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Does the Series 3 have an IR handset?

No, this control is performed by the top plate and via iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows10 and MAC Apps.
If you have the Series 3 connected to a TV then the TV Remote can control the Series 3 volume. For example check HERE

Can I swap left and right hand channels on Series 3 pairs?

To do this you will need to use either
Konfig click Exakt and change the Channels. Hit APPLY when complete
Konfig-Series3 ChannelDef.png
Manage systems and click the > to adjust the settings for the Series 3-301 and the Series 3-302
Manage Systems - Channel assign.png
Only adjust these settings when you want to change the channel assignment on you Series3 301 & 302 loudspeakers.
Otherwise we recommend just using the configurationusing the Series3 top button presses

How do I do a "hard reset"/"Restore to Factory defaults" on the Series 3?

This can only be performed using the Konfig
Go into the Konfig ADVANCED tab and RESTORE the Series 3 product

Does the Series3 allow Wireless Stereo?=

No, the Series3-301 & Series3-302 must be connected using a CAT-5 Exakt-Link cable to get Stereo playback.

Can I use two Series3-301s for Stereo operation?

No, the Series3-301 is a Linn DSM within a loudspeaker. The Series3-302 is an Exakt loudspeaker.
The Exakt-link on a Series3-301 is designed to either get audio from an LP12 Urika-II and/or drive Exakt loudspeakers.

Can I use a Series3-301 with an LP12 turntable?

Yes, but this will only work with an Exakt-link. This requires the LP12 to be installed with a Urika-II and Radikal
Check HERE for more information.

Can I use the Series3 speakers in a Surround system?

The Series3-302 is an Exakt loudspeaker. This will connect, via a CAT-5 Exakt-link cable, to a Linn DSM.

ARC - Audio Return Channel information

ARC setting on your Television vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. So please double check your TV setup manual.

Common issues for the lack of ARC audio:

1. The standard Linn DSM can only playback stereo audio. If the TV is set to output Dolby Digital or other Surround format then the Linn DSM will not play this audio and stay silent.
> Make sure the audio output is set to "STEREO"'
> If you are using an built-in service to the TV, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime etc, that you control from the TV handset then try a standard aerial TV channel or an external Satellite receiver and find out if you get any audio back from these TV sources.

2. The TV audio setup may be conflicting with itself.
> If possible do an "AV RESET" or equivalent on your TV, then setup for Audio format - Stereo and CEC-enabled (CEC can go by different names AnyNet+, Veiralink, SimpLink, Sony Bravia Sync,RIHD, Kuro Link..... etc. Check what your TV call it)

> In the worst case the simplest solution is to do a FACTORY DEFAULT/RESET on the TV. There may be a conflicting hidden setting that is causing all these issues, a Factory default will clear this and allow a fresh connection.
3. You are connected to the wrong socket on your TV.
> Check the Linn DSM HDMI output is connected to the TV socket that states "ARC"

4. Sony TV's and SKY-Q: It has been reported that this configuration can cause lack of ARC audio. When it does work,sometimes there is a crack/bang noise from the speaker when the system is put to Sleep/Standby.
> The solution is to disable HDMI control on the SKY-Q box and power cycle all of the products. (This is primarily an issue between Sky-Q and Sony Tv's communications)
5 Playstation5 (PS5): This can confuse the TV and what it is controlling the volume of, (the Linn DSM or PS5).
> The solution is In the PS5 setting go into HDMI > Enable HDMI Device Link > Off .

Common issues for the lack of ARC audio periodically muting:

1. Due to the introduction of eARC, some TV have this implements in different ways. The solution is:
> if your Linn DSM has the "eARC Mode" option in then turn this OFF
> If your TV has the option to disable the eARC functionality, then also turn this OFF