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(Davaar 60 Build 193 (4.60.193) Released on 14 Dec 2017)
(Davaar 60 Build 193 (4.60.193) Released on 14 Dec 2017)
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** Uses Katalyst DAC on DS/DSM analogue outputs (not available on Exakt outputs)
** Uses Katalyst DAC on DS/DSM analogue outputs (not available on Exakt outputs)
** If using Kazoo server, please upgrade to 4.8.5 or higher for DSD file support
** If using Kazoo server, please upgrade to 4.8.5 or higher for DSD file support
** Known Issue: No balance adjustment available
'''Bug Fixes'''
'''Bug Fixes'''
* Rework of BBC radio streaming code to better handle intermittent connection issues
* Rework of BBC radio streaming code to better handle intermittent connection issues

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Davaar Release Notes

For help on how to upgrade your DS firmware, please see How to Upgrade DS Software

Davaar 60 Build 193 (4.60.193) Released on 14 Dec 2017


  • Added support for DSD playback on Klimax DS/3(Mk4) and Klimax DSM/2(Mk3)
    • Supports DSD64 and DSD128
    • Supports DSF (with metadata) and DFF (raw data) formats
    • Uses Katalyst DAC on DS/DSM analogue outputs (not available on Exakt outputs)
    • If using Kazoo server, please upgrade to 4.8.5 or higher for DSD file support

Bug Fixes

  • Rework of BBC radio streaming code to better handle intermittent connection issues
  • Added support for HTTPS radio streams (re-enables support for ALR Jazz and Absolute Radio)
  • Faster eventing of updates after skipping tracks or seeking
  • Improved Exakt device discovery time
  • Fix for crash on Airplay
  • Fix for rare crash involving Exakt and toggling Standby
  • Fix for crash scrolling non-ascii metadata
  • Fixed space optimisation for certain devices
  • Fixed #4752: BBC streams don't resume when network cable disconnected and re-connected
  • Fixed #4631 and #5427: Occasional crashes while on BBC radio streams
  • Fixed #5594: Dropouts when playing from phono source
  • Fixed #5548: Enable Songcast synchronisation when on Spotify source, via Songcast delay option
  • Fixed #5549: Fix no audio/volume control on first selection of Spotify source in certain setups
  • Fixed #4431 and #4655: Errors in web UI help text.
  • Fixed #5558: Handset does not stop internet radio playback
  • Fixed #5525: Analogue Sources set to Delay Mode-"Video Sync" on Klimax Exakt DSM do not have the IR sync adjust option
  • Fixed #5520: Klimax products source select failure
  • Fixed #5471: IR: Seek doesn't work on Sneaky family products

Davaar 59 Build 185 (4.59.185) Released on 30 Aug 2017

  • Added Spotify Connect support (Spotify Premium account required). See http://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/SpotifyConnect
  • Fixed Calm Radio login failures for username or password containing certain non-alphanumeric characters
  • Fixed #4784: Bug in Net Aux implementation which can result in device lock-up when network issues encountered.
  • Fixed #5228/#5465: Songcasting mono streams results in playback at half speed on receiver.
  • Fixed #5261: Seeking backwards in certain AAC tracks would result in playback resuming at half speed.

Davaar 58 Build 182 (4.58.182) Released on 15 Aug 2017

  • Added support for Calm Radio
  • Added Transport service. Developers see Transport Service Documentation for details.
  • Front panel now displays transport state on NetAux
  • Fix one possible cause of errors reading network time (which causes failures to play Qobuz tracks)
  • Fixed crash reading network time (during startup of Qobuz tracks)
  • Handle HTTP redirects for Calm Radio streams (used by some free streams).
  • Don’t display skip next/previous buttons for Calm Radio stations.
  • Fix #5449 – crash processing WAV files that report their length as zero.
  • Relax tests for validity of WAV files (MinimStreamer sometimes outputs a slightly corrupt header on WAV streams).

Davaar 57 Build 178 (4.57.178) Released on 29 Jun 2017

  • Initial release for Sekrit DS

Davaar 56 Build 177 (4.56.177) Released on 06 Jun 2017

  • Fixed defect #5361: Proxy preamp connection causes DS to lockup on boot.
  • Improved handling of errors reading network time (may reduce problems with skipped or slow to start tracks from Qobuz)
  • Enable SDDP discovery for Control 4 integration to simplify developer tooling
  • Fixed defect #5300: KDSM (all variants) crash on spdif/tos selection when HDMI board disconnected
  • Fix for slow eventing from a DS (this may manifest as discovery problems)
  • Fix for crash processing a malformed search request (from an unknown third party control point)
  • Fixed defect #5295: HDMI2: Fix potential deadlock when switching between HDMI sources
  • Fixed defect #5287: Exakt: Front panel exclamation shows on valid stereo-only setup
  • Fixed defect #5281: Mute failing to fully mute (KDSM, Kiko)
  • Fixed defect #5265: Volume commands shouldn't affect Standby state if volume control is disabled
  • Fixed defect #5263: Sekrit DSM: No FP AMP or IR led operation
  • Fixed defect #5258: KDSM/2 front panel LED does not come on after power cycle
  • Fixed defect #5241: UI: Small volume value has right most pixels missing (when volume =100)
  • Fixed defect #5255: '&' character not shown on display (artist and composer fields)

