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Apple Music, from your iPhone/iPad

Earlier products can only use Airplay1


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AirPlay is a Apple protocol that allows wireless streaming media.
The Linn DS/DSM/HUB can take the audio stream via the "Netlink" input.
Check <HERE> for any issues with Airplay

Later products can use Airplay2


Airplay 2
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AirPlay2 is a Apple protocol that allows wireless streaming media available from Linn DS firmware Davaar 92 (Jun 2022)
The Linn DSM/HUB can take the audio stream via the "Netlink" input.
Airplay2 allows you to Group multiple Airplay 2 devices (including Linn DS HomePod, Apple TV) to play in sync using iOS, Siri, Homekit, iTunes desktop (Windows & MacOS)....

Products supporting Airplay2:

Finally, Linn DS/DSM products with a USB input can be directly connected to the iPad/iPhones with USB-C connectors, as an Audio Interface, using their USB sockets.

USB stream

USB Stream
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Type: USB-B Asynchronous socket

USB Audio Class 2 endpoint with supported sample rates from 44.1k to 384k
Connect your iPad/iPhone, with USB-C socket, or PC/MAC to this socket via a USB cable and select LINN DSM 'USB' input as your Audio Device.
PC/MAC will typically transcode the audio into PCM format before feeding down the USB cable to the Linn DSM
This can also be used to connect your iPhone or iPad with USB-C socket to play Apple Music, at full bandwidth and resolution, on the Linn DSM
Products supporting USB stream input: