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The Series3 can also be setup as Bluetooth speaker for Alexa and get the best sound from your Music

Linn Smart Homes

Instructions on how to setup Linn Smart Home

There are a limited number of commands available using Alexa mainly volume, basic source switching, PIN selection and Sleep state. Here are some sample commands, some are self explanatory):

"Alexa, set the volume of Kitchen to 50"
"Alexa, turn the volume down on Lounge" - turn volume down by 1 step in Lounge
"Alexa, turn the volume down on Bedroom by 20" - turn volume down by 20 steps in Bedroom
"Alexa, turn the volume up on Lounge" - turn volume up by 1 step in Lounge
"Alexa, turn the volume up on Bedroom by 10" - turn volume up by 10 steps in Bedroom
"Alexa, mute Living Room" - Mute audio in Living room
"Alexa, unmute Morning Room" - Ummute audio in Morning Room
"Alexa, turn on Kitchen" - Wake up Kitchen
"Alexa, turn off Dining Room" - put Dining room to Sleep
"Alexa, next on Kids Room" - Skip forward track/radio station in Kids room
"Alexa, go forward on Guest Room" - Skip forward track/radio station in Guest room
"Alexa, go back on Kitchen" - Skip back track/radio station in Kitchen
"Alexa, pause Lounge" - Pause Lounge
"Alexa, resume Lounge" - Play Lounge
"Alexa, switch input to Blu-Ray on Living Room" - Select Blu-Ray DSM input in Living Room
"Alexa, change channel to 3 on Lounge" - Select Pin3 in Lounge DS/DSM
"Alexa, change channel to 1 on Bedroom" - Select Pin1 in Bedroom DS/DSM

Currently only supporting the English language, but more can be added to the Wishlist on request.