Davaar 55 Build 172 (4.55.172) Released on 30 Mar 2017


  • Added support for Surround Sound
    • See http://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Surround_Sound for details and setup instructions.
    • Added trim control for Centre/LFE channels. This is available using the IR handset and can be used to fine-tune the relative volume of these channels compared to other inputs channels. Trim is available regardless of whether Centre/LFE are output to dedicated speakers or down-mixed into the rest of a surround system.
    • Volume is automatically adjusted to account for any attenuation caused by down-mixing multi-channel (surround) inputs
    • Songcast sending of surround content is not supported
    • NOTE: this also requires a new version of Konfig (4.33 or higher)
  • Classic and Classic Movie Preamp proxies reinstated (no disc functionality)
  • Improved front panel preset navigation
  • Improved general layout on front panel

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed #5245: HDMI output shows wrong HDMI source at startup
  • Fixed drop in volume on HDMI when device or source has volume control disabled
  • Fixed crash playing 192/24 with Space+ enabled, surround setup and a large difference in positions of Exakt and analog speakers
  • Fixed #5602: analogue channels not always immediately in sync for surround content after applying Space Optimisation+
  • Fixed crash playing digital inputs
  • Fixed #5202: Fix digital outs carrying audio when in surround mode.
  • Fixed #5211: Fix crash caused by radio metadata.
  • Fixed #5228: Fix potential hang when switching between surround/stereo input material.
  • Fixed audio output silence on Exakt only Klimax and Akurate DSM devices
  • New Exakt filters for surround mode subwoofers
  • Adjust volume to account for any attenuation caused by down-mixing multi-channel content
  • Fixed #5165: Fix bug resulting in some AIFF files failing to play
  • Fixed #5108: Add "Dual Analogue/Exakt" output option to DS products with Exakt
  • Fixed #5166: Remove "Dual Analogue/Exakt" output option from Exakt-only DSMs
  • Fixed #5102: Fix digital outs not working on DSMs with Exakt speakers connected
  • Fixed #5138:'Lipsync option missing on Analog in on KDSM with Exakt'
  • Fixed #5170:'Marantz handset commands are adjusting balance on DS/DSM'
  • Fixed #5150: Fix potential DS deadlock when setting up Exakt devices.
  • Fixed #5151: Fix setting of analogue delay.
  • Fixed #5121: Improve handling of mismatched speaker configurations.
  • Fixes downgrade issue when space optimisation is set. Devices with this issue will need to be updated to this beta release (4.55.166) before they can be downgraded.
  • Fixed #5114: Reselecting the same playlist track via handset doesn't restart track
  • Fixed #5135: Front panel source button does not work on some Akurate DS variants
  • Fixed #5124: Kiko fails to disable power amps in standby
  • Fixed #4703: Line-out muted on Majik DSi & DSM
  • Fixed #4744: Display "pulses"
  • Fixed #5106: Rem19 Amp->Left/Right key functionality clash with Klimax Kontrol
  • Fixed #5043: Kiko - headphones not fully muting speaker output
  • Fixed #5100: Crash caused by Exakt debugging which was affecting some users' DSs
  • Work towards #4686: Muting may now give a more gradual fade of audio
  • Fixed rare crash sending UPnP announcements
  • Work towards a rare crash dealing with drop-outs on digital inputs
  • Fixed #4836: Handset navigation of playlist by artist or album not implemented
  • Fixed #4855: tone issue on Kiko family (whistling)
  • Fixed #4098: incorrect display of lip sync range when Exakt devices are connected.
  • Fixed #5069: HDMI disable pass-through issue on HDMI1 products
  • Fixed #5070: Kiko help text timeout using wrong start point / too early
  • Reduced scroll rate on Kiko
  • Removed transport state display glitch on Kiko
  • Fixed #4990: handle 16KHz sample rate in products with surround support
  • Fixed #5045: HDMI disable not working
  • Fixed #5046: digital output mode selector missing on DS products
  • Fixed #5049: crash attempting to play 6 channel WAV file
  • Fixed #5050: crash on HDMI source
  • Fixed #5051: front panel scrolling interrupted by sleep
  • Fixed #5052, #5056, #5059: loss of audio when switching away from any SPDIF or TOSLINK input
  • Press and hold of Standby for 10 seconds on Ir remote will force a crash then reboot. This can be used to send information on DS state to Linn (in lockup cases).
  • Additional logging to help diagnose DS discovery issues
  • Fixed front panel glitches when skipping track etc
  • Fixed occasional crash going into standby from an active digital input
  • Fixed crash playing very long tracks on UPnP AV source
  • Fixed #4903: assertion in Exakt speaker delay handling
  • Fixed #4399: slow updating of Exakt speaker mappings. Symptom showed as audio playing from both speakers for ~5s when switching between speakers under test using Konfig.
  • Fixed #4927: crash coming out of standby, caused by Exakt.
  • Fixed #4929: assertion in ChannelMapManager.
  • Fixed #4938: crash in Exakt message regulator.
  • Fixed #4847: excessive memory usage by Exakt subsystem.
  • Fixed #4532: intermittent missed audio at start of playback when using Exakt.
  • Fixed #4532: Fixed issue where start of audio was intermittently missed when Exakt speakers used
  • Fixed #4292: LED display flickers on IR when IR disabled
  • Fixed #4495: VFD displaying exakt logo at all times
  • Fixed #4565: Front panel "no network" X indicator is in wrong position
  • Fixed #4579: VFD - not scrolling track info on standby exit
  • Fixed #4636: Left/Right nav keys on Rem19 do not auto repeat (lipsync control)
  • Fixed #4642: Restarting a track or playing the same track again doesn't scroll track data
  • Fixed #4707: Source +/- from handset should not change source on a DS
  • Fixed #4800: First playlist track not shown on display when playlist restarted
  • Fixed #4812: KDSM VFD Help menu scroll is tempramental
  • Fixed #4856: UI retains metadata after playlist is deleted.
  • Fixed #4876: Press and hold '*' key on handset does not toggle shuffle state
  • Fixed #4884: FP display being refreshed every 2-3 seconds on source information make product info requests from IR handset difficult
  • Fixed #4891: Skip on radio presets doesn't wrap
  • Fixed #4898: Display comes out of sleep when volume is changed by network control point
  • Fixed #4907: Press and hold of the remote "i" button should scroll the current track info on the display
  • Fixed #4913: UI: Standby logo not being cleared properly on standby exit
  • Fixed #4926: Radio station name not being scrolled unless display mode set to "Channel"

