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Davaar 69 Build 283 (4.69.283) Released on 17 Apr 2019

  • Fixed #6482: Crash-on-boot when DS logged into certain Qobuz accounts

Davaar 69 Build 282 (4.69.282) Released on 16 Apr 2019

  • DSD performance improvements

Davaar 69 Build 280 (4.69.280) Released on 14 Mar 2019

  • Fixed missing center channel content on 4.0 configuration with space optimisation enabled.
  • Fixed crash on Selekt devices when using Konfig
  • Fixed a number of crashes reported automatically
  • Fixed #6422: Radio preset not saved if just using the radio source
  • Fixed #6364: Volume offsets cannot be adjusted if Space Opt is disabled
  • Fixed #6406: KDSM - SPDIF lipsync issue and assert when DSP module fitted
  • Fixed #6351: Selekt crashes when Standby on/off Ir code is sent twice
  • Fixed #6386: Unicode characters on Radio name showing incorrectly on Selekt DSM
  • Fixed #6350: LED behavior on dial press (Radio Source) is not consistent

Davaar 69 Build 274 (4.69.274) Released on 13 Feb 2019

  • Fixed automatic ARC source selection for non-Android Sony TV coming out of standby.
  • Fixed reboot with spdif or surround stream using a 2s lip-sync delay.
  • Removed 12dB boost on analogue inputs when surround module fitted.
  • Fixed muted surround channels on PCM streams when surround module fitted.
  • Fixed HDMI 7.1 surround stream causing crash with HDMI 2 board when surround module fitted.
  • Surround 'Decode Mode' Auto uses DTS Neo:6 and does not up-mix stereo Dolby streams.
  • Fixed #6376: Selekt Display stuck on: Proximity sensor should be recalibrated periodically
  • Fixed #6427: Selekt Display: Power on with Autoplay can lead to portion of the display being blank
  • Fixed #6344: Playlist navigation from handset should rotate through options without stopping
  • Fixed #6355: Core1 UI - time ticks not incrementing when on radio
  • Fixed #6356: REM 022 handset does not allow you to find the System information
  • Fixed a number of crashes reported automatically