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DS Cara 1 Beta

What is it?

Cara 1 is a major software upgrade for all DS products. It introduces a number of new features for all DS products and lays the technical groundwork for future improvements.

What are the headline features?

  • AAC support
  • Shuffle and Repeat
  • Bonjour support for discovery of a product's home page
  • New web based configuration
  • Revamped LinnConfig with extensive diagnostics
  • Jukebox mode allowing quick selection of favourite tracks and albums
  • Numerous bug fixes and reliability enhancements

How do I use it?

  1. Ensure you are aware and agree with the requirements of being involved in Linn's beta programme
  2. As described in Software Compatibility Families you need a Cara compatible control point in order to use this beta. KinskyDesktop is a Cara compatible control point for Windows, Mac, and Linux that is also in beta. Other Cara compatible control points will be released during the beta process.
  3. Download the appropriate LinnConfig application from