Davaar 54 Build 135 (4.54.135) Released on 29 Nov 2016

  • Added support for Sekrit DSM, Sneaky DSM and Kiko DSM
  • Added support for Roomamp 2 using RS232 control
  • Added support for updated privacy statement
  • Added separate Konfig options for crash and activity reporting
  • Fix selection of radio preset using handset numeric keys
  • Digital Output Mode set to 'Fixed Sample Rate 176/192' now always uses 192k
  • Reduced display sleep time to match Web Konfig help text
  • Fix rare hang when room name is changed
  • Fix Klimax DSM/2 updater
  • Re-instate crash reporting (fix regression)
  • Removed fix for defect #4851: Sleep mode still activates in Standby. The fix caused a hang in some cases.
  • Fixed defect #4843: LED products don't respond to standby enter commands from network
  • Fixed defect #4851: Sleep mode still activates in Standby
  • Fixed defect #4852: Kiko doesn't have option to disable front LED
  • Fixed defect #4742: WAV transcoded radio streams not playing
  • Fixed defect #4725: Occasionally AkurateDsMk2 variant without Spdif output starts up in fallback
  • Fixed defect #4437: Scroll stutter when using Play Now from Kazoo
  • Fixed defect #4638: Network source change causes very brief source pop up on UI
  • Fixed defect #4654: Front panel volume popup times out too quickly when volume changed via network
  • Fixed defect #4677: VFD displays wrong track title after scrolling
  • Fixed defect #4727: Front panel - no artist info when on Playlist source
  • Fixed defect #4751: Front panel displays artist of first track in playlist as current artist
  • Fixed defect #4760: Front panel shows some metadata fields as empty, and can't select static info type
  • Fixed defect #4791: If startup in sleep mode is disabled, on KDSM the volume isn't displayed.
  • Fixed defect #4797: Front panel gives no indication that the DS is performing post-standby work
  • Fixed defect #4799: Direct source selection from Standby takes approx 10secs to action.
  • Fixed defect #4822: Pressing balance on handset locks up Sneaky MDS with volume control disabled
  • Fixed defect #4823: Starting playlist in Kazoo with DSM in standby does not always bring the VFD out of standby

Davaar 53 Build 128 (4.53.128) Released on 03 Nov 2016

  • Fixed problem with optical input not consistently locking on
  • Fixed problems with Exakt reprogramming
  • Reverted source index numbers to match Davaar37 for universal remotes and custom installations
  • Added opt-out for crash and user data collection
  • Fixed various Mpeg4 related crashes
  • Exakt link LEDs are now disabled when DS in sleep mode to match Davaar37
  • DS now reports correct software update version
  • Fixed hang using airplay to DS when DS in sleep mode
  • Fixed occasional problem with no audio on TOSLINK inputs
  • Fixed problem with HDMI 1.0 pass-thru not operating on power-up
  • Fixed lockup on Airplay reconnect
  • Volume/Mute icons are no longer displayed when volume control is disabled
  • Direct source buttons from all handsets now working

Davaar 52 Build 119 (4.52.119) Released on 11 October 2016

  • Relevant changes from Davaar 51 now applied to all other supported products
  • Worked around bug in Control4 driver. Control4 systems using the ExtraVegetables driver will work again.
  • Fixed most common device crashes based on user reports
  • Fixed selection of radio station/playlist track by number on handset
  • HDMI maintenance and improvements
  • Front panel maintenance and improvements

