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Some information can also be found in the FAQs section

Pins not selecting the correct Radio station etc

Using the Kazoo app if your Pins are not selecting the originally setup action then delete this Pin and re-assign its action.
The original Pin setting may be been setup in a beta/development version of Linn DS firmware and may be incompatible with the current version of Davaar.

KAZOO User interface issues

Kazoo states "Waiting for Room...."

First basic points to check:

  1. Click on the Kazoo "Waiting for Room..." Rooms selection and see if any other room are listed. (Your Room name may have changed but Kazoo is looking for the old room name).
  2. Is the Linn DS/DSM power on? (that is, is there mains power to the Linn DS/DSM and is it switched on. (Do not dismiss this as this is a very common issue)).
  3. check is the Settings of the Kazoo App: (this may be setup to connect to a different LAN/Network than your Linn DS/DSM is connected to)
(If your device running Kazoo also has a VPN, make sure that the VPN IP address is not selected)

If you are still having issues, try the following:

1. Power cycle (Mains OFF, wait 30seconds, Mains ON), the Linn DS/DSM and then quit/exit the Kazoo App and re-open the Kazoo App.
2. If your PC/MAC has multiple network connections, (wired and wireless/Wifi). Disable one of them so you are ONLY using wired Ethernet or wireless Ethernet. Restart the control point (PC/MAC/iPhone/Android etc) and check operation.
2.1. Some device may have VPN software installed. Make sure that you do NOT use this connection. (A sample of some VPN packages available are: Nord VPN, Tunnel bear,
3. Some Network DHCP servers/switches can block UPnP communication or get confuased with their state. This may have been due to an hidden software update on your Router or has enhanced security enabled to block the communications used by the Linn DS/DSM to the Kazoo App.
If possible try the Linn DS/DSM on a different LAN/Network and see if this allows for connection.
Also if the Router/DHCP Server has the scheduled reboot option then set this to Reboot every 7days.
4. On more advanced network setup check the IGMP snooping. This should be set to OFF. (IGMP snooping has different interpretations in some network kit manufacturers. This causes Unicast/multicast broadcasts to be lost over time).
5. You may have different Anti-Virus & firewall packages from the Windows default, (such as Norton, McAfee, etc) ensure that these have the above files with exceptions as per their Manual, plus check the UPnP port. [1]
6. Try another control point, to check the operation of your PC that is WIRED to the LAN/network. That is, NOT using Wifi/Wireless.
a) If you can use Wired LAN connections with no issue then check for any power saving configuration, such as Green settings, DISABLE these to keep the Wifi alive all of the time. (If the Wifi is a sleep, the Kazoo/Linn App will only wake up the Wifi and any discovery broadcast is lost)>
In Kazoo you can go into Settings and "Rescan Network", this will force a rediscover and suspect that is Wifi sleep issue.
7. SKY-Q has been known to saturate your ethernet network and cause discovery problems. Check | Discussion topic: SkyQ interferes with Internet causing slowdown and latency
8. If the App is still available for your control device try the KINSKY app to see if this works.

For further assistance, try our customer support pages. Detailing to our Customer Helpine team what you have tried from the above list and the results in each case.

I cannot see the Tidal, Qobuz or Tunein icon, how do I get them back?

You can make some of the icons invisible using the Konfig app.

  1. Select you Linn DS/DSM using the Konfig CHANGE button
  2. Go into Sources and select "+ Playlist"
  3. Change the Visible to Yes
  4. Click on another box after the Yes selection and now check your Kazoo App for Tidal, Qobuz etc

Volume control

VOLUME control greyed out

If you have recently upgraded your Kazoo to version 4.11.252, or later, and the Volume control option is greyed out then you will need to update the Firmware on your Linn DS/DSM players to Davaar60 or later using Linn Konfig

Pressing and holding Volume UP/DOWN on the IR handset will only change volume by 1 step

The batteries on the Remote handset are weak. Change the batteries and retry this operation

Pins not selecting the correct Radio station or sources etc

Using the Kazoo app if your Pins are not selecting the originally setup action then delete this Pin and re-assign its action.
The original Pin setting may be been setup in a beta/development, (Davaar 63) version of Linn DS firmware and may be incompatible with the current version of Davaar.
Also check the batteries on your IR handset are OK. (You need to Press and HOLD the PIN number on the older handsets and these may have weak batteries and stop sending for the 2 seconds required to select the PIN)

Information on how to setup a PIN is shown HERE

Twonky Media music greyed out or will not play

If you are looking at the Music and the Music cannot be added to the Playlist or is greyed out. But you may if you go to a PC/Mac and this does allow the same Music (or vice-versa) you will probably also using Twonkymedia.
The solution is to go in the Twonky Settings > Advanced > Media receivers and RESET LIST. Now retry the iPad Kazoo and it will probably now work.

