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If you have no radio then check http://status.tunein.com this will show any streaming issues with Tunein Radio

Customising your Radio Presets using TuneIn Radio (previously RadioTime)


Create a TuneIn Radio Account

If you create an account via FACEBOOK, select the "My Info" on the account details to get your Username to add the the Konfig.

Choose your Presets (This format can depend on your web browser)

Note: if you have already setup your Tunein account and you want to refresh you station in Kazoo:

  1. get another input playing, such as a track in Playlist.
  2. Go into the Kazoo Radio and select any Radio station, this will then force Kazoo to refresh its TuneIn Presets.

  • Find your favorite stations and add them to your presets

  • Within your presets you can create numerous folders. Only presets stored in the default folder will be accessible on your Linn DS.

  • TuneIn Radio provide a link to your local radio stations (based on where you are registered) for convenience

Note: You can also edit your Presets using the Tunein App for Apple iPhone/iPad, Andriod etc

Configure your Linn DS to use you Account

  • Using Linn Konfig (version 3.6 or higher), configure your DS device to use the TuneIn Radio username you have just created
  • Linn DS firmware needs to be Cara 6 or higher for radio functionality
  • Get your Username from Tunein Settings


  • Enter this Tunein Username into the Preset Account (Tunein) or TuneIn Username Account box

On Konfig KonfigTuneInLinnAccV2.png

In Manage Account

  • Go into the MUSIC tab
  • Scroll to TuneIn Radio
  • Enabled this service
  • enter/rename your TuneIn Username into the "TuneIn Username" field.

Can I change the audio quality of the Tunein Radio

NO, the Linn DS/DSM.HUB only plays the Radio stream provided by Tunein.

I can no longer get Linn radio stream, Linn Jazz, Linn Classical, Linn Radio, station

From June 2022 TuneIn have removed these Linn Radio streams from their supported list.
These stations are now available using the AirAble-Logo-coloured.png radio. click <HERE> for more information on how to change your LInn DS/DSM radio to AirAble-Logo-coloured.png

Does the Linn DS/DSM players play BBC Radio via TuneIn?

Yes, the Linn DS/DSM/HUB will continue to use TuneIn to access and play the BBC radio stations.
From the 30th September 2019 BBC radio made changes to what can access their Radio stations via TuneIn. This is mainly for devices that can support using the BBC Sounds App. The Linn DS products do not support the Sounds App can will continue to have BBC Radio playback rights using Tunein.
Check the BBC Sounds >HELP< section for more information.

How do I add BBC Radio stations to my Presets?

  1. Select the TuneIn button in Kazoo /Linn App and find the BBC, or any other Radio station you wish to add in selection tree
  2. Press the three dots on the right hand side of the station and enable/disable the Favourite, (TuneIn > Favourite in Linn App).
  3. Complete

I cannot get any foreign Radio stations, I can only get UK stations

Due to a legal case between TuneIn and Sony Music, Warner Music. on licences. UK radio stations have licences for UK wecasting. However, non-UK based radio stations were not licensed to webcast music within the UK,
This is a TuneIn issue we are waiting for them to resolve. The alternative is to configure the Linn DS/DSM with airable internet radio