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360 variants:

360 loudspeaker variants

Linn 360 (Passive With Aktiv Bass)

Passive with Aktiv Bass loudspeaker
(with external Aktiv option)

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Product Name:

360 Passive with Aktiv Bass (PWAB)

Date of Introduction: April 2023

Type: 4-way Floor-standing Passive loudspeaker with Aktiv Bass


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Power DACEXAKT (in external Aktiv mode) • ....

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Product information

Product Name:

360 Passive with Aktiv Bass (PWAB)

Date of Introduction: April 2023

Type: 4-way Floor-standing Passive loudspeaker with Aktiv Bass

  • Features
    • Bass System – Power DAC technology combines DAC and amp into a single step,
    • All-new-ultra-low-resonance passive crossover
    • Aluminium-magnesium alloy bass drive units
    • Option of going externally Aktiv with Exakt Technology coupling the internal Power DAC


Safety Information

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Linn Support Site


We recommend that your 360 loudspeakers are unpacked, installed and adjusted by an authorised Linn retailer. To get the best from your 360 loudspeakers, it is important that they are positioned and levelled correctly.

Please note, in order to achieve the very best from your 360's, some adjustment may be required after positioning, levelling and connecting.


IMPORTANT: The 360 speakers are heavy; take great care when moving them.
When unpacking, lifting or moving them, we recommend using two people to avoid personal injury.

  • Do NOT lift your speaker using the amplifier module, this will cause damage to your loudspeaker.
  • Do NOT lay the loudspeakers on their front face or the amplifier on the rear as this will damage the loudspeaker.
  • Do NOT lay the loudspeakers, in any orientation, without the transit bolts in place. This would risk damage to both the cabinet and the module isolation mounts.
  • We recommend that you retain the packaging in case you need to transport your loudspeaker(s) at a later date.
  • Loudspeakers are packed individually, with a separate package containing both speaker stands.
  • Take care when unpacking to avoid damage to the cabinets and drive units.

A video of how to unpack and fit stands can be found below
360 unboxing.png

Double check that the transit screws have been removed
360 Transit screw.png


As with any stereo loudspeaker, there are some fundamental principles which should be observed to get the best sound from your loudspeakers.

  • The loudspeakers should be place at an equal distance from the wall behind the loudspeakers.
  • The speakers should be a similar (not the same) distance from the walls to the outside of each loudspeaker.
  • Any toe-in applied should be the same for each loudspeaker.
  • The loudspeakers should be level with all four spikes in contact with the floor. Use Linn Skeets for hard floors.

For further assistance, try our customer support pages.


Adjust Spikes.jpg

Screw the spikes into the corners of the stand.
Fit the lock nuts, but do not tighten at this stage.

Level 350 spkrs.jpg

Very carefully (do not scratch the cabinet), use a spirit level to check if it is sitting level. If it is, gently rock the loudspeaker from front to back, side to side and diagonally to check for any movement. If none is present and the loudspeaker is sitting level, no adjustment to the spikes is necessary.

If the loudspeaker is not level, or moves when you rock it, loosen the appropriate lock nuts using the tool provided and use a screwdriver to turn the spikes to adjust their height. Adjust the spikes to level the speaker, using a spirit level placed on the stand.

Press down firmly on the top of the loudspeaker to ensure it is in close contact with the flooring.

Tighten spikes.jpg

Use the spirit level as before and continue to adjust the spikes as required.

Once the speaker is level and does not rock, use the screwdriver to hold the spike in place and fit and tighten the lock nuts with the spanner provided.

Note: To protect wooden or tiled floors, the spikes can be placed on Linn Skeets, which are available from your Linn retailer.

Connections & operation

Back Panel

360 pwab backpanel.png

  1. MAINS INPUT - To connect to the mains electricity supply.
  2. POWER SWITCH - To connect sources with phono outputs.
  3. BALANCED INPUT'(XLR-Line level)
  4. GAIN 1, 4- Adjust the Bass gain to match the external amplifiers used.
  5. FEED 2, 5- To define if Bass amplifier feed is from XLR input or speaker terminals
  6. UPPER BASS - 4 mm terminals for upper Bass drive unit.
  7. MID - 4 mm terminals for mid-range drive unit.
  8. TWEETER - 4 mm terminals for treble drive unit
  9. Removable plate 3 - Covering Exakt sockets (These are ONLY used for Externally Aktiv and Service options.)