Kinsky issues

Any knowns issues with each version of Kinsky is reported in
iPad Kinsky
iPhone Kinsky
Windows Kinsky
MAC OSX Kinsky

There is a ! on the front panel of my Linn DS/DSM

There is a speaker setup issue on the Linn DS/DSM Surround Sound Rules

Konfig diagnostics

Konfig not reverting back to non-Beta Application version

If you have unchecked the Beta application release of Konfig this only stops checking to see if a beta release exists. It does NOT revert you back to the official release.
If you want to install the official release then go to and redownload/install the current version of Konfig.

If you start Konfig and only get a white screen or only shows toolbar with no "Show devices" button:

1. Go into Google Chrome - Settings - Show advance settings
2. Select Privacy - Content settings
a) If ""JavaScript is "Do not allow any site to run Javascript" change this to "Allow all sites to run JavaScript"
3. OK out of this & restart Konfig
1. Go into Preferences - Java
2 Go to Security and reduce security level from Very High to High
3 Ok out of this and restart Konfig
If this does not cure the issue then in MAX OSX
1. Run Konfig
2. Open Internet Explorer/Safari
3. Type in http://localhost:5011 into the IE address bar
4. If Safari reports "Safari can’t open the page “http://localhost:5011”, because the server "localhost” is missing" then
  • Open the Utilities/Terminal App and type sudo nano /etc/hosts you should see some text. It should look like this:
# Host Database
# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
# when the system is booting. Do not change this entry.
## localhost broadcasthost
::1 localhost

  • if this file/box is empty then enter the information shown above, into the /etc/host box and exit by using the "ctrl" X keys then Y to confirm the save. We want to save the fie in Mac format, so press the Esc (Escape) key and then press M (this is what the M- means in the help bar).
5. Reboot your MAC to ensure that these new settings are being used and retry Konfig.

After the update some PC/MAC cannot find any Linn DS/DSM products:

Do the following procedure:

1. If you are using Norton Anti-virus, make sure that the new Konfig is added an exception
2. Restart your PC/MAC and retry Konfig 10
a) Press the SHOW DEVICES button
b) If a number appears beside the Updates tab (top of Konfig screen,
i) Press the Updates tab and press UPDATE beside your Linn DS/DSM name
ii) Wait until he update is finished and Press the SHOW DEVICES button. Your DS should now appear.

If your Linn DS/DSM is not listed

3. Press the ADVANCED tab and see if your Linn DS/DSM is listed here

If neither of these two options work
Follow the Konfig 10 diagnostics
If doing a Advanced download Konfig reports "cannot find directory.."
Check that
1. You can typed the correct file location and file name in to the download field
2. Konfig 4.10.5-4.11.2 needs internet access before doing the file update. Make sure that you have an Internet link BEFORE opening Konfig

When entering the room dimensions in Space Optimisation, clicking the tick box deletes the values entered
Use the 'Enter' key or the 'Tab' key instead of the tick box.


Songcast issues

General product control issues

This to help with the basic fault finding of a Linn DS system.

Updating to Davaar55 only get audio from my Exakt outputs and not the Analogue Out

Check Konfig > Device > "Dual Analogue/Exakt Stereo Output" has been enabled.
If you have declared your Exakt speakers as 'Front Left'/'Front Right' and the analogue outputs to be 'Front Left'/'Front Right' (Stereo). ensure that this option in Konfig is enabled. The audio in the Exakt outputs will be out of sync by approx 45mS compared to the analogue outputs.

Changing to a new Router the Linn DS will no longer connect

Some new Routers, such as TalkTalk, have network sockets that only support a high speed network (1000-BaseT). The Linn DS will only has has the network components that support 100-BaseT connection.
Your PC laptop will work on this Router socket as your PC will support 10/100/1000-BaeT connections. The simple solution or test is to add a low-cost network switch that supports (10/100/1000 Base-T connections) such as a Netgear GS205

Konfig states "EXAKT DISABLED"

Check Exakt troubling shooting section

Exakt system doesn't work

Check Exakt troubling shooting section

Tidal streaming issues

Tidal Audio Quality

Within the Konfig app and Linn Account Manage systems section you can change the audio quality of Tidal.

