Wireless Access Point

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The Wireless Access Point connects the wireless control point to the Ethernet network.

Linn recommends using a standalone wireless access point. Wireless access points built into switches and other consumer grade products are frequently (but not always) of a lower quality.

Minimum requirements:

  • "Enterprise grade"
  • Wireless G
  • Robust connection quality

and optionally

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

WAPs that Linn have approved* for use:

  • Linksys wap200
  • Dlink Dwl-3200AP

  • An approved device is one that meets all the system requirements for that product type, and has additionally been tested by Linn. Many other non-approved devices will work perfectly well with DS players. However, it is possible you will encounter issues with poorly implemented third-party products that impact the performance of the DS system.