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Zone volume and sub-zone volume

The Linn DS/DSM products only have one volume control so the audio outputs are either Line Level or single common volume control.

If you are wanting a zone and sub-zone (or multiple Sub-zones) you have the Flexibility in using Songcast.

Any Linn DS/DSM use Konfig to setup the Sub-zone DS's

"Startup Source"-Songcast,
"Start-up Source"-Enabled with
"Auto Play"-Enabled

The DS/DSM will remember the last DS they were listening to. So when you bring the Linn DS/DSM out of Standby by Kinsky, IR handset or in the case of Sneaky DS/Sekrit DSI/Sekrit DSM a BASIK3/BASIK3-IR RCU, this will automatically listen to the last DS it was connected to.

This also has the flexibility of allowing the Sub-zone(s) to listen to their own Music feed or Standby ON/OFF will reconnected to the last Songcast DS.