Options available are:

  • Enabled: To make this Tidal input visible/invisible in Kazoo.

You can adjust these settings to control the quality of your incoming stream if you have internet issues. If any of these settings are changed then the next Tidal track played will be at the newly selected streaming rate.

  • Low(96 kbit/s)
  • High(320 kbit/s)
  • Lossless (CD quality)
Note: The highest streaming can also be controlled by your Tidal subscription and may only limit you to HIGH(320 kbit/s) on the standard service.

QOBUZ streaming issues

Qobuz Audio Quality

Within the Konfig app and Linn Account Manage Systems section you can change the audio quality of Qobuz.

Options available are:

  • Enabled: To make this Qobuz stream visible/invisible in Kazoo/Linn App.

You can adjust these settings to control the quality of your incoming stream if you have internet issues. If any of these settings are changed then the next Qobuz track played will be at the newly selected streaming rate.

  • Low(320 kbit/s)
  • Lossless(44.1 kHz kbit/s)
  • Lossless(96 kHz kbit/s)
  • Lossless(192 kHz kbit/s)
Note: The highest streaming can also be controlled by your Qobuz subscription and may only limit you to Low(320 kbit/s) on the standard service.

iPad/iPhone, cannot find Linn DS in Airplay


The Airplay screen location has moved with IOS10.
This is now a up-swipe followed by a left-swipe to the Airplay screen

IOS11 cannot find Linn DS in Airplay

The Airplay screen location has moved with IOS11.
This is now a up-swipe, then select the Airplay icon (highlighted in red). This will open the next screen and select you Linn DS/DSM to Airplay to. IOS11 Airplay1.jpg

Airplay/Songcast keeps dropping out on a Wifi connection

This can be a common problem if the Wifi communications to temperamental. The commands from the iPad/Android are sent but lost because communications noise.
You may think that your Wifi is good as it works OK with the internet but this is not the case. (You have have to double click some pages to get them to show, this can be due to poor wifi or some pages are slow in loading, this can be due to poor communications)


Apple devices Wifi settings

require the Wifi to be set-up to a specific configuration or it will otherwise start looking for a Wifi signal that does support this configuration Check Here for details of what to check or iOS and OS X: Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points]

Wifi noise

This noise can be generated by Microwave ovens, DECT phones, wireless Video repeater, Taxi Radios, neighbours Wifi etc. so we would suggest checking this with wifi scanner software such as Wifi-Analyzer / Insidder / NetSpot / VIStumbler, this can be used to find out who else is broadcast on the same channel are your Wifi and causing interference.
This allows you to check your Router/WAP Wifi settings and move them to a cleaner channel. There are two frequencies in use with Wifi, these are 2.4GHz and 5GHz. the 2.4GHz is the typical frequency used, the 5GHz is fairly new so check that your iPad/Android can support this bandwisth before using it.

If you have DECT phones make sure that they are not close (>2M) to your Router or Wifi devices

Routers / Wireless Access Points

Some Routers/WAP devices are very poor with UPnP control, namely Sky and BT. If you have one of these Routers we would suggest adding 'Subnet' Router of one that Linn has tried and works reliably.
On the Wireless Access Points check the DTIM setting. Apple recommends a setting of 3 or higher.

iPad/iPhone cannot see any DS or Library

First try and do a hard reset of your iPhone/iPad, Press AND HOLD both the HOME key and the power button until the Apple symbol appears on the iPhone/iPad display. then retry Kinksy

Wifi Setting check

If you still have issues it has been found that updates to the Apple operating system (IOS 5.1.0) have been found to cause wireless communications issues for any Apple software. We have found that your Wifi device should be setup with

* WPA2 Personal for Wireless authentication
* AES : Wireless encryption
* if your WAP supports 'n' channel then set the bandwidth to 20MHz
* 'Forget the Network' On your iPad, then re-attach it after power cycling the Wifi 

device (WAP)

* DTIM: Apple recommends 3 or greater

This should improve all communications to your i-device Apple link Apple link 2

Apple iDevice are not very good at roaming. What this means is if you have Wifi transmitters it will hold on to it last one until the signal is below 1%. SO you could be right beside the other Wifi transmitter and having issues as the iDevice is still connected to the one furthest away. try switching you Wifi Off (or use Flight mode), wait a few seconds and switch on Wifi, this will hopefully jump to the stronger signal.

