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Selekt DSM Hardware Upgrades

*Selekt 2-channel line-out cartridge - 2 channel pre-amplifier line level audio cartridge that can be used in Stereo or assigned a Surround sound channel setup.
*Selekt 2-channel power amplifier cartridge - 2 channel Power amplifier cartridge that can be used in Stereo, Bi-Amp, Tri-Amp or assigned a Surround sound channel setup
*Selekt combined/hybrid power amplifier and line-out cartridge - 2 channel cartrdige with:
* One channel for Line-level playback (for Sub-Woofer) and
* One channel for Power Amplifier Centre Channel playback. (This is designed to be used with other Selekt Power Amplfier cartridges.)
*Selekt Standard DAC module - DAC module using the standard DAC
*Selekt Katalyst DAC module - DAC module using the Katalyst DAC
*Selekt HDMI Switching module & Linn Surround module - This allows the addition of HDMI switching and a further upgrade to Surround sound


  • It should be noted that information may at times be out of date and should not be used as a current list of what is upgrades available.
  • Adding more than one cartridge and/or an HDMI switching module on early Selekt DSM's may require a power supply upgrade. Please information can be found by your Linn Retailer at time of ordering.
  • The cartridges are NOT HOT swappable and the Selekt DSM MUST be disconnected from the Mains power before these cartridges are removed/Inserted