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[[File:AirAble-Logo-coloured.png |200px| link=]]<br>
:airable is an internet radio playback option on the Linn DS/DSM, ([[Linn_DS_Firmware|firmware]] [[ReleaseNotes|Davaar <font style="color:red"><b>86 ></b></font> ]]).
:In the Linn DS/DSM it allows you to select using Airable or <u>[[TuneIn_Radio]]</u>
===Configue you Linn DS/DSM for <b>airable</b> Radio===
===Radio/Pin favourites===
{{Info:airable FAQs}}
{{Info:airable FAQs}}

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  • Your Linn DS/DSM is required to be attached to your Linn Account before any AirAble-Logo-coloured.png radio broadcasts can be selected, Played or add Pre-set to the Linn Radio.
  • If the Linn DS/DSM is not attached to a Linn Account then this is reported in the Linn App. You are then given the option in the Linn App to add it to your Linn Account.
  • On Linn App, "Service Unsupported" typically means that that Linn DS does not have AirAble-Logo-coloured.png service turned on in Manage Systems/Kloud Konfig, (it will be set to TuneIn). If this HAS been turned on then may may need to refresh this page: This can be done be either quitting and restarting the Linn App or select another Linn DS and go back to your room.