Davaar 51 Build 115 (4.50.115) Released on 30 September 2016

Only available for Klimax DSM/1 devices

  • Added support for Klimax DSM/1 Renew device
  • Fixes for some unplayable WAV and AIFF files.
  • Fix incorrect bitrate reported for some MP3 files.
  • Changed type reported by UPnP device. This fixes older builds of SkweezyDs but breaks the recent 4.1.3 build
  • Re-instated icon in UPnP device XML (Bubble DS should display a device icon again)
  • Fixes for new HDMI hardware
  • Fixes LED problem on Klimax Renew DSM

Davaar 50 Build 110 (4.50.110) Released on 19 September 2016

  • Substantial internal changes, both to fix bugs and to enable future development
  • Improved clock recovery for DSM external digital inputs
  • Fixed crash on DHCP renewal
  • Simplified lip sync setup
  • Improved support for various codecs
  • Improved support for radio stations using HLS
  • Web Konfig page updated
  • ‘Report to Linn’ from Kazoo now includes logs from your DS

A small number of features have been removed. If any of the following are very important to you, please stay on Davaar 37 for now.

  • Jukebox. (A replacement, with simplified setup, is planned.)
  • Third party AV receiver surround mode. (An improved replacement using Exakt is under development and coming soon.)
  • Control of CD player via a DS.

This release is available for the following DS products:

  • Klimax – DS, DSM, Renew
  • Akurate – DS, DSM, Renew
  • Majik – DS, DS-I, DSM
  • Sneaky Music DS
  • Sekrit DS-I

The following products will be added in a future release (hopefully very soon):

  • Sneaky DSM
  • Sekrit DSM
  • Kiko DSM

Note that some third party control points do not fully support this release:

  • Lumin can report but not control the DS volume. This has been diagnosed and reported as a bug in the Lumin app so will be fixed by a later Lumin update.
  • Chorus DS cannot discover a DS running Davaar 50. This was diagnosed as a bug in Chorus. Sadly, its developer has passed away so a fix is unlikely.

Several other control points, including Kazoo, BubbleDS Next and Kinsky work as before so could be used to supplement or replace any control point that no longer functions.

Davaar 37 Build 1671 (4.37.1671) Released on 09 May 2016

  • Fixed Swiss Radio (SRF 1/2/3) playback problem.

Davaar 36 Build 1598 (4.36.1598) Released on 07 March 2016

  • Improvements made to start-up sequence of connected Exakt products.
  • Removed strict mime-type checking.
  • Attempted fix for lockup during HLS playback.

Davaar 35 Build 1521 (4.35.1521) Released on 17 December 2015

  • Fixed problem where certain DS devices with Exakt outputs would not boot with Davaar 34.

REMOVED Davaar 34 Build 1484 (4.34.1484) Released on 26 November 2015

  • Fixed occasional glitch during playback on certain products.
  • Allow MIME type application/ogg as a speical case. This caters for synlogy media server which reports this for ogg files, as well as certain FLAC based internet radio stations.

Davaar 33 Build 1430 (4.33.1430) Released on 06 October 2015

  • TuneIn changes to support new TuneIn tile in Kazoo
  • Fixed defect #3697: Akurate DS/0 plays silence after sample-rate change
  • Fixed defect #3696: Hissing sound from analogue outputs while product is booting up
  • Fixed defect #3695: Loud crack from analogue outputs when enabling/disabling Space (while music is playing)
  • Fix for Exakt reprogramming problems with certain DS/DSM devices
  • Fix for source change clicks with certain Exakt DS/DSM devices
  • Fix for playback issues with tracks from Kazoo Server
  • Fix for occasional HLS playback problems
  • Force DAC to mute in Exakt devices while programming
  • Exakt outputs are now muted prior to Exakt reprogramming
  • Added a workaround for the problem of DS's becoming undiscoverable

Davaar 32 Build 1283 (4.32.1283) Released on 06 July 2015

  • Fixed a problem with Qobuz getting into a state where nothing can be streamed.
  • Added support for BBC on demand content using HLS (for future streams).
  • Fixed audio mute issue on HDMI pass-through with Majik DSM.
  • Added support for Qobuz hi-res streams (192k/24bit and 96kHz/24bit). Currently these are only available on purchased content.

Davaar 31 Build 1267 (4.31.1267) Released on 16 June 2015

  • Fixes to support device production: new fallback firmware required.
  • Davaar 29 and 30 will no longer be available.

Davaar 30 Build 1248 (4.30.1248) Released on 04 June 2015

  • Fixes to support device production.
  • Fixed defect #3690: HDMI pass through not working consistently.
  • Fixed defect #3645: Analogue Input levels for balanced inputs now default to 4V-RMS.
  • Fixed BBC world service radio failure using new HLS stream.
  • Fixed customer reported Qobuz crash on attempt to retrieve time from the NTP server.

Davaar 29

Davaar 29 Build 1216 (4.29.1216) Released on 18 May 2015

  • Initial release to support Qobuz streaming functionality on all DS and DSM devices.
  • Added HLS support for higher resolution BBC radio content (where available).
  • Exakt discovery enhancements.
  • Maintenance and bug fixes.

Davaar 28

Davaar 28 Build 1162 (4.28.1162) Released on 08 April 2015

  • Fixed defect where Exakt outputs are not being muted when headphones are connected.

