available in some countries)

Development release

This a develeopment/Beta version of Linn DS control software for your testing and comments on the Development forum
To download and try this Linn App click >HERE<