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HDMI Audio Return Channel is the audio returned from the same HDMI cable feeding A/V to the television.
This is only supported on the HDMI-2 board, on the Selekt DSM and on the Series 3.

This input can ONLY be used with a television. If any other HDMI source is connected to this input then no audio will occur. (The HDMI ARC communication is different to standard HDMI communications)
This HDMI ARC input is declared as a seperate input on the Linn DSM/HUB control. This can be set to automatically switch to this HDMI-ARC input when you have just switched on your television. More information on how to set this up are in the Konfig manual

General limitations with ARC are that it doesn't communicate with the playback device, in this case the Linn DSM, what Surround formats that it supports, if any. You need to check within the TV setup that the HDMI-ARC connection will only output in a format/codec that the Linn DSM will support. (2-ch/stereo PCM for a standard Linn DSM/HUB and 5.1ch Surround sound for one with a Linn Surrond module).