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Product info

  • Product Name: Klimax ExaktBox Katalyst
  • Date of Introduction: March 2017 - March 2021
Replaced by Klimax ExaktBox (ORGANIK) in 2021
  • Type: Digital Crossover with Exakt Technology
Supports mono speakers from 2-way up to 6-way or
Supports Stereo speakers from 2-way up to 3-way
Software upgradable to support more and more loudspeakers
Connects to power amplifiers and externally Aktiv speakers
  • Can only be used with Exakt-Link output products


Linn Support Site


As this is an Exaktbox the initial setup must be performed with a Local Area Network that has Internet access. Otherwise Manage Systems cannot set the speaker channel, Speaker profile and Space Optimisation of these products

Latest software

Latest software releases

Details of latest Product release software


Manage Systems setup manual
Space Optimisation+
Safety Information
Warranty Terms and Conditions

Back Panel Connections

Image:Klimax Exakt Tunebox

  1. MAINS INPUT - To connect to the mains electricity supply.
  2. EXAKT LINK - To connect to Exakt compatible devices (Exaktbox, Exakt Speakers, Urika II etc)
  3. BALANCED OUTPUT 1 - 6 - To connect to power amplifiers. (300ohm output impedance)
  4. FALLBACK - To put the device into Fallback mode (used when reprogramming)

EXAKT LINK Connections

Image:Exakt Link.jpg

Check HERE for more information of Exakt link connection

LED Status

Exakt Tunebox Port LED's




Flash / Blink

0 Master Port No Link Link Discovered Link Activity
1 Audio Clock No Clock Clock locked Clock not locked
2 Slave Port No Link Link Enabled Link Activity
3 Software Status Not Configured Running Hardware Fault

Power Amplifier/Speaker connections

If you have power amplifers with RCA/Phono terminations we suggest you use the following setup.
ONLY use ALL XLR connections or ALL Phono/RCA connections to the power amplfiers. (The Klimax 350 and Komri internal amplifier is an XLR connection, you CAN use RCA/Phono or XLR amplifiers with these speakers configurations)

The recommended wiring from XLR to RCA is shown below.


To see the Exaktbox terminations for each speaker click here
DOUBLE CHECK the wiring from the Exaktbox to power amplifier to speaker terminals!
If there are any mis-wires or wrong speaker definintions in the Exaktbox, you may blow the speaker drive units, so take care.

If this is the first connection use the standard Aktiv test scenario.

  1. Switch off ALL power amplifiers.
  2. Disconnect any power amplifier to speakers connections
  3. Set to a low volume value, e.g 40-50
  4. Do the following tests 5,6,7,8 starting with the Bass connections, then Midrange, then tweeter and finally super tweeter in that order.
  5. Connect respective (Bass or Mid or tweeter ot super-tweeter) power amplifier connection to the Bass connection (Bass or Mid or tweeter ot super-tweeter) of the speaker.
  6. Switch on the respective amplifier and play some Music. Check that you are only getting (Bass or Mid or tweeter ot super-tweeter) audio from that speaker drive unit.
  7. Stop the Music playing.
  8. Leave this cable connected go to Step4 and connect the next speaker drive unit in the list.

If you change speaker or variant, this may also change the Exaktbox terminations so DOUBLE CHECK


Please read the following carefully before installing the unit in your system – your unit may need to be reconfigured by your Linn retailer.

  • The ExaktBox is shipped from Linn with no speaker setup and must be configured with Manage_Systems software.

Exakt options

Exakt usage can be found in Klimax_Exakt_System

One of the beneifts of the Exakt system is that you can easily setup and optimise your listening environment. Simply use Manage_Systems and follow the Space_Optimsation+ & Space Optimisation+ (Advanced)

Supported speakers

When used in this mode any spare outputs CANNOT be used for the either 6 or 8 channel passthrough Surround mode

Connection Help.jpg

Select CONNECTION HELP for up to date wiring information

Examples using one Klimax Exaktbox
Note: It should be noted that information may at times be out of date and should not be used as a current list of what is supported. check www.Linn.co.uk

Linn loudspeakers

These speakers must be made externally Aktiv
Note: Speakers that cannot be made externally Aktiv e.g Av5110, UNIK, Diskreet etc cannot be used with the Exaktbox

non-Linn speakers

Examples using one Klimax Exaktbox
Note: It should be noted that information may at times be out of date and should not be used as a current list of what is supported. check www.Linn.co.uk
These speakers must be made externally Aktiv

  1. 2 x B&W Nautilus
  2. B&W 802 Diamond
  3. Kudos Super 10
  4. Kudos Super 20
  5. Kudos Titan 505
  6. Kudos Titan 606
  7. Kudos Titan 707
  8. Kudos Titan 808
  9. JBL K2 S9900
  10. PMC Twenty 26
  11. KEF Reference 3
  12. KEF Reference 5

Example of use

Klimax DSM to Kllimax ExaktBox opt1.jpg
Klimax DSM to Kllimax ExaktBox opt2.jpg

ExaktBox Surround Channel selection

  • Speakers can be driven from any combination of:
  • Direct analogue output from the DSM
  • Exakt Speaker
  • Exaktbox configured with crossovers for one or two speakers
  • Exaktbox configured for surround playback
Speaker type set for
"6 x Channel Passthrough" for 5.1ch or
"8 x Channel Passthrough" or 7.1ch
Examples of speaker setups can be found HERE

  • You cannot assign mulitple Subwoofer types in the same Exaktbox.
that is, You can ONLY be assign
    • one or more LFE (Surround playback only) or
    • one or more MONO Subwoofer (Stereo Playback only) or
    • one or more LEFT Subwoofer (Stereo Playback only) or
    • one or more RIGHT Subwoofer (Stereo Playback only)

E.g. But NOT a LFE AND MONO on the same Exaktbox

Konifg-ExaktBox-Channel Select.jpg

above is an Exaktbox configured for "6 channel passthrough"
In "6 or 8 channel passthrough" Exaktbox filter selection then this Exaktbox CANNOT be used for "digital crossover" speakers as well.

Trouble shooting

Check Exakt trouble shooting

For further assistance, try our customer support pages