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Kazoo cannot find my Linn DS

In the Android Kazoo App you can select the network (call Subnets),that Kazoo will look for your Linn DS/DSM.

  1. Go into Kazoo settings
  2. Check the Subnets and the Linn DS address range is typically against the (wlan0) number. Select this and use the Android BACK button to go back into the Kazoo app
  3. You should now find your Linn DS/DSM.

On some phone it may switch this setting to the "mobile data" connection and not the Wifi connection.
If your phone supports this try:

  1. Open up Settings on your device
  2. Locate and tap "Data usage" (try using the search within settings)
  3. Locate the app you want to prevent using your data in the background (not all phone support this so do not worry if cannot find this option.)
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the app listing
  5. Tap to enable Restrict background data

If you are still having issue check that you are in the same network as the Linn DS:

  • Repeat steps 1 & 2 from above and take note of the number, (the IP address) stated against '(wlan0)'
  • Go to the Linn DS/DSM with your Linn IR handset. Point the handset to the and press AND HOLD the # button. The first value given is the Linn DS/DSM IP address. Take a note of this number.
On a Sekrit DSM press the rear of the dial to bring up the ">Software update/Properties" page. Press the front of the dial to highlight "Properties" and then press the right of the select this page. Take a note of the IP Address on this page.
Compare the number from the Linn DS/DSM and the Android Kazoo. Ignore the last number, the first three number should match each other otherwise the Kazoo app is on the wrong IP address range.
Kazoo app: & Akurate DS: Kazoo will NOT control the Akurate DS
Kazoo app: & Akurate DS: Kazoo will control the Akurate DS

As a final check try running Kazoo on a PC/MAC on a wired LAN connection. If this works OK and finds all of the LInn DS players then we suspect the network components may have an issue. Check FAQ-Installation for more information

After recent software update I have lost all of my Playlists

After update to Kazoo 4.13.80 there will now be two versions of Kazoo. The older version of Kazoo will have Playlists but the new version of Kazoo will not. (Due to changes in software libraries these are treated as two seperate programmes and cannot transfer settings to new Kazoo 4.13.80)
The solution is load saved playlists they have stored on old Kazoo and add them to the DS, then save them to the new Kazoo.

Linn Customer Support

If you are still having issues trying to find your Linn DS/DSM using Kazoo then you can request Linn Customer Helpline assistance. (Please make sure that you try using the Kazoo app to find and control the Linn DS/DSM first, this action will send a usage log to help us trace what has gone wrong before we contact you.)

  1. Go into Kazoo Settings
  2. Select "Report to Linn" button
  3. Select "Report a problem"
  4. Give a summary of what is not working together with your name and contact details
  5. Finally, press "Report to Linn"

You will then be given a "ticket" number for your issue. If you do not get a ticket number please do NOT repeat this action. There is a good probability that your ticket has been received but somewhere along the process Kazoo has not received the ticket number.