Check the Router settings

It has been reported that Routers with QOS enables will cause problems. Disable QOS on the Router to see if this improves communications Apple link 3

Check Internet connections

IOS6 appears to check if there is internet access, if it cannot find internet access it will start searching for a WiFI connection with Internet. This jumping around Wifi connections can cause poor communication with the Kinsky software. On the iPad/iPhone turn ON flight mode, then re-enable the Wifi connection. This will stop the iPad/iPhone from searching for Internet access. (This does not affect Browser access to the internet on the iPad/iPhone, only stops the iPad/iPhone for check for software updates)

App check

Other apps running in your iPad/iPhone can cause some issues. Try restarting your iPad/Android and use Kinsky before starting any other apps. This will tell you if any other App is causing a problem.

HDMI general Troubleshooting

The Linn DSM products provide HDMI pass through of HDMI V1.4 signals

The Linn DSM products HDMI output will:-
1. Pass-throu the HDMI audio when the Linn DSM is in Standby.
2. Pass-throu the HDMI audio when the Linn DSM is listening to an Analogue or Digital Audio input.
3. BLOCK the HDMI audio to the TV if the the DSM is listening to a HDMI input.

ARC - Audio Return Channel

Only the Klimax DSM, Akurate DSM and Majik DSM with HDMI-2 boards (>Sept 2016) will support this connection.
The TV must be set to Stereo on this ARC connection, if available.

I cannot get any picture through the HDMI

General connections

The Linn DSM does not support 4k resolution


The Playstation3 is known to have HDMI connection issues with many non-Linn devices.

  1. Select PS3 input on the Linn DSM
  2. While the PLAYSTATION 3 system is in standby mode (red light on the front of the system), hold down the touch-sensitive power button on the front of the system until the system goes into standby mode again . (So the light cycle would go from: red light --> green light --> then back to red light). This will ensure that you have held down the power button long enough to reset the Video Output Settings.

Check PS3 FAQ's

Virgin Media V6 / SKY-Q

The VirginMedia V6 & SKY-Q is very strict on HDCP issues, these works in HDCP 2.2. It has been found that if your TV/Projector only supports HDCP 1.3 and your AV Receiver, (Linn DSM or other manufacturer), that supports HDCP 2.2 then the mismatch will cause the VirginMedia V6/SKY-Q box NOT to send video (due to encryption issue).
The solution is to put a HDCP convertor, such as the LINDY or NEET Bidirectional HDCP Converter, V2.2 to V1.4, between the VirginMedia V6 HDMI output and Linn DSM HDMI input. This will force all communications to HDCP 1.3
Some customers have found disabling "CEC" and "CEC Auto Select Source" on HDMI section of Konfig will fix this issue. (Do the Konfig changes and power cycle the VirginMedia/SKY box)

Apple MacMini, MacBook Pro etc

If you switch the DSM to the HDMI feed from a MacMini, MacBook etc, it will initially loose any picture and audio, this may take up to 30seconds to appear and for the Audio to return. This delay is due to the Mac performing HDMI communication and re-establishing the audio and video options.

HDMI connection with Video scalers

If you have a video scaler in the HDMI chain and you are not getting any picture through the Linn DSM, take the video scaler out of the system to see if the picture returns.

No Audio playback on HDMI connection

The Linn DSM will ONLY support 2ch (or multichannel) PCM audio, it does not support Dolby Digital, DTS etc. If you feed an unsupported audio from your DVD player/Sat Receiver etc the Linn DSM can pass though to the TV if the DS is in Standby mode but when you select that input on the DSM there is no audio then double check that the audio out on the DVD/Sat is configured for 2ch PCM.

Fritzboz not seeing the Linn DS/DSM products

Fritzbox  reported having issues with Apple broadcasts and losing connections. 
This appear to be due to the Fritzbox monitoring the LAN sockets and shutting down
anything that is not active and going into Green (power saving) mode.
The manufacturer has reported the following fix:
1. Open a web browser and enter "" into the address bar to open the router's
   configuration page
2. Go in to advanced/expert mode, rather than Wizard mode
3. Go to the "System > Energy Monitor > Settings" pane
4. Set the LAN port that the DS is plugged into to be "always active"
5. Click the "Apply" button
click to enlarge

Checking internet connection consistency

If your Radio keeps muting and you have a Windows PC you can check how good your connection is to the internet using PingPlot.
This will be installed on your PC and can be used to "ping" your streaming server. Pingplot can be downloaded from github and run from command line or Shortcut. E.g. BBC test

"C:\Program Files (x86)\PingPlot\pingplot.exe" -p -H -n 1 -f BBC_ping

If you have the Uri of the Radio streaming service, you can use this to check its connection.
At the end of your test time hit CTRL-C and this will show you a time related graph of the internet latency found by your PC.