1: ONLY for XLR Feed 2 Power DAC gain to match the level of the bass system with your choice of power amplifier. Linn power amplifiers have a gain of 27 dB, 0 GAIN.
2 To select the Power DAC feed:
INT’ – Input feed from the speaker terminals. (If you don’t have a suitable line-level output).
XLR’ – Input feed from the line-level XLR input. (Best sound quality option).
When using XLR you should ensure the bass amplifier gain is matched to your power amplifiers, 1
360 PWAB rear Gain-Feed.png
3 Exakt sockets ONLY for use with externally Aktiv configuration with ExaktBox(s) or Software update.
These sockets play NO part in music playback in Passive With Aktiv Bass (PWAB) model
4The gain control can be used in XLR mode and Exakt mode. It should be set to zero for INT mode.
5This switch position is irrelevant when an Exakt link is driving the bass in Externally Exakt configuration.

Passive example1:

Power DAC FEED from Internal feed
This will extract the Power DAC feed from the 360 speaker 4 mm banana sockets and attenuate the signal to feed the Power DAC
360 pwab passive wiring.png

Passive example2:

With Power DAC FEED from XLR sockets (FEED switch changed as required)
In this setup, the Line level audio to fed directly to the Power DAC. This is the better sounding configuration.
360 pwab passive wiring XLR.png

Externally Aktiv additional connections

Remove plate, #9 above, to show the Exakt connections.
After being converted into an external aktiv setup, by an experienced Linn Retailer, the 360 loudspeaker MUST connected to the Exakt-link circuit for setup and operation.
360 pwab Exakt backpanel.png
  1. EXAKT LINK - From Exakt Master OR from an Exakt Slave connected to the Exakt master
  2. SERVICE - For use of Linn Technicians only
  3. FALLBACK - Primarily for Linn service use only, to put the device into Fallback mode (used when reprogramming the unit).
    Note: The LED behind the Fallback indicates the Exakt Link is active, but the product is not powered/switched off.
  4. EXAKT LINK - To Exakt Slave product
  5. STATUS INDICATORS - Function of the LEDs are given below:

Externally example:

Externally Aktiv sample wiring using a Klimax DSM, a Klimax Exaktbox, six Klimax Solos amplifiers and a pair of 360 PWAB loudspeakers
Note how the Exakt wiring goes to all Exakt products, including the 360 loudspeakers
  • When using amplifiers with balanced XLR inputs and XLR to XLR cables, use the Standard Exakt filter
  • When using amplifiers with RCA phono inputs and XLR to RCA cables, use the Single Ended Exakt filter
360 pwab Extrenally Aktiv wiring.png

Converting back from Externally Aktiv to Passive

After physically converting a speaker from external Exakt back to passive, a software configuration is required to put the correct filter on the speaker before usage.
1. The Exakt-link will need to be connected to the 360 speaker,
2. The speaker powered on and
3. The Linn DS/DSM brought out of STANDBY.
4. Now press the FALLBACK on the 360.
5. Once in fallback, check the 360 "Dispersion Window" is flashing, go into Manage Systems > General page will show the 360 Bass connection.
MS 360PWAB Bass.png

6. At the bottom of the Manage Systems > General > 360 page, press this button:
MS 360PWAB Restore To Passive.png
This will need to be invoked as the speaker was previously used in an external Exakt setup. (The filters required for passive operation are different to the previously loaded Bass Aktiv filters). :
7. Once the speaker is restored to passive factory defaults, the Exakt link cable needs to be unplugged and is no longer needed for operation.
8. Repeat this procedure for the other 360 loudspeakers.

EXAKT LINK connection

Check HERE for information of Exakt link connection

LED Status

360 Diffuser.png

Front panel - Light in the stand "Dispersion Window" immediatley below the loudspeaker.




Flash / Blink


Diffuser light (between cabinet and stand) No power Ready to Rock n Roll Starting up or Fallback mode Amplifier fault

Back panel




Flash / Blink

0 Master Port No Link Link Discovered Link Activity
1 Audio Clock No Clock Clock locked Clock not locked
2 Slave Port No Link Link Enabled Link Activity
3 Software Status Not Configured Running Hardware Fault


Beryllium Dome Tweeter
Important Safety Information

The outstanding high frequency reproduction from this loudspeaker is made possible through deployment of a beryllium dome tweeter.
The diaphragm contains 99% pure beryllium. Beryllium dust is a hazardous material, not to enter the human body, and waste material must be controlled.
Handling solid beryllium poses no significant health risks and if left undisturbed the beryllium tweeter is safe.

It is important that you comply with the following safety precautions.
• Do NOT remove the protective grille.
• Do NOT open or disassemble the tweeter.
• If the beryllium dome has been in a fire zone, follow the safety recommendations in the material safety data sheet - Click to view/download

If the tweeter dome is handled aggressively, it will likely dent, however should the tweeter dome break small particles of beryllium may be released and if airborne these would pose a health risk.

