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Kazoo states "Waiting for Room...."

First basic points to check:

  1. Click on the Kazoo "Waiting for Room..." Rooms selection and see if any other room are listed. (Your Room name may have changed but Kazoo is looking for the old room name).
  2. Is the Linn DS/DSM power on? (that is, is there mains power to the Linn DS/DSM and is it switched on. (Do not dismiss this as this is a very common issue)).
  3. check is the Settings of the Kazoo App: (this may be setup to connect to a different LAN/Network than your Linn DS/DSM is connected to)
(If your device running Kazoo also has a VPN, make sure that the VPN IP address is not selected)

If you are still having issues, try the following:

1. Power cycle (Mains OFF, wait 30seconds, Mains ON), the Linn DS/DSM and then quit/exit the Kazoo App and re-open the Kazoo App.
2. If your PC/MAC has multiple network connections, (wired and wireless/Wifi). Disable one of them so you are ONLY using wired Ethernet or wireless Ethernet. Restart the control point (PC/MAC/iPhone/Android etc) and check operation.
2.1. Some device may have VPN software installed. Make sure that you do NOT use this connection. (A sample of some VPN packages available are: Nord VPN, Tunnel bear, Hide.me......)
3. Some Network DHCP servers/switches can block UPnP communication or get confuased with their state. This may have been due to an hidden software update on your Router or has enhanced security enabled to block the communications used by the Linn DS/DSM to the Kazoo App.
If possible try the Linn DS/DSM on a different LAN/Network and see if this allows for connection.
Also if the Router/DHCP Server has the scheduled reboot option then set this to Reboot every 7days.
4. On more advanced network setup check the IGMP snooping. This should be set to OFF. (IGMP snooping has different interpretations in some network kit manufacturers. This causes Unicast/multicast broadcasts to be lost over time).
5. You may have different Anti-Virus & firewall packages from the Windows default, (such as Norton, McAfee, etc) ensure that these have the above files with exceptions as per their Manual, plus check the UPnP port. [1]
6. Try another control point, to check the operation of your PC that is WIRED to the LAN/network. That is, NOT using Wifi/Wireless.
a) If you can use Wired LAN connections with no issue then check for any power saving configuration, such as Green settings, DISABLE these to keep the Wifi alive all of the time. (If the Wifi is a sleep, the Kazoo/Linn App will only wake up the Wifi and any discovery broadcast is lost)>
In Kazoo you can go into Settings and "Rescan Network", this will force a rediscover and suspect that is Wifi sleep issue.
7. SKY-Q has been known to saturate your ethernet network and cause discovery problems. Check | Discussion topic: SkyQ interferes with Internet causing slowdown and latency
8. If the App is still available for your control device try the KINSKY app to see if this works.

For further assistance, try our customer support pages. Detailing to our Customer Helpine team what you have tried from the above list and the results in each case.

I cannot see the Tidal, Qobuz or Tunein icon, how do I get them back?

You can make some of the icons invisible using the Konfig app.

  1. Select you Linn DS/DSM using the Konfig CHANGE button
  2. Go into Sources and select "+ Playlist"
  3. Change the Visible to Yes
  4. Click on another box after the Yes selection and now check your Kazoo App for Tidal, Qobuz etc

Volume control

VOLUME control greyed out

If you have recently upgraded your Kazoo to version 4.11.252, or later, and the Volume control option is greyed out then you will need to update the Firmware on your Linn DS/DSM players to Davaar60 or later using Linn Konfig

Pressing and holding Volume UP/DOWN on the IR handset will only change volume by 1 step

The batteries on the Remote handset are weak. Change the batteries and retry this operation

Pins not selecting the correct Radio station or sources etc

Using the Kazoo app if your Pins are not selecting the originally setup action then delete this Pin and re-assign its action.
The original Pin setting may be been setup in a beta/development, (Davaar 63) version of Linn DS firmware and may be incompatible with the current version of Davaar.
Also check the batteries on your IR handset are OK. (You need to Press and HOLD the PIN number on the older handsets and these may have weak batteries and stop sending for the 2 seconds required to select the PIN)

Information on how to setup a PIN is shown HERE

Twonky Media music greyed out or will not play

If you are looking at the Music and the Music cannot be added to the Playlist or is greyed out. But you may if you go to a PC/Mac and this does allow the same Music (or vice-versa) you will probably also using Twonkymedia.
The solution is to go in the Twonky Settings > Advanced > Media receivers and RESET LIST. Now retry the iPad Kazoo and it will probably now work.