Apple Music will not play on my Linn DS

Apple Music can be downloaded on to your PC/MAC/Apple device for playback.
However, this music is DRM'd to ONLY for playback on Apple device. The only way to play this music is to purchase it from iTunes and download it ready for Media serving to the Linn DS.
To listen to Apple Music on your Linn DS with Airplay from you PC/MAC/iDevice or play it on iTunes and Songcast it to the Linn DS

Kinsky will not play any of the tracks from the Folder view

If the Music files directly using the Kinsky Folder option:

  1. Make sure that these Music files have some sort of tagging
  2. Check the Music files are in a SHARED FOLDER
  3. Ensure (with Windows Vista/7/8) that the Network is a Home/Work or Domain type, NOT a Public Network.
  4. Re-start your computer just in case some other software is blocking this operation.

I cannot play some of my iTunes tracks on the DS

If you Music resides in the iCloud (iTunes Match) and NOT not located on your PC then this Music CANNOT be played on the Linn DS, (The DS does not have access to the iCloud)

When I select the Linn DS on my Linn PreAmp the volume options disappears

This is due to the name on the wrong DS name listed in the Preamplifer source name. (If you have change the name of the DS or performed a software update this will/may happen)

To fix this,

  • Go in to Konfig
  • Select your Linn PreAmplifier
  • Click on Configuration
  • Go to Sources and expand (click on the > beside Sources)
  • Expand the input that the Linn DS is connected to
  • click on the 'Name' and you see a drop-down arrow appear at the right hand side of the name box
  • Select the name of the DS displayed.
  • Click on another box in Konfig and the change has been made.
  • Check operation with Kinsky.

Using SongCast on my PC/MAC, the music keeps dropping out

This is due to the music data not getting to the Linn DS player fast enough.

Solution1: Go into the the PC/MAC Songcast Advanced preferences and increase the Latency value, (suggest doing it at 100mS steps, try it and if the Music drop out occurs again, increase the Latency by another 100mS, repeat until the drop outs stop.

Solution2: If you are using a Wifi link this may be a weak signal (and reducing the bandwidth) or there is another Wifi device broadcasting on the same channel. Either change the Wifi Channel, get a stronger Wireless Access Point or use a wired netwrok conneciton.

I cannot see my DS in the Songcast Preferences tab

Press the REFRESH button, if your Linn DS('s) do not appear:- 1. Check the Advanced TAB - Network settings that the correct Network connection is used 2. On Konfig, check under Sources, that the Songcast<Songcast> source is Visible 3. Press the REFRESH button

Check the Konfig Manual

The Linn DS/DSI will only play one track then stop

Make sure that the Linn DS/DSI has the PLAYLIST source selected, NOT the UPnPAV source. The UPnPAV source is available for standard UPnP control devices that do not have the facilty to save the Playlists on the Linn DS itself.

ALAC files cannot be played on the Linn DS/DSI player

If the ALAC files have been created with a early version of dBpowerAmp or iTunes, these Music files may not be played by the Linn DS/DSI. To recify this, we suggest using dBPowerAmp V14 and above and transcode these from ALAC to ALAC, this will correct the file issue

Internet Radio keeps muting

This is due to breaks in the media stream from the Internet.

This can be due to high network traffic in your area, business first thing monday morning, or heavy useage of video broadcast (like footbal matches).

Some ISP's will also reduce your bandwidth of certain types of network traffic, typically Bittorrant (P2P). Some ISP's will mistake your Radio stream for a Bittorrant and throttle this network traffic and cause muting of your Internet Radio.

Most domestic broadband states am "up to" bts speed of you broadband but does not state a minimum connection speed.(If you do a quick speed test will appear to be OK (this is a burst of datat). But the internet Radio is a constant stream of data. Any long breaks/delays in this stream can cause the internet Radio to mute)
If you upgrade to a Business broadband (typically only a small amount extra), these will state a MINIMUM broadband bps. So if your area has difficulty in Internet Radio, suggest trying a upgrading your broadband to a Business broadband with a minimum speed of 500kbps, this should reduce/eliminate your internet Radio muting.

We have had reports that the network settings of the broadband router can cause issues. If you are technically minded, check the DNS settings of your router. We found that Google DNS works best with DNS1 -, DNS2-

The front panel of the DS is showing a flashing dot and I cannot see the Linn DS with Kinsky or Konfig.

Computer networks can get very fussy. If you have any problems getting the Linn DS on an Ethernet network, (dot continuously flashing), try the following options:-

  1. Power off the EVERYTHING connected to the Ethernet system, (PC, Printers, DS, Routers/DHCP servers).
  2. Leave everything powered off for at least 10seconds.
  3. Switch everything back on.
  4. Retry the system

You will find that some of the devices in the system get confused and cause system confusion. The power cycling will do a reset of the system and recover most issues.


  1. Use fresh Ethernet cables, (replace existing cables).
  2. If the Linn Ds is more than 3M (10ft) from the DHCP/Server. Move the Linn DS right beside the Router/DHCP server and patch using a short Ethernet cable (1M), the Linn DS to the DHCP server/Router
  3. Retry the system


  1. Build a totally separate system with only a DHCP/Server and Linn DS.
  2. Retry the system

Some networks only have a limited number of DHCP address’s. if you have already connected some PC’s to this system, your Router/DHCP server can remember these devices, (even though no longer connected) and will not allocated these previously assigned IP addresses to newly connected products. So the case of unplugging one device to free up an IP address for the DS to use will NOT work with most Routers/DHCP servers if there are no free DHCP IP addresses available.

This will give a better idea as to what is causing the problem. (98% of the time, this is due to a local network issue).

I cannot see the Linn DS on my control point

If the control point cannot see the DS product, check the following:

1. If your PC has multiple network connections, (wired and wireless-WifI). Disable one of them so you are ONLY using wired ethernet or wireless ethernet. Restart the control and check operation.

2. Some Network DHCP servers/switches can block UPnP communication. Either check the router settings or use a ethernet router such as the Netgear RP614 to see if this cures the issue.

3. You may have different Anti-Virus & firewall packages from the Windows default, (such as Norton, McAfee, etc) ensure that these have the above files with exceptions as per their Manual, plus check the UPnP port. [2]

4. Try another control point, to check the operation of your PC

I can only see some of my Music and the Music keeps pausing

If you are using TwonkyMedia, suspect that the Music Rescan time is too small. The rescan action can take several minutes (>30minutes in large file collections. If you set the Rescan time to be too small, it will start performing another  Rescan before it has finished the first etc, etc, etc.

Ideally the RESCAN time should be set to "0" (zero) and you can create an Internet Desktop shortcut for the URL:

http://your_NAS_IP:8100/rpc/rescan for Netgear ReadyNAS or

http://your_IP:9100/rpc/recan for most other devices

I cannot play some of my iTunes files

Downloaded iTune Music is DRM protected, (Digital Rights Management). This will ONLY allow playback on iTunes devices.

These Music files will have the M4P extension. To make these files visible to the DS, the DRM must be stripped off these Music files. (This may be done by iTunes or illegal software).

Contact iTunes on the supply of non-DRM files.

A ripped CD is not showing up

Firstly, ensure that the CD has been ripped to the correct location (e.g. to the NAS and not to the PC).

If that is not the cause, it is possible that the metadata is incorrectly applied, or there is no metadata. Tools like Audioshell, which runs as part of Windows Explorer, will show the file properties including the track metadata.

Metadata is a place holder for the track/album/artist information. It can hold much more info, but it is this minimum information that is required by the media server to enable it to find an album and tracks.

In some cases, the FLAC metadata may be incorrectly applied. One common problem is that FLAC files are wrapped in ID3 tags instead of using the standard FLAC/Vorbis tagging. FLAC with ID3 tags is against the FLAC specification, and early versions of DS players reject these files as invalid. When viewing the metadata from MP3Tag ID3 tags will be shown as "FLAC (FLAC ID3V2)" instead of "FLAC (FLAC)". If this has happened the tag data can be removed using MP3Tag, but you will then have to re-add the correct metadata manually using the same tool. Usually, it will be faster to rip the disc again, but before you do so, ensure the ripping software is correctly configured.