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There are multiple versions of the Klimax DSM: -


The original Klimax DSM : Klimax DSM/0 (2011 Variant)
Klimax DSM with Exakt capabilty: Klimax DSM/1
Klimax DSM with KATALYST & HDMI 2.0: Klimax DSM/2


Klimax DSM with Exakt only outputs: Klimax Exakt DSM (2013 Variant)
Klimax DSM with Exakt only outputs and 4K (HDMI 2.0): Klimax Exakt DSM/1 (2013 / 2018 Variant)

The Klimax DSM differences/variants

How do find out what variant product I have?

There are two ways to find this out:

1. If your Linn DS/DSM has not been upgraded, (that is, original circuit boards). If you look at the serial number label on the bottom of the Linn DS/DSM this will tell you the product name with variant.
2. If your Linn DS/DSM has had any circuit board changes we suggest using Konfig software and check the "Model Information". This will tell you the year variant, the type of HDMI board fitted, the configuration of the Phono board (MM/MC/Line) if fitted.