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#REDIRECT [[Akurate_Exakt_DSM_/1_(2014-2018_Variant) | Akurate Exakt DSM/1 (Variant 2014/2018)]]<br>
== '''Getting Started''' ==
[http://www.linn.co.uk/go/akurate '''www.linn.co.uk/go/akurate''' ]
== '''Product info''' ==
* ''Product Name:'' Akurate Exakt DSM/1
* ''Date of Introduction:'' Sept 2016 - Sept 2018
* ''Type:'' Integrated digital music player and preamplifier
* ''Features''
** [http://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Why_Linn_DS_is_the_best_way_to_play_CDs DS Design]
** [http://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/Dynamik Dynamik Power Supply]
** [[Akurate_Exakt_System|Exakt system]]
== '''Support''' ==
[http://www.linn.co.uk/support Linn Support Site]
== '''Latest software''' ==
[http://www.linn.co.uk/ds_software Latest software releases]
[http://oss.linn.co.uk/trac Open source software]
== '''Manuals''' ==
[http://small.linncdn.com/product-catalogue/documents/Linn_Akurate_DSM_Quickstart.pdf Quickstart Guide]
== '''Network Setup''' ==
[[DS Budget System| DS Budget System Setup]]
[[DS Entry Level System| DS Entry Level System Setup]]
[[DS High End System| DS High End System Setup]]
=== Back Panel ===
[[Image:Akurate_Exkat_DSM_rear.jpg|center|735x242px|Image:Akurate Exakt DSM]] <br>
# '''MAINS INPUT''' - To connect to the mains electricity supply.
# '''FALLBACK''' - To put the device into Fallback mode (used when reprogramming).
# '''ETHERNET''' - To connect to a network.
# '''EXAKT LINK'''- To connect to Exakt compatible devices
# '''ANALOGUE INPUT 1''' (XLR, line level) - To connect sources with balanced (XLR) outputs.
# '''ANALOGUE INPUTS 2&3''' (RCA, phono/line level) - To connect a turntable or line level source with unbalanced (RCA) outputs<sup>1</sup>.  (Default MC phono)
# '''PHONO GROUND''' - To connect to a turntable grounding terminal.
# '''ANALOGUE OUTPUTS''' - Not available
# '''ANALOGUE OUTPUTS''' - Not available
# '''DIGITAL INPUTS''' (Spdif) - To connect sources with Spdif (RCA) digital outputs.
# '''DIGITAL OUTPUT''' (Spdif) - To connect to an external DAC or computer that has an Spdif digital input.
# '''DIGITAL INPUTS''' (Toslink) - To connect sources with Toslink (optical) digital outputs.
# '''DIGITAL OUTPUT''' (Toslink) - To connect to an external DAC or computer that has a Toslink (optical) digital input.
# '''HDMI INPUTS''' - To connect sources with 1.4 & 2.0<sup>2</sup> HDMI outputs.
# '''HDMI OUTPUT''' - To connect to a display device with 1.4 & 2.0<sup>2</sup> HDMI inputs.
# '''EARTH GROUND''' - To connect to an earthing terminal if no mains earth is available or to join to the earths of other products in the system to improve performance in areas of poor/noisy electrical earth conditions.
'''<sup>1</sup>''' Input 3 is a configurable input, which is factory set as a moving coil phono input for connection to turntables. This can be changed by a Linn dealer to a moving magnet phono input or a line-level input.<br>
'''<sup>2</sup>''' Supports HDCP 2.2 up to and including 60Hz UHD. We recommend using [https://www.hdmi.org/manufacturer/premiumcable/Premium_HDMI_Cable_Certification_Program.aspx HDMI Certified ]cables<br>
=== LED Status ===
Each of the Exakt Link ports have two status LED's.  The function of these LED's is given below:
[[Image:Exakt_Link_LEDs.jpg‎|right|200x200px|Exakt Port LED's]]
{| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="65%" align="LEFT"
| bgcolor="#cccccc" width="15%" align="center" |
| bgcolor="#cccccc" width="20%" align="center" |
| bgcolor="#cccccc" width="20%" align="center" |
| bgcolor="#cccccc" width="20%" align="center" |
'''''Flash / Blink'''''
| align="center" | '''LED0'''
| align="center" | Link Port Disabled
| align="center" | Link Port Enabled
| align="center" | n/a
| align="center" | '''LED1'''
| align="center" | No Link
| align="center" | Product Discovered
| align="center" | Activity
== '''Front Panel Connections''' ==
The Akurate Exakt system has NO headphone socket on the front panel. If you wish to use headphones we would suggest using a headphone amplifier that can take either Toslink or SPDIF from the Akurate Exakt DSM Toslink/SPDIF outputs.
# '''MUTE BUTTON''' - Mutes/unmutes the audio
# '''VOLUME ADJUST BUTTONS''' - Changes the volume up/down
# '''SOURCE SELECT BUTTONS''' - Changes to the previous/next source
# '''SLEEP BUTTON''' - Brings the unit in/out of sleep mode
# '''POWER SWITCH'''- Switches the power on/off
== '''Installation''' ==
Please read the following carefully '''before''' installing the unit in your system – your unit may need to be reconfigured by your Linn retailer.
* [http://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/product_unpacking Unpacking Information]
* [http://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/index.php/product_positioning Positioning Information]
For further assistance, try our [http://www.linn.co.uk/linn_customer_support customer support] pages
== '''Exakt options''' ==
Exakt usage with the Akurate Exakt DSM can be found in [[Akurate_Exakt_System]]
{{FAQ:Akurate_DSM FAQ}}
==Trouble shooting==
Check [[ExaKt_Trouble_shooting | Exakt trouble shooting]]

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