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This page is for use of Retailers and Installers

Initial Network plan

Length of cable runs

If you have a large install on multiple floors, the last thing you want are all of the Ethernet cables running back to a single location with Ethernet switch.
It may be worthwhile to review have individual switches on each floor/area and have a GBIC style backbone linking then together.
This will reduce cables runs and allow for future expansion of more local cable runs.

Wireless (WAP coverage)

Solid walls and external RF noise can reduce the coverage of wireless networks. Additional wiring with PoE capability or power sockets beside the ethernet terminations should be considered. Also in-ceiling wiring for addition of ceiling mounted WAPS.

B/G wireless networks are presently commonplace and have a limited number of channels. This may cause issues to find clear wireless channels throughout the property. But DUAL-BAND N wireless is still pretty rare in use, if your wireless control devices can support 5G N channels it may be worthwhile to consider this implementation.

Note: Apple devices can be specific on the Wireless Encryption so check that your WAP's can support this.

VLAN consideration

The Linn DS uses UPnP which is an open communcation. The implementation of VLAN would allow segmentation in the system to limit who can control which rooms. The VLAN open can allow you to share the same UPnP Media server to specific VLANs but stop assigned VLANs from seeing each other.

Device selection

Network Switches

The Linn DS products can share their audio to other Linn DS/DSM rooms using Songcast.
If your network switches do not support Multicast broadcast, (only Unicast), you have a limit of sharing the audio to 5 other rooms, (a total of 6 Rooms with the same Music).
However, if you have Multicast switches connected to the Linn DS/DSM products, speak to a 'networking specialist' who understands the necessary equipment and setup to ensure proper handling of multicast traffic and enable Multicast Songcasting. (Check Tested Devices for Network products we have tested for this.)

Control devices

The Linn DS products can be controlled by Ethernet, infra-red, digital (front panel operation) and some of the DS product range (Sneaky DS, Sekrit DSI & Sekrit DSM) by BASIK3 Room Control Units.
The ease of product control should be considered, if you are using a Sneaky/Sekrit product then the BASIK-3 RCU will make a rapid simple operation without having to power on your control device.

UPnP Media Servers

These Servers are installed on some NAS devices and have the benefit of having the sole operation of Media and file serving. Verify that these NAS devices have the speed and data through put to support all of your DS products in this system.
If you have a large system or if there are any doubts is the capacity you consider adding more NAS's to the system. Allocate a primary NAS and get this to periodically update the other NAS(s). This will allow more Music security and if, in case of NAS failure, the opportunity to still have Music in the system whilst the other NAS is getting repaired.
The VLAN option can be used to restrict each NAS to each networked area.