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This will work with Linn DS/DSM products running Davaar23 firmware. This can be updated using the Konfig software. To create and add Tidal tracks to a Linn DS/DSM playlist you require Kazoo UI version 4.3.653 or higher.

Tidal is supported in countries listed HERE on the Tidal website

The Tidal is broadcast from the Internet straight to the Linn DS/DSM. This means that the control point does not need to be powered on.

Enable service

This option can be added/removed from the Kazoo selection / Linn App Browse options by:
In Konfig:
1 Go into Konfig and select your Linn DS/DSM
2 Go into Streaming Services
3 Under TIdal ENABLE/DISABLE this Service
3aYou may also change the Master Audio quality that the Linn DS/DSM receives from Tidal in the setup tab.
4 Complete

In Manage Systems
1 on main web page select your Linn DS/DSM
2 Click in the MUSIC tab
3 Under TIdal ENABLE/DISABLE this Service
3a You may also change the Audio quality that the Linn DS/DSM receives from Tidal in the setup tab.
4 Complete

Tidal 90day free voucher

Note: This trial is only available to new Tidal subscribers.
You can get a free 90day trial voucher from Linn by:
  1. Open up Kazoo UI and select the "Settings"
  2. Within Settings page select the "Register your Linn Products"
  3. After you enter you details you will receive (in your email) a voucher
  4. Go to www.tidalhifi.com in your browser
  5. Below the "Try Now" click on the "Do you have a voucher?" text. Enter your voucher number "Continue" with the screen instructions.
  6. When you have a Password, enter your Email and password into the Kazoo Tidal request window. This will open the your selection window. Use this like a UPnP Media and add the Music on the Playlist in the same manner.

Music on the Playlist can be Tidal Music mixed with local UPnP Media server music. That is, the Music can be local music and Tidal music in your Playlist

Does the Linn DS/DSM support HiRes FLAC, ⁣Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, FLAC, Master Quality Authenticated (MQA)


This is supported in Linn DS firmware, Davaar 103 - 13th November 2023 onwards up to 192K 24bit FLAC.
From the 15th November 2023, Tidal will start streaming in Hi-Res FLAC, which is supported with a Linn DS/DSM running Davaar 103 or later firmware.
You will also have to check the Manage system setting for Music > Tidal is set for Hi-Res (up to 192k 24bit) :
Note: Linn App V4.6.9.1 and earlier may still state CD against a track, but will play back in Hi-Res. This is a bug which will be fixed in the next release of Linn App.
However, Tidal Hi-Res streams are very computationally intensive. Our earlier products will struggle decoding and playing back these Hi-Res files. Until Tidal can address this intense stream issue, from Davaar105, these earlier products will have limited sample rate of Hi-Res streams (CD quality and higher).

MQA, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio

No, Linn DS/DSM does not support any of these codecs, but if you have a MAX Tidal subscription any Tidal Masters will play as Hi-Res FLAC quality audio.

Tidal streaming issues

Tidal keeps rejecting my Login on Kazoo/Linn App

Due to recent Tidal security changes, Sept/Oct 2020, Tidal requires to be login into a new Server.

  • This has been implemented in the Linn DS/DSM firmware/Software - Davaar80.
> You can check the version of Davaar software on the Linn DS/DSM using either the HELP or # on the IR handset (SW value should be 4.80.389 or higher)
  • Davaar 80 can be done using the Konfig App or speak to your Linn dealer to perform this action.
  • If you have a Selekt DSM, Series3-301 or a new Majik DSM you can also do this firmware update using the Linn App (iPad/iPhone ONLY)

  • You need to be using the latest versions of Linn App or Kazoo App;
  • Kazoo App v4.13.74 or higher
  • Linn App v4.2.18+

If you are still having issues logging in:

  1. Power cycle the Linn DS/DSM. That is, remove mains power for 10seconds and re-apply mains power.
  2. .Quit the Kazoo/Linn App and restart it
  3. Now try logging into Tidal. This will now show the official Tidal login screen offering email/Username, Facebook or Apple logins. If it does not show these login options then you are using an old version of Kazoo/Linn App and these Apps must be updated.

I can only play Tidal on one of my Linn DS/DSM's

Check which Tidal Streaming account you have, It is only the Family account that allow multiple LInn DS/DSM to play different Tidal streams at the same time. Check Tidal Subscription types and simultaneous streaming

If you are playing different Tidal tracks on multiple Linn DS/DSM and Kustom DSM Streamers you will usually find that this will only Play one track and Stop. You need to have a Family account and assign each Linn DS/DSM its own Tidal account.

Setting up a Tidal account, I get an error “Sorry, no flowId is set up…”.

Either the Tidal service or Linn’s voucher codes are not yet supported in the user’s country. User should contact support@tidalhifi.com for more details

In Kazoo UI the login screen icon just keeps spinning

Try power cycling the Linn DS/DSM then reselecting the Tidal box in Kazoo UI
If you are using a BT Home hub5 check that Smart Setup is turned OFF

Kazoo UI does not show the Tidal option

Check that you are using Kazoo UI V4.3.653 or higher. Check, via Konfig, that the Playlist source is visible.

On Kazoo UI a red message stating "Connection failed"

This can be the Linn DS may not have internet access or the Tidel Music server is offline.
Press the Logout button, then try to Login again. This will normally fix the issue. If doesn't check:

  1. If you are using a BT Home hub5 check that Smart Setup is turned OFF
  2. On the Linn DS select the Radio input and check that you can get internet Radio from this input. This will tell you if your DS has internet access.
  3. Try power cycling the Linn DS/DSM then retry selecting Tidal Music selection.

If points 1 or 2 do not make any difference please contact support@tidalhifi.com

Music from Tidal is dropping out

It may also be due to your Network Router connecting you to a distant Tidal server. Check that the Router DNS settings are set for Google public DNS

Music from Tidal can be Hi-Res quality, audio drop out can be caused by your internet/broadband struggling with the high bandwidth data/Music stream, (especially during holiday period, or certain times of the day the internet can be very busy with kids games, iTunes streaming, Businesses, etc within your local area, (or household)).

By default the Linn DS/DSM gets CD quality audio from Tidal. If the drop out are frequent you can

  1. Go into Konfig > Your DS/DSM > Tidal and
  2. change the Audio Quality from “Lossless(FLAC)” to “High (AAC 320K)” or “Low (AAC 96k)”.

This will allow you to listen to Tidal Radio until your internet/broadband can cope with the higher data rates. (This Audio quality is changed when the next track starts)

Note: if you are using Airplay this will typically use the High (AAC 320K) stream.