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A 7 zone system with the Kustom DSM Z8, Akurate DSM and Series3 DSM

Home from Home plan Both Crestron 800px.jpg
Creston UI will show all changes made by Kazoo/Linn App and user front panel operation

Home from Home plan BOTH CTRL4 800px.jpg
Control4 does not show any changes in volume/input/Standby states made by other control interfaces

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Streamer 1 is feeding the
Zone1: Master Bedroom
Streamer 1 external Sources
None but you can wire a HDMI Switch/extender and share a Satellite box. The HDMI switcher HDMI-ARC can then be fed to the Kustom DSM HDMI-ARC-1
Streamer 2 is feeding the
Zone2: This allows the bathroom to be shared by any other Streamer/DS/DSM to play the audio from that area.
Streamer 2 external Sources
None, but can listen to the same as another Zone internal or external source
Streamer 3 is feeding the
Zone3: Kitchen,
Zone4: Dining and
Zone5: Terrace,
Streamer 3 Sources
TV-ARC: giving audio from Set top box(Satellite.Cable etc), Game station, Bluray, Aerial broadcasts or whatever this TV is playing etc
Series3 DSM is feeding the Guest Rooom
Akurate DSM is feeding the Lounge
Akurate DSM external sources
TV-ARC: giving audio from Set top box(Satellite.Cable etc), Game station, Bluray, Aerial broadcasts etc
Analogue: giving audio from CD Player1
1 These are only example stereo sources. The Kustom DSM already had streaming playback to allow Music from internet radio, Tidal, Qobuz, Calm radio & playlists.
● Each Streamer source is dedicated to that Streamer and cannot be linked seperately to another streamer.
● If you are using Crestron or Control4 the you MUST have the Linn Kazoo Server - Gateway service running.

This will allow you to.....

  • Kitchen, Dining & Terrace to each have their own volume and Standby controls and listen to the Kustom Streamer1streaming sources., as well as TV audio, CD player, DAB/FM etc.
  • Guest Bedroom to listen to the Series3 streaming sources
  • The Akurate DSM (Lounge) can share its audio using Songcast to the Streamer1 (Master Bedroom)
and/or Streamer 2 (Bathroom)
and/or Streamer 3 (Kitchen/Dining/Terrace)
and/or Guest Bedroom
  • Streamer1 can share its audio with the Series3 and/or streamer2 (Guest Bedroom and/or Bathroom)
This will allows you to have Party music from one source or each Streamer/Linn DS/DSM listen to it's own Music.
Crestron works well with the Kazoo/LinnApp and will update its User Interface whenever there are changes with the Kazoo/Linn App
  1. Each Streamers source can ONLY be shared to other Streamers and Zones using the Songcast App. That is, that Streamer must be playing that source BEFORE it can be shared.
  1. You can easily share the Analogue source outputs with different Streamer inputs.
Or if the sources also have Toslink or SPDIF outputs then these other source outputs can be shared with different streamer inputs.
  1. From Kazoo V4.13.67 & LinnApp V4.2.13 this now allows separate Standby controls of each Streamer and Zone. The only restriction is when you bring a Streamer out of Standby then this will bring all dedicated Zones out of Standby. If you then keep the Streamer out of Standby then you can put each zone in and out of Standby independently.