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Product info

  • Product Name: EXAKT AKUDORIK



Safety Information

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We recommend that your Akudorik loudspeakers and stands are unpacked, installed and adjusted by an authorised Linn retailer. To get the best from your Akudorik loudspeakers, it is important that they are positioned and levelled correctly.

Please note, in order to achieve the very best from your Akudorik, some adjustment may be required after positioning, levelling and connecting. See the Fine adjustment section.



  • Do not lay the loudspeakers on their front face as this will damage the loudspeaker.
  • We recommend that you retain the packaging in case you need to transport your loudspeaker(s) at a later date.
  • Loudspeakers are packed individually with a separate package containing both speaker stands.
  • Take care when unpacking to avoid damage to the cabinets.

Move the (boxed) loudspeaker to an uncluttered, flat area adjacent to its eventual position (this will avoid any excessive moving and carrying of unpacked loudspeakers).

Fitting the module to the Speaker

Akudorik Top plate-Transit screws.jpg

Place the speaker stand module on it side and protect the floor surface.

Remove the 2off transit screws (M4x25) from the Akudorik stand Top-plate

While the speaker is still in its top packing place the module on top of the speaker.

Check the orientation is correct - cooling find to the front of the speaker and power socket to the rear of the speaker Bolt speaker into stand using the 4off M8x18 screws.

IMPORTANT: Take care not to over tighten the bolts.

Fitting the module to the base

Remove bottom plate and fit Stand.jpg

Remove the 2off transit screws (M4x20)from the Akudorik stand base

Remove the 4off screws (M6x25)from the Akudorik stand base. Keep these screw to attach the base.

Fit the base to the module and secure using the screw (M6x25) used to fix the transit plate

IMPORTANT: Take care not to over tighten the bolts.

Rotate speaker.jpg

Rotate the speaker onto the base, as shown above. This will protect the 3K array from any accidental damage.

Once you have positioned the loudspeakers, VERY CAREFULLY snip the plastic tie holding the 3-K Array cover in place and remove it.


As with any stereo loudspeaker there are some fundamental principles which should be observed to get the best sound from your loudspeakers.

  • The loudspeakers should be place at an equal distance from the wall behind the loudspeakers.
  • The speakers should be a similar (not the same) distance from the walls to the outside of each loudspeaker.
  • Any toe-in applied should be the same for each loudspeaker.
  • The loudspeakers should be level with all four spikes in contact with the floor. Use Linn Skeets for hard floors.

The Linn 3K Array used in the Akudorik loudspeaker offers exceptional dispersion characteristics. This means that there should be little or no need to toe-in your loudspeakers.

For further assistance, try our customer support pages or the Linn Forum.


Screw the spikes into the corners of the stand.
Fit the lock nuts but do not tighten at this stage.

Very carefully (do not scratch the cabinet), use a spirit level to check if it is sitting level. If it is, gently rock the loudspeaker from front to back, side to side and diagonally to check for any movement. If none is present and the loudspeaker is sitting level, no adjustment to the spikes is necessary.

If the loudspeaker is not level, or moves when you rock it, loosen the appropriate lock nuts using the tool provided and use a screwdriver to turn the spikes to adjust their height. Adjust the spikes to level the speaker, using a spirit level placed on the stand.

Press down firmly on the top of the loudspeaker to ensure it is in close contact with your flooring.

Use the spirit level as before and continue to adjust the spikes as required.

Once the speaker is level and does not rock, use the screwdriver to hold the spike in place and fit and tighten the lock nuts with the spanner provided.

Note: To protect wooden or tiled floors, the spikes can be placed on Linn Skeets which are available from your Linn retailer.


Lower Back Panel

Image:Akuborik Exakt

  1. MAINS INPUT - To connect to the mains electricity supply.
  2. EXAKT LINK - From Exakt Master OR from a Exakt Slave connected to the Exakt master
  3. EXAKT LINK - To Exakt Slave product
  4. FALLBACK - To put the device into Fallback mode (used when reprogramming the unit).

Akurate_Exakt_System has more detail on connection and usage

KONFIG setup


The factory setting for the AkuDorik stand module has no speaker defined. This will mean that when you start playing music the speaker will be muted.

Use Konfig to configure the AkuDorik stand module to the attached speaker. With the AkuDorik speakers this MUST BE

Speakers: 1 x AKUDORIK

IMPORTANT Any other setting may damage the speaker drive units so ONLY

Enter the Akudorik speakers serial number that is fixed to that particular Akubarik stand module. (This will allow Konfig to download the speaker measurements from the 'cloud' and setup the AkuDorik stand for the Exakt setting for that speaker)

Akudorik Konfig1.jpg




If the Exakt DSM is in Standby, the Akudorik speaker is totally shutdown. No LED's or indicators are shown


When the Exakt DSM is brought out of Standby it will send trigger voltage and wake the speaker up. The LED's beside the Mains socket/Exakt link sockets will tell you the status. After approx 6seconds the Blue LED on the top of the speaker will illuminate stating "its ready to party!"


If you have brought the Exakt DSM out of standby and you only get this LED then the speaker has no Mains power. Check the Mains lead is fully inserted into the speaker and the wall socket mains switch is ON.







Flash / Blink

0 Master Port No Link Link Discovered Link Activity
1 Audio Clock No Clock Clock locked Clock not locked
2 Slave Port No Link Link Enabled Link Activity
3 Software Status Not Configured Running Hardware Fault

Upper Back Panel


Speaker status LED





OFF OFF OFF No Power (Speaker OFF)
OFF OFF ON Active (Speaker ON)
ON ON ON Invalid state
OFF OFF Slow flash Discovering
OFF OFF Fast flash Configuring
OFF Fast flash OFF Hardware fault
OFF Slow Alternating flash Slow Alternating flash Fallback mode
OFF Fast Alternating flash Fast Alternating flash Reflashing