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= Test Area =
= Test Area =
<p><span><a javascript="toggle id zero">hideall</a></span></p><div id zero>[artile goes here]</div id zero>
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{{#if: foo | Yes }}

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Test Area

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[artile goes here]

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This following code is top secret:

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[Show/hide] Header

Kazoo Playlist iPad.jpgControl Software user guides

Software to control the Linn DS/DSM running on iPads, PC's...
  • Kazoo User Guide - This software can be installed on a Windows PC, MAC PC, Apple iPhone/iPad and Android phones & tablets. This allows you to control the Linn DS/DSM and select what Music you wish to play on it.
  • Spotify Connect Manual - How to play Spotify on a Linn DS/DSM
  • Roon - "The music player for music lovers" control interface
  • Kinsky Manual - one of the original, now unsupported control interfaces for the Linn DS/DSM
  • Alexa control of the Linn DS/DSM - Voice control of the Linn DS/DSM (This is only available in some countries)

Development release

This a develeopment/Beta version of Linn DS control software for your testing and comments on the Development forum
To download and try this Linn App click >HERE<

ManageSysAndKonfig.pngProduct configuration

Guides on how the software to setup and configure you Linn DS/DSM
  • Configuring the Linn DS/DSM - What is required to do this product configuration
  • Konfig Manual - A general user guide of the options that can be available in this Konfig software to configure your Linn DS/DSM.
  • Manage systems - This will show you the options available on the web-based setup on your Linn DS/DSM

Lightening flash.jpgSoftware Updates

How to's, what software/firmware is there? What does this software add/remove...

Media Streaming.jpgUPnP Media Server/Steaming

The UPnP Media server is your local source of Music...

The UPnP Media server is your local source of Music. This can be from Music you have downloaded and saved locally, from CD's you have ripped etc... This is a sample of UPnP Media servers available and ones that we have used:

  • Linn Kazoo Server - A simple setup Linn Products UPnP Media server to allow a fast setup
  • Linn Songcast - This "streaming" feed can be from another Linn DS or a PC/MAC sharing its audio.
  • Asset UPnP - third-party UPnP Media server
  • Elyric - third-party UPnP Media server
  • Jamcast - third-party UPnP Media server
  • Minimserver - third-party UPnP Media server
  • QNAP - third-party UPnP Media server
  • Squeezebox - third-party UPnP Media server
  • Serviio - third-party UPnP Media server
  • TwonkyMedia - third-party UPnP Media server
  • Xiva Music M8 - third-party UPnP Media server

Development release

This a Beta version of Linn DS Kazoo Server for QNAP x86 using QTS 4.4.1. More information can be found >HERE<

Beta.jpgDevelopment software

This is pre-release test software. We give the end-users the ability to try this software, give Linn feedback and report any bugs within this software...

Retired-100px.pngRetired Software

This is software that is retired and no longer supported by Linn Products Ltd

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