Davaar 27

Davaar 27 Build (4.27.1153) Released on 19 March 2015

  • Fixed defect: Majik DS-I and Majik DSM/0 do not work with volume control disabled.

Davaar 26

Davaar 26 Build (4.25.1148) Released on 17 March 2015

  • Added Space Optimisation for Akurate DSM.

Davaar 25

Davaar 25 Build (4.25.1134) Released on 16 March 2015

  • Added Space Optimisation for all DS products (minus Akurate DSM).
  • Initial release for Klimax DS/2, Akurate DS/2, Majik DS/1 and Majik DSM/2.
  • No longer use the '0' handset key to change delay modes at an attempt to lip sync normalise (use Konfig instead).
  • Fixed Tidal login bug

Davaar 24

Davaar 24 Build (4.24.1066) Released on 14 January 2014

  • Fixed various long-term Tidal playback issues related to handling of bad tracks.

Davaar 23

Davaar 23 Build (4.23.1042) Released on 18 December 2014

  • Initial release to support Tidal streaming functionality on all DS and DSM devices.
  • Fixed the device discovery issue related to Bonjour where devices were becoming undiscoverable after around 3 weeks of on time.

Davaar 22

Davaar 22 Build (4.22.1006) Released on 26 November 2014

  • Intial release for Akurate Renew DSM, Klimax Renew DSM, and Akurate Renew DS/1.
  • Fixed defect #3600: Exakt outs not muted with headphones on - Akurate DSM/1.
  • Exakt back panel LEDs on DS are now turned off in Standby.
  • Fixed defect #3640: Exakt: DSM crashes when Konfig is closed while DSM is in speaker discovery phase.
  • Fixed #3642: UI: buffering spinner visible during exakt reprog.

Davaar 21

Davaar 21 Build (4.21.936) Released on 10 November 2014

  • Fixed defect #3637: Toslink sample rate family changes not working over ExaktLink.
  • Fixed defect #3630: Exakt: Channel map on speakers and crossovers should default to 'OFF'.
  • Fixed defect #3632: On standby exit, Exakt should ramp audio once.
  • Fixed defect #3638: UI corruption whilst reprogramming Exakts.
  • Exakt back panel LEDs now behave consistently accross the product range.

Davaar 20

Davaar 20 Build (4.20.916) Released on 23 September 2014

  • REQUIRED for compatability with latest Exakt firmware releases.
  • Klimax DSM/1: Exakt LED's now go On or Off according to the configuration setting.
  • Fixed defect #3635: Exakt: Klimax DSM/1 continually reboots at startup when connected to Klimax 350 speakers.
  • Fixed defect #3603: Internal volume control 'Off' not working on Akurate Exakt DSM.
  • Fixed defect #3609: No HDMI audio output when DSM devices are configured with 'Startup Mode' as 'Active'.
  • Fixed #3621: DS crashes trying to play tracks created by StationRipper.
  • TuneIn fix: certain stations that present unplayable url's followed by playable url's (in the original list returned from TuneIn) will now work.
  • Exakt devices can now be interrogated and programmed while DSM is in standby.
  • Fixed defect #3612: HDMI: changing source DelayMode causes loss of audio.
  • TuneIn fix: preset xml was occasionally being corrupted (causing preset navigation to behave unpredictably).
  • Fixed problem with non-raw SPDIF and <44.1k Exakt outputs being 6dB too low.
  • Fixed #3618: (UpnpAv) DS reboots when seeking in non-seekable stream.
  • Fixed #3611: Multichannel DVD audio with Davaar 19 has no surround channels.

Davaar 19

Davaar 19 Build 799 (4.19.799) Released on 08 July 2014

  • Initial release for the Klimax Renew DS (with support for Klimax DS/1).
  • Fixed defect #3533: DSM products will not boot if HDMI is disabled.
  • Fixed defect #3607: Variable delay not set correctly on initialisation.
  • Fixed defect #3600: Exakt outs not muted with headphones (Akurate DSM/1).
  • Fixed defect #3603: Internal volume control on Akurate Exakt, Akurate DSM/1 and Klimax DSM/1 now boot properly after disabling internal volume control.
  • Fixed problem with SPDIF (100ms latency in applying status change mute).
  • Fix to ensure the DSM does not respond to source change requests for invisible sources when in standby (when using the direct source codes).
  • Fixed responsiveness problem when browsing TuneIn folders using the handset.
  • Added Assert if spartan 6 programming fails on bootup.
  • Fixed crash on DSM devices when HDMI "Disabled In Sleep" is enabled.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Renew DS has been renamed Klimax Renew DS. Renew DS owners wanting to roll back to older versions of firmware will need to manually rename the variant folder in the older firmware to match the new model name (i.e. rename 'RenewDs' folder to 'KlimaxRenewDs'). Klimax DS Mk2 devices that have been renewed should not be rolled back as they will not boot.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Most products have not been updated since Davaar 14. For these products, all relevant changes described in Davaar 15-18 are included in the Davaar 19 release.

