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airable is an internet radio playback option on the Linn DS/DSM, (firmware Davaar 86 > ).
In the Linn DS/DSM it allows you to select using Airable or TuneIn_Radio

Configue you Linn DS/DSM for airable Radio

LAMS-Radio Preset.png
  1. Go into Manage systems webpage
  2. Select your Linn DS/DSM
  3. Select the MUSIC tab
  4. Scroll down to RADIO PRESETS PROVIDER and select the required provider.

Your Radio button in Kazoo and Linn App will now show your radio favourites for that Radio provider.

Radio/Pin favourites

AirAble-Logo-coloured.png uses the Linn Account to save the Preset list.
To add a Station into your Radio presets list:
1. Open Linn App for IOS or Kazoo for Android, PC or Mac
2. Make sure you are logged into your Linn Account within the Linn App/Kazoo (Check HERE for more information.)
3. Select a Linn DSM, (with Airbles radio option selected),
4. In Linn App hit Browse in the bottom option bar, then airable Radio. In Kazoo hit Bookmark.jpg on the top left and select ariable radio
5. Go into the various selection boxes to find your radio station(s)
6. Once you have found a suitable radio station
  • press the LinnAppSelect.png and enable/disable "airable Radio" - Favourite
  • and/or select "Pin radio station" to add this station to a PIN
7.Complete - this station is now added to your Linn Account - Radio presets.

  • The AirAble-Logo-coloured.png favourite radio stations are saved to the Linn Account. As long as the Linn DS/DSM is attached to your Linn Account then these presets are used.
  • If the Linn DS/DSM is not attached to a Linn Account then this is reported in the Linn App. You are then given the option in the Linn App to add it to your Linn Account.