Space Optimisation and Space Optimisation+

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for ALL Linn DS/DSM products
Linn Account Space Optimisation
Currently for non-Exakt STEREO systems only
from Davaar64 =>
Konfig Space.png
Linn Konfig Space Optimisation
& Space Optimisation+

or EXAKT & Non-Exakt systems

Linn Space Optimisation is currently configurable using either the Konfig app or the Linn Account Manage systems.

Click the above picture/icon for more information of that version of Space Optimisation.

More details of what Space Optimisation is can be found at

FAQ's (click here to view more)

What is the difference between Space Optimisation & Space Optimisation+?

Space Optimisation is for NON-Exakt systems. This uses the direct analogue outputs of the Linn DS/DSM
Space Optimisation+ is for Exakt speaker. This is used for loudspeakers fed via the Exakt-link AND used with as a digital crossover. The "plus" is to signify the more detail that is capable within the Exakt system and Space Optimisation.

Is the Linn Account Manage systems only available for the new Linn Selekt DSM

Both Applications can be used for ALL Linn Products.
The only limitation is that the Linn DS/DSM must have Davaar64 to run Linn Account Manage systems]
  • Currently Linn Account Manage systems Space Optimisation is only available for stereo non-Exakt systems. If you have Exakt speakers or sub-woofers defined in your system then use the Konfig version of Space Optimisation.

Why don't you use a Microphone in Space Optimisation?

Check this link for more detail.

What are the differences between the Konfig Space Optimisation and Linn Account Space Optimisation?

The differences are explained HERE