Davaar 18

Davaar 18 Build 754 (4.18.754) Released on 04 June 2014

  • Initial release of the Klimax DSM with Exakt Link.
  • Initial release of the Akurate DSM with Exakt Link.
  • Fixed defect #3566: HDMI: Audio cracks/pops when changing sample rate.
  • Fixed defect #3569: Certain MP3 files report incorrect duration.
  • Fixed defect #3589: Exakt Connection Status change events are sent out repeatedly.
  • Fixed defect #3597: Analog path gain correction is being applied to Exakt outputs.
  • Fixed defect #3568: Out-of-sync audio with Exakt to NonExakt songcast after clock multiplier change.
  • Fixed error in time of flight optimisation in Exakt systems.
  • Variable delay mode: Songcast sync will now occur at 160ms and higher rather than 250ms and higher.
  • Provide feedback on VFD when Exakt programming is in progress.
  • Radio playback: made pls file check slightly less strict to cope with a user reported station that didn't work.

Davaar 17

Davaar 17 Build 715 (4.17.715) Released on 29 April 2014

  • Updates to support Akubarik Exakt speaker upgrades.
  • Fixed defect #3565: HDMI: No audio on reselecting HDMI source with 32k stream present.
  • Improved super-tweeter drive unit model for all Exakt crossovers.

Davaar 16

Davaar 16 Build 694 (4.16.694) Released on 22 April 2014

  • Initial release for the Akurate Exakt DSM and the Exakt Akubarik speakers.

Davaar 15

Davaar 15 Build 647 (4.15.647) Released on 06 March 2014

  • Includes crossovers for Akurate 242 and Akubarik with Klimax Exakt Tunebox.
  • Added Single Ended crossover design files for Akurate 242, Akubarik, and Komri for use with the Klimax Exakt Tunebox.
  • Fixed defect #3558: Exakt Device List shows wrong version number after updating Tunebox.
  • Added fast flashing dim indicator on front of Klimax Exakt 350E and Tunebox for hardware fault conditions, eg overtemp.
  • Implemented 6db difference in the Klimax 350 single ended crossover compared to the balanced version.
  • Fixes for songcast receiver stability and synchronisation with Exakt systems. Fixed Songacst delay is now 150ms. Variable delay can now be set to lower than 100ms (Songcast sync if variable delay is >=250ms).
  • Added input signal detection and optional keep-awake tone generation for all Exakt crossovers, fixing amplifier power off problems.
  • Improved bass handling in the crossover domain.
  • Improvement to empirical drive unit inductance model (with regards to compenstation for drive unit variations).
  • Fixed problem with Exakt discovery eventing when disconnecting/connecting link cable.
  • Fixed audio thump on second crossover/speaker in Exakt link daisychain.

Davaar 14

Davaar 14 Build 549 (4.14.549) Released on 28 November 2013

  • Initial release for the Klimax Exakt Tunebox (with support for Klimax 350 and Komri speakers)
  • Fixed Airplay connection issue for Mac users on iTunes 11.1
  • Fixed problem that was causing high jitter on all sources for Kiko DSM, Sneaky DSM, and Sekrit DSM. This fix will provide an improvement in audio quality (for these products only)
  • Fixed room correction issues for Exakt
  • Fixed issue with an Exakt device being used as a Songcast receiver going out of sync with the Songcast sender
  • Fixed issue with an Exakt device crashing if more than 20 unique crossovers have been discovered since factory reset
  • Added support for right to left text on the front panel display
  • Fixed defect #3535: Line-out channels reversed on Sekrit/Sneaky DSM
  • Klimax DSM and Klimax Exakt DSM: front panel display will now dim in standby
  • PLEASE NOTE: Klimax DSM now requires Konfig 4.11.8 or higher for firmware updates

Davaar 13

Davaar 13 Build 469 (4.13.469) Released on 26 September 2013

  • Initial release for the Klimax Exakt DSM and the Klimax Exakt 350 speakers

Davaar 12

Davaar 12 Build 357 (4.12.357) Released on 1 July 2013

  • Fixed defect #3449: Songcast causes Akurate DS to lock up
  • Fixed defect #3448: DSM - No Audio with Hdmi Sleep mode set to yes.
  • Fixed defect #3453: Songcast causes DS (with proxy) to become undiscoverable
  • Fixed defect #3293: Input level is adjustable on phono type sources
  • Fixed defect #3388: Digital output is not muted in standby
  • Fixed defect #3392: Startup source ignored after power cycle if Front Aux connected / Active startup mode
  • Fixed defect #3393: HDMI "Turn off in sleep mode" not working on Sneaky, Sekrit and Kiko
  • Fixed defect #3395: HDMI bypass issue on Majik DSM :Front Aux
  • Fixed defect #3422: Variable delay is incorrect when switching from Radio/Playlist to Analog input
  • Fixed defect #3423: Thai characters displayed incorrectly on front panel display
  • Fixed defect #3424: Jukebox: If you add a Presets Folder URL with the NAS username:password the DS reports an error
  • Fixed defect #3430: Songcast app causes DS to be undiscoverable
  • Fixed defect #3432: DelayManager reporting DelayEnabled as true in Fixed mode
  • Fixed defect #3433: Lip sync cannot be controlled from REM020 handset

