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[[Multicast_Filtering#Tested_Devices | Multicast Filtering Tested Devices]]
[[Multicast_Filtering#Tested_Devices | Multicast Filtering Tested Devices]]
[[Linn_DS/DSM_Network_requirements|Linn DS/DSM Network requirements]]

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This is a recommended guide to setting up a high end Linn DS system, requiring all of the specified network components to be purchased, ensuring that they meet the stated specifications.


It is advisable to follow the instructions step by step to ensure that each part of the system is working before moving on to the next. By doing this, it simplifies the setup process and allows for any problems encountered to be more easily identified and resolved.

Required Components

The following components are required for the system detailed in this page:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) router
  • Router
  • Computer
  • Linn DS
  • NAS
  • Network switch
  • Wireless access point (WAP)
  • Wireless control point


  1. Ethernet cables are required to connect devices
  2. Router is required to have a WAN port
  3. NAS is required to have UPnP media server software preinstalled
  4. WAP should have 'N' band support

Step 1: Connect Router To ISP Router

  1. Connect the ISP router to the WAN port on the router
  2. Power on the ISP router
  3. Power on the router


Step 2: Connect Router To Network switch

  1. Connect the router to the network switch
  2. Power on the network switch


Step 3: Connect Computer To Network Switch

  1. Connect the computer to the network switch.
  2. Power on the computer
  3. Configure the router to issue IP addresses in a suitable range


The network adapter on the computer should already be configured to ‘obtain an IP address automatically’.

Test Step

  • Test that the computer has internet access
  1. Download Konfig here
  2. Install Konfig onto the computer

Step 4: Connect Linn DS To Network Switch

  1. Connect the Linn DS to the network switch
  2. Power on the Linn DS


Test Step

  • Test that the Linn DS appears on the network
  1. Open Konfig
  2. Check that the Linn DS is discovered in Konfig

Step 5: Connect NAS to Network Switch

  1. Connect the NAS to the network switch
  2. Power on the NAS


The network adapter on the NAS should already be configured to 'obtain an IP address automatically'.

Step 6: Install Linn DS Control Software On Computer

  1. Download and install Kazoo from here
  2. View the Kazoo manual here

Test Step

  • Test that the Linn DS plays music
  1. Open Kazoo
  2. Select the Linn DS
  3. Select Radio from the list of available sources
  4. Highlight and play any radio station; the timer will start to count when the radio station is playing

Note: To hear music, the Linn DS must be connected to a hi-fi system

Step 7: Connect Wireless Access Point

  1. Connect the WAP to the router

Test Step

  • Install Kazoo on the wireless control point and check that you can control the Linn DS


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