Unity Gain

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The unity gain setting lets you use a stereo pre-amplifier in a multi-channel AV system.

In such an installation the AV processor is a source to your stereo pre-amplifier.

If you are setting up an AV processor as one of your sources and the front speakers are going to be channelled through the stereo pre-amplifier, set unity gain to Yes. In all other cases, set to No. The default setting is No.

To change a source from normal mode to Unity Gain mode, use the Konfig application/Configuration/Source Setup. See the Linn Konfig manual for details.

NOTE:If unity gain is set to Yes for a source other than an AV processor, the volume level from your pre-amplifier will be very high, non-adjustable and could damage your loudspeakers.

Additional Information:

When using a stereo source, the stereo pre-amplifiers volume control is used for turning the level of the music up and down, this is shown below:

When using an input for unity gain, the stereo pre-amplifiers volume control is set to 0dB attenuation. The turning up/down of the playback level all the channels is handled by the surround processor's user interface, as shown below: