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What is a Katalyst DAC

Katalyst Technology

What is a DAC?

A DAC is a Digital to Analogue Convertor.
This takes a digital signal, (1's & 0's) and converts into analogue signal, ( Sinewave.png ). This allows you to feed a digital stream of data and get an analogue signal from it.

Where are DAC's used in Linn DS/DSM products

  • Linn DS/DSM products have two DACs, one for each local analogue audio output.
  • Linn Exakt DS/DSM & Linn Systems Hubs have NO DACs. (There are NO analogue outputs on these products so no DAC's are required, ONLY Exakt-Link sockets)
  • the Linn Selekt DSM each cartridge has its own DACs, each cartridge DAC will ONLY feed its own analogue outputs (line-level or Power Amplifier)

Does this sound better than the Selekt Level-1 DAC and the standard Linn DS/DSM (i.e. non-Katalyst versions)

Yes, this uses the Katalyst DAC Architecture
Why is this better than other DAC architectures? The Katalyst uses it own stabilised power supplies and voltage reference point. This mean that any "crosstalk" from other audio channels and circuitry are isolated and give a cleaner/purer music.

Points to note

  • Each DAC only feeds the local audio outputs and NO effect on the any of other Linn DS/DSM outputs

  • If you have a Linn DS/DSM with Katalyst DACs these have NO EFFECT affect of the Exakt-link output(s).
If you have a
Then your system is non-Katalyst. This is because the Klimax 350 do all of the digital processing within the speaker module. It is the speaker module internals that then use their inbuilt DACs to feed the module internal power amplifier and loudspeaker drive units. These early model Klimax 350 are not fitted with Katalyst DACs.
If you have a Selekt DSM with two cartidges.
The you have a MIXED setup, the front are Katalyst qualilty and the Surround rear speakers are of a slight lower, standard quality audio.

Linn Products using Katalyst

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