Davaar 11

Davaar 11 Build 5 (4.11.5) Released on 21 February 2013

  • Initial release for Sneaky DSM
  • Fixed defect: HDMI lockup issues
  • Fixed defect: Akurate DSM/Klimax DSM: balance on analog inputs is reversed
  • Fixed defect: Majik DSM: loss of HDMI audio after changing HDMI "Audio Mode" while in Standby
  • Fixed defect: Pop on analog out on Sekrit DSM
  • Added parameter to enable/disable from panel buttons
  • Added display sleep mode parameter to remaining models (single led devices: Renew DS, Akuarte Renew DS, Sneaky Music DS)
  • Device xml serial number field now contains the product ID, the product ID is then reflected in the device UDN as well. This will impact any contol point that caches device UDN numbers: you will be forced to re-discover your device.
  • Reduced brightness of Sekrit DSM LED's
  • Device will now send crash data automatically on power on (if avaialble). This functionality is on by default, but can be turned off using the corresponding config parameter

Davaar 10

Davaar 10 Build 2 (4.10.2) Released on 11 December 2012

  • Initial release for Sekrit DSM

Davaar 9

Davaar 9 Build 7 (4.9.7) Released on 22 October 2012

  • Fixed occasional thud coming out of standby on Majik DSM
  • Fixed bug in web config where apostrophe character could not be used in room name
  • Fixed defect: Songcast fails to play on sender switch
  • Fixed defect: DS to DS Songcast, receiver has silent gap at track boundary (during gapless playback)
  • Added configuration option to disable ethernet leds
  • Added configuration option for Kiko led visibility in sleep mode
  • Added on device check for matching firmware and hardware variants. If mistmatched firmware is loaded onto a device, it will no longer boot.
  • Fixed defect: Digital inputs intermittently staying muted
  • Fixed defect: Noise when playing studio master files on Kiko DSM
  • Fixed defect: First stage of up-sampling was being bypassed at certain sample rates in some products.
  • Fixed defect: Device crash on attempting to play BBC Listen Again content
  • Fixed lip sync anomaly when AV latency equaled lip sync

Davaar 8

Davaar 8 Build 5 (4.8.2) Released on 26 July 2012

  • Initial release for Akurate Renew DS
  • Includes support for Akurate DS/0 upgrades

Davaar 7

Davaar 7 Build 5 (4.7.5) Released on 05 July 2012

  • Songcast resend functionality: reduced occurrence of audio dropouts when running over some wireless networks
  • Net Aux disconnect/reconnect robustness improvements, including timeout if sender disconnects from network
  • Add retry fix to solve dropout problems when using Net Aux
  • Increased maximum HDMI AV Latency from 100ms to 500ms
  • Volume control can now be enabled/disabled on Klimax DSM, Akurate DSM, Majik DSM, Majik DS-I, and Sekrit DS-I
  • Added configuration option to turn auto selection of the Net Aux source on or off
  • Fixed defect: Dolby Digital Stream not muted on Hdmi input (all DSM products)
  • Fixed defect: Crash on Radio plyback (Japanese default list of stations)
  • Fixed defect: Surround volume stuck on maximum after a power cycle
  • Fixed defect: Distortion on surround/center channels
  • Fixed defect: Majik DSM device crash when HDMI is disabled
  • Fixed defect: HDMI 'crackle' problem
  • Konfig: installer now checks for .Net 4
  • Konfig: HDMI options now visible on MAC
  • Default source names now all uppercase (HDMI, SPDIF, TOSLINK)
  • Balance setting is no longer applied when headphones are active
  • Majik DSM (HDMI) main board now powered down in Standby
  • Added audio check functionality: press and hold the help key (or # key) on remote with device in standby and network cable removed (and device power cycled) to trigger the audio check.

Davaar 6

Davaar 6 Build 4 (4.6.4) Released on 17 April 2012

  • Initial release for Majik DSM Mk2 (HDMI)
  • Konfig: added support for new HDMI parameters on Majik DSM Mk2 (HDMI)
  • Konfig: HDMI options now visible on MAC

Davaar 5

Davaar 5 Build 3 (4.5.3) Released on 14 December 2011

  • Supports third party streaming protocol via the Net Aux source
  • Fixed bug on Klimax DSM: surround audio was not being passed through correctly to downstream AV receiver

Davaar 5 Build 2 (4.5.2) Released on 12 December 2011

  • Supports improved integration of DSM Systems with third-party surround sound systems (See Setup documentation)
  • Device lockup problems fixed (may result in device reboot instead)
  • Added support for seek on new slimline handset using left and right navigation keys
  • Added support for stop on new slimline handset using press and hold of pause key
  • Maintenance and bug fixes

Davaar 5 Build 1 (4.5.1) Released on 16 November 2011

  • Includes unreleased functionality from Davaar 4 beta for Akurate DSM and Majik DSM
  • Fixed intermittent Songcast dropouts on high bit-rate streams