If your tweeter dome is broken, use double plastic bags, collect loose particles with adhesive tape and put it in the plastic bag. Immediately contact your retailer.

All tweeters requiring repair or service must be returned to the manufacturer to allow safe recycling of the beryllium material – your retailer will handle this for you.

At the end of the speaker’s life the beryllium material must be disposed of safely. Take the drive unit to an appropriate recycling or hazardous waste disposal site. For handling beryllium, always follow the safety recommendations in the material safety data sheet - Click to view/download

Beryllium Dome Tweeter.png


Linn 360 common FAQ's to both PWAB and Exakt variants

The 360 has two 8” bass drive units just like the Klimax 350. How does it produce more bass?

The bass drivers in the 360 loudspeaker have the same surface area but are capable of greater than twice the excursion of the units deployed in the Klimax 350. This means they can move more than twice the amount of air.
This is equivalent to the Klimax 350 with four bass drivers.

What is the Linn Power DAC?

Linn Power DAC is a new amplifier technology specifically designed for bass systems that require high performance, high power, and high efficiency. The Linn Power DAC is a true digital amplifier combining DAC and amplifier into a single process.
At high playback levels the Power DAC reduces distortion by over 10 dB compared to conventional designs.

Is the 360 bass system servo controlled?

No. In 360 we have taken a feed-forward approach.
The response of each bass drive unit is measured, and individual compensation filters are calculated. These filters are then applied in a feed-forward fashion to achieve the same result as the feed-back servo system.
The 360 bass drive units are also far more linear than those previously used, so distortion correction is no longer required.

Linn 360 PWAB FAQ's

Why is 360 PWAB not a purely passive speaker?

The compact size of the 360 bass system requires electronic compensation to achieve an extended bass response. This compensation cannot be implemented passively, so active amplification is required.

Why is the bass signal digitized in 360 PWAB?

The analogue signal supplied to the 360 PWAB is digitized and fed into the new Linn Power DAC.
The Power DAC has been designed from the ground up to drive the 360 bass system. It offers the lowest distortion and greatest efficiency of any amplifier class for this application.

Why can’t you bypass the internal lower bass amps on 360 PWAB to use Klimax Solos externally?

The bass extension system in 360 requires an extraordinary amount of power and voltage gain, far more than even the Klimax Solo can provide, so performance would actually suffer if external amplifiers were used.

Do you still require 2x Exaktboxes for an externally Exakt 360 PWAB?

No. The active bass system contains its own ExaktEngine, so a pair of 360 Arrays (tweeter, midrange and upper-bass) can be driven by a single 6-channel ExaktBox.

For full 360 FAQ's - click HERE

Trouble shooting

No audio from the Bass loudspeaker

The 360 PWAB takes it feed from either the 4 mm Upper Bass terminals or the XLR or XLR socket. If you have no sound, check that the 360 switch is set for the correct input.
The 360 speaker also has a set of covered Exakt sockets to enable the Aktiv Bass amplifier to be driven as an Exakt device. If the 360 PWAB is powered on with the Exakt link connected, it will think it is in Exakt mode and will not process any analogue bass audio. Unplug the Exakt link from the 360 loudspeaker, power cycle the loudspeaker and analogue bass audio will return.

Technical Specification

Linn 360 Passive with Aktiv Bass
Product Name:

360 Passive with Aktiv Bass (PWAB)

Date of Introduction: April 2023

Type: 4-way Floor-standing Passive loudspeaker with Aktiv Bass

(H) 1141 mm x (W) 411 mm x (D) 484 mm with stand
(H) 44.9 inches x (W) 16.2 inches x (D) 19 inches
70 kg / 154.4 lb (with stand)
Mains supply voltage (auto ranging)
90–135 V AC (±10%) 50–60 Hz
180–265 V AC (±10%) 50–60 Hz
Drive Units
19 mm Beryllium dome
64 mm thin-ply woven carbon dome
190 mm aluminium/magnesium cone
2off 220 mm long throw aluminium cone
Operating volume
87 dB for 1 watt at 1 m
Magnet shielding
Audio inputs

4 mm Upper Bass
4 mm Mid-range
4 mm Tweeter

Passive with Aktiv Bass

Lower Bass switchable, (Configuration via back panel switch, from 4 mm Upper Bass sockets or XLR socket.)

External Aktiv with Exakt

Lower Bass - Exakt-IN
(Configuration via Exakt-link using Manage Systems)

Audio outputs
1off Exakt OUT
Crossover Analogue passive External Exaktbox and local Exakt-link
Bass system
Power DAC Technology Amplifiers: 2 x 500W
Frequency response
20Hz – 28 kHz (+/- 2dB)