Davaar 4

Davaar 4 Build 2 (4.4.2) Released on 1 November 2011

  • Provides support for Songcast app, which allows you to send any audio from your computer to your Linn DS player and get better sound from your music services and web pages
  • Fixed noise burst coming out of standby after power cycle
  • Fixed Majik DS-I clicks and pops when changing source (pre-out, speaker-out, and headphone-out)
  • Fixed problem where Kinsky volume can get out of step with Klimax Kontrol when startup volume is used
  • Changed clock used when Klimax DS Mk2, Majik DS-I, or Akurate DS Mk2 are receiving Songcast
  • External input track information (sample rate, etc) is now available on the device display
  • Source direct and video settings merged into source delay mode setting for simplicity
  • Added device update notifications setting (on or off)

Davaar 4 Build 1 (4.4.1) Not Released

Davaar 3

Davaar 3 Build 3 (4.3.3) Released on 29 September 2011

  • Fixed Majik DS-I click when changing source
  • Fixed volume discrepancy between analog source direct and indirect modes
  • Removed clock change when Klimax DS Mk2, Majik DS-I, or Akurate DS Mk2 are receiving Songcast

Davaar 3 Build 2 (4.3.2) Released on 12 September 2011

  • Changed clock used when Klimax DS Mk2, Majik DS-I, or Akurate DS Mk2 are receiving Songcast
  • Fixed rare Songcast failure
  • Improved Web configuration
  • Konfig: fixed discovery lockup problem for users running Vista and Norton

Davaar 3 Build 1 (4.3.1) Released on 11 August 2011

  • Potential fix for DS lockup and discovery issues
  • DHCP compliance and robustness improvements

Davaar 2

Davaar 2 Build 1 (4.2.1) Released on 04 August 2011

  • Improved handling of low sample rate streams (32kHz and below).

Davaar 1

Davaar 1 Build 10 (4.1.10) Released on 27 April 2011

  • Fixed defect that was causing the startup source activation to be inconsistent (source applied out of standby alternating between startup source and last used source)

Davaar 1 Build 9 (4.1.9) Released on 26 April 2011

  • Fixed #3163 - Device crashes after long pause
  • Fixed #3166 - Songcasting Sekrit TOS input fails intermittently

Davaar 1 Build 8 (4.1.8) Released on 21 April 2011

  • Fixed #3160: Search within a track causes an assert
  • Fixed #3161: Sender switching source w/o clock change gives no audio on rcvr
  • Fixed #3162: Assert - Thread.cpp 353: on startup on DS-I (semaphore count exceeded)
  • Fixed problem with audio glitch outputs immediately prior to start of audio when switching to a non direct external source

Davaar 1 Build 7 (4.1.7) Released on 20 April 2011

  • Fixed #3136: 'Click' switching from Playlist to Songcast on Klimax DS
  • Fixed #3156: Receiver lockup after sender power cycled
  • Webconfig now supports full range of configuration parameters

Davaar 1 Build 6 (4.1.6) Released on 12 April 2011

  • Added support for Songcast Large-scale mode (Songcast Sender Output Mode -> Multicast)
  • Improved Songcast clock synchronisation
  • Fixed #3144: Songcast (multicast) - add receiver and ALL receivers scroll metadata
  • Fixed #3147: Potential lockup of device on removal of Songcast receiver
  • Fixed songcast receiver buffering when sender paused. Now reports waiting.

Davaar 1 Build 5 (4.1.5) Released on 24 March 2011

  • Fixed defect #3135: Songcast not songcasting Sekrit DS-I external inputs
  • Fixed defect #3119: Hiss on analogue sources
  • Fixed defect #3136: 'Click' switching from Playlist to Songcast on Klimax DS
  • Fixed defect #3138: Noise burst/click when selecting jukebox preset while playing
  • Balance configuration added to Konfig
  • Current delay preset selection added to Konfig
  • Majik DS-I TOS link output light now goes off when the output is disabled
  • Added extra headroom in up-sampling filter
  • Konfig: Restore to factory defaults now requires user confirmation
  • Sender preset number is now in the description field of the sender metadata (previously appended to start of name)
  • Beta documentation can be found here: http://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Beta:DsDavaar

Davaar 1 Build 3 (4.1.3) Released on 17 March 2011

  • Initial beta release of Davaar
  • Added Songcast functionality. Songcast allows a DS to tune into another DS. A DS can songcast to more than one DS. Further, a DS can songcast no matter what source is selected.
  • Added OpenHome compatibility. OpenHome is an independent standard for networked home devices. Linn's DS devices are now fully compatible with the OpenHome Audio Visual (AV) specification. OpenHome AV compatibility will allow the DS to interoperate with other manufacturer's digitial streaming products and control points.
  • Added Auto play functionality (via Konfig option)
  • Added ability for device to power up into or out of standby (via Konfig option)
  • Requires latest Davaar beta version of Linn Konfig to update (Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms).
  • Requires latest Davaar beta version of KinskyDesktop to to control your device once it has been updated (Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms).
  • Added ability to choose a fixed sample rate on digital outputs (88/96kHz or 176/192kHz)
  • Fixed digital output downsampling from 176/192kHz
  • Minimum lip sync delay is now 100ms
  • Added source 'Direct' functionality to allow external sources to achieve a zero latency delay (via Konfig option)
  • Fixed standby lockup issue
  • Various maintenance and bug fixes
  • Beta documentation can be found here: http://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